SCOOP 2013: ratskerops runs great to win Event #26-M ($109+1R1A PL Courchevel H/L Turbo)

Every poker player loves an overlay and today's Event #26-M Courchevel H/L tournament provided $17,000 in additional money to meet the $150,000 guarantee. Courchevel is an interesting tweak to the game of Omaha with players dealt 5 hold cards and one of the flop cards revealed before action is opened. The added information combined with a pot-limit and turbo structure provided plenty of action along with the added money. The money bubble burst not long after the late registration, rebuy, and add-on period ended and players hit the door at an impressive rate.

Dan "djk123" was atop the leaderboard for most of the later parts of the tournament until just a few hands before the final table bubble. With very little room to run bad, Kelly was eliminated in 9th place to just miss the final table and a chance at his 2nd SCOOP title. The rest of the players were very short stacked in relation to the blinds with only chip leader AceQuad (1,652,214) holding a significant number of those chips. Most of the elimination hands at the end of the tournament were all-in pre-flop and just watching the board run out.

Noah "Exclusive" Boeken was looking for his 2nd SCOOP title of the week but would need a lot of help sitting on just 15k in chips. C. Darwin2 was also looking for a second SCOOP title while two other players (AceQuad, Akademnuk) have past success with Sunday Million titles.


Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: Akademnuk (311,993 in chips)
Seat 2: ratskerops (367,148 in chips)
Seat 3: R_Caiaffa (352,952 in chips)
Seat 4: C. Darwin2 (625,868 in chips)
Seat 5: AceQuad (1,652,214 in chips)
Seat 6: Lakss12 (463,572 in chips)
Seat 7: Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (15,812 in chips)
Seat 8: agustin_kv (200,441 in chips)

Blinds: 40k/80k
Average: 498,750 (6.2 BBs)

R_Caiaffa makes the final table for one hand, eliminated in 8th

It took exactly one hand at the final table to eliminate the first player and just one of the two which were all-in after the flop. With the 6♠ showing pre-flop, R_Caiaffa opened to 280,000 from UTG and was called in one spot by AceQuad. The flop brought out Q♦9♠ prompting R_Caiaffa to put in the remaining 72,952 which was called by AceQuad. R_Caiaffa showed J♦A♠2♥6♥5♥ for a pair of sixes and AceQuad was holding A♣3♠3♥7♦4♥ for a pair of threes. The turn and river ran out A♥7♠ to give AceQuad better running Aces up and pipped the low to scoop the pot. R_Caiaffa was eliminated in 8th place for $2,250 and AceQuad's chiplead expanded.

Akademnuk and Exclusive wheeled out in 3-way pot, eliminated in 6th and 7th place

With the 6♠ showing pre-flop, both Noah "Exclusive" Boeken and Akademnuk both put all their chips in the middle before being called by AceSquad in the small blind. When the cards were exposed, the hands help plenty of possibilities.

Exclusive: Q♥Q♠T♠8♥2♣
Akademnuk: A♠K♠K♥7♦5♠
AceQuad: A♥J♠9♥5♥3♦

The flop completed 6♠2♦A♣ to put Akademnuk ahead for the high, AceQuad holding the low, and Boeken drawing very thin. The 4♣ gave AceQuad a 6-high straight for the high and a wheel for the low. Noah "Exclusive" Boekn was unable to complete the come back and finished 7th for $3,375 with Akademnuk knocked out in 6th for $5,250.

agustin_kv tangles with the chipleader, eliminated in 5th place

Just a few hands after knocking out two players scooping with a 6-high straight and wheel, AceQuad duplicated the feat at the expense of agustin_kv who began the hand with just 1.7BBs. With the 6♠ once again showing pre-flop, AceQuad bet pot when UTG which was called all-in by agustin_kv and more Courchevel adventure was underway.

AceQuad: A♣J♦9♣6♦4♣
agustin_kv: K♣K♦8♦8♥6♣

The flop completed 6♠3♥A♥ put AceQuad ahead with Aces up and the running 2♣ and 5♦ scooped the pot sending agustin_kv to the rail in 5th place for $7,500.

C. Darwin2 battles natural selection, eliminated in 4th place

After watching AceQuad do all the heavy lifting at the final table, it was time for someone else to get in the act. C. Darwin2 open shoved UTG for just over 2BB and was called by ratskerops in the big blind with the J♥ showing pre-flop.

C. Darwin2: A♦K♥J♣T♣5♣
ratskerops: A♠J♦T♥8♠4♠

Both had a piece of the pre-flop Jack but the reminder of the flop would settled the matter with J♥4♥4♣. There was no runner-runner help for C. Darwin2 and was eliminated in 4th place for $11,250.

AceQuad runs into resistance, eliminated in 3rd place

Former Sunday Million winner AceQuad spent the majority of the final table as comfortable a chiplead as someone can have in a turbo but ran into a few big hands against the remaining to opponents. With the 4♠ showing pre-flop, AceQuad and ratskerops put in a few smaller bets battling in the blinds. ratskerops bet the 640,000 pot after the flop completed 4♠T♦2♦ and called AceQuad's raise all-in.

ratskerops: A♥J♥5♠5♦3♠
AceQuad: J♦9♠8♠7♠6♦

After knocking out three players earlier in the final table with the wheel, AceQuad was on the other side of it when the 3♥ on the turn and no help on the river. AceQuad went from dominate chip lead to the rail in 3rd place for $15,000.

ratskerops hits on the the river and wins 2013 SCOOP Event #26-M

Heads up play was not destined to run very long with blinds at 80k/160k and less than 4million chips between them. ratskerops was holding the chiplead when the final chips went in the middle against Lakss12 and the J♦ showing pre-flop.

Lakss12: J♣9♦7♠4♦2♦
ratskerops: Q♠T♥8♠7♣5♠

The flop complete J♦6♣3♠ put Lakss12 ahead in the hand but ratskerops picked up more outs with the 3♠ on the turn. The final dagger came with the Q♦ on the river to provide bigger two pair for ratskerops and the title. Lakss12 was knocked out one from the championship and picked up $20,250. ratskerops is the latest SCOOP champion and earned $28,155 for the effort.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #26-M ($109 1R1A PL Courchevel H/L Turbo) results:

Players: 690
Prizepool: $150,000
Place paid: 88

1. ratskerops (United Kingdom) $28,155
2. Lakss12 (Norway) $20,250
3. AceQuad (Mexico)$15,000
4. C. Darwin2 (Sweden) $11,250
5. agustin_kv (Argentina) $7,500
6. Akademnuk (Russia) $5,250
7. Exclusive (Netherlands) $3,375
8. R_Caiaffa (Brazil) $2,250

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Al Rash
@PokerStars in SCOOP