SCOOP 2013: Passagero-LM flies high in Event 29-M ($109 NLHE)

The structures at SCOOP 2013 are so deep and patient that when PokerStars puts a NLHE event on the schedule, they know that the event has to take place over two days. For SCOOP 2013 Event 29-M, $109 NLHE, it took almost a full 24 hours for Passagero-LM to claim the victory.

Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero has played his fair share of SCOOP 2013 events. He was at it again in Event 29-M and made a respectably deep run, cashing for $573.43 by finishing in 100th place. He led Team Pros Jonathan Duhamel (400th, $213.73) and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospelier (645th, $177.24) to ITM finishes.

It was after 1am server time when the final table began with these nine players:

Event 29-M final table.png

Seat 1: rounder3989 (4584432 in chips)
Seat 2: dyng247 (591453 in chips)
Seat 3: PutItAllYin (3512444 in chips)
Seat 4: gardze_wami (3119272 in chips)
Seat 5: dariepoker (3703514 in chips)
Seat 6: What0ver9000 (1563200 in chips)
Seat 7: holla@yoboy (1920518 in chips)
Seat 8: beed2 (4870103 in chips)
Seat 9: Passagero-LM (2200064 in chips)

Level 46: blinds 30k-60k, ante 7500
Average: 2.9 million (48 BBs)

The short stack, dyng247, was dying as the final table began, but tripled up, all in preflop, through rounder3989 and PutItAllYin by flopping a Broadway straight. Once that happened, everyone at the final table had at least 20 big blinds. They were going to play some poker.

It would be almost an hour before dyng247, despite that early triple-up, would go out as the 9th-place finisher. dyng247, sitting on the button with a pair of 10s, three-bet shoved for 1.3 million after Passagero-LM opened for the minimum 160k with a pair of 8s. dyng247 was in great shape when Passagero-LM called, but not even a set of 10s would have been enough after two more 8s hit the board, Q♥8♣7♠8♠A♦.

From there it was the dariepoker show, as dariepoker would seemingly be the only player to accumulate chips for the next half hour. By the time holla@yoboy open-shoved for 868k from under the gun with Q♣T♦, dariepoker had about 7.4 million chips. dariepoker was also dealt two 7s that hand and re-shoved. 7s held up to send holla@yoboy crashing out in 8th place.

Two more players would hit the rail before the 3am break. gardze_wami lost a flip holding A♠K♠ on what many would call an "action flop":

That hand didn't eliminate gardze_wami, but it did set up gardze_wami to be eliminated a few hands later. PutItAllYin finished the chop by making K♣9♠ stand up against gardze_wami's 5♣7♥.

The other player to be eliminated was What0ver9000, who had a very quiet final table. What0ver9000's fateful final hand saw the chips go in on a classic flip, as What0ver9000 3-bet shoved for 1.86 million with A♦K♦ and was called by Passagero-LM, who had open-raised with Q♦Q♣. What0ver9000 flopped two pair, K♣9♣A♣, but Passagero-LM caught a fourth club on the river to make a flush and knock What0ver9000 out.

The remaining five players played for five minutes after the 3am break before calling a halt to consider working out a deal. rounder3989, as the short stack, refused to consider a chip-chop deal, so the players requested ICM numbers and started working from there. The deal hit a sticking point when PutItAllYin, whose ICM number was $38,738, asked for $42,500.

That wasn't going to fly but the players started bartering to see what might. beed2 and dariepoker, as big stacks, each agreed to kick $800 towards PutItAllYin, with Passagero-LM contributing another $500. Everyone agreed to that deal.

All told it took 20 minutes to hammer out the deal, but when it was done only $6,000 remained to play for. The five players left didn't abandon all sanity and rationality and just fling the chips in, however. They continued to play patient poker, taking an hour to finish the rest of the tournament.

Things gave way first for rounder3989, who tried making a huge bluff in a pot that rounder3989 had three-bet pre-flop. Passagero-LM called that pre-flop three-bet, then called a 3-bet all-in shove on the 8♠7♥T♣ flop as well. rounder3989's A♦5♠ was drawing nearly dead against Passagero-LM's flopped two pair, T♦8♦. A 9♣ on the turn prolonged the sweat for everybody, but the river bricked out to end roudner3989's tournament.

That massive pot propelled Passagero-LM to a big chip lead, but beed2 made up some of the ground by eliminating dariepoker in 4th place. In the 80k-160k level, dariepoker tried three-bet shoving for 4.33 million with Q♠8♠ after beed2 opened from first position for the minimum 320k. It didn't work out so well, as beed2 had two kings in the hole, which stood tall on a jack-high board.

Passagero-LM had a large chip lead with three players left. It seemed as though the other two players, beed2 and PutItAllYin, were battling between themselves for the honor of going up against Passagero-LM in heads-up play. PutItAllYin won that battle when beed2 opend shoved the small blind for 3.1 million and Passagero-LM called with pocket jacks. beed2's 7♥9♥ mustered a heart flush draw by the turn, T♣A♥4♣Q♥, but a K♣ closed the door on any comeback by beed2.

Passagero-LM started heads-up play with a chip lead that was almost 4-to-1. That lead remained largely intact (with minor fluctuations) for 24 hands. On the 25th hand, with blinds at 100k-200k, Passagero-LM opened the button to 400k. PutItAllYin three-bet to 875k, prompting Passagero-LM to make a massive four-bet all-in shove. PutItAllYin called off another 4.74 million with A♦J♥ and wound up in a coin flip situation against Passagero-LM's pocket deuces. Passagero-LM sealed the victory by flopping a third deuce.

All told, Passagero-LM's victory took three-and-a-half hours - and that was just the portion that took place at the final table. When you consider the 12 hours that took place yesterday, and the additional eight hours that Passagero-LM had to put in today before the final table began, you can see that Passagero-LM earned every bit of today's SCOOP title.

SCOOP 2013 Event 29-M $109 NLHE results

Players: 5213
Prizepool: $521,300
Places paid: 675
* denotes 5-way deal

1. Passagero-LM (Brazil) - $56,043.54*
2. PutItAllYin (Canada) - $40,838.72*
3. beed2 (Slovakia) - $48,418.71*
4. dariepoker (Romania) - $54,966.22*
5. rounder3989 (Germany) - $36,874.22*
6. What0ver9000 (Germany) - $16,942.25
7. gardze_wami (Poland) - $11,729.25
8. holla@yoboy (Canada) - $6,516,25
9. dyng247 (Sweden) - $4,170.40

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Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Dave Behr
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