SCOOP 2013: Reshafim87 reaps riches in Event #01-L ($27 NLHE 6-Max)

Things are changing up in the Northern Hemisphere.

We've passed the vernal equinox, snow is melting, flowers are blooming and all types of woodland critters are waking up and jumping in front of cars.

There's another sign of spring too, a very profitable one. The PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker is now underway. The first trio of events ended today and Reshafim87 won the low version of Event #1, earning $65,761.35.

Reshafim87's prize came from a $27 investment. Thousands of players put up the same investment and the $300K guarantee was obliterated. Event #01-L saw 25,319 entries for a $621,581.45 prize pool.

While more than 25,000 chipped in, only 3,300 players got a slice of the prize pool. Of course, some of those players were part of Team PokerStars.

Chad Brown was the highest-scoring red spade today, finishing 1149th for $92.23. Toni Judet, from Team PokerStars Romania also scored a cash, Judet won $62.15 for finishing in 2,490th. The third red spade pro to get a SCOOP cash in Event #01-L was Christophe De Meulder, who squeaked in at 2,962nd place for $55.94.

Then we shed a few thousand more players, took a break and came back to play to a winner. Play went on for a few levels and the field of thousands got reduced to just seven.

Hand-for-hand play went on for a bit and there were plenty of double ups. With 500K/1M blinds and a 125K ante, alladin1980 raised to 2.2 million from under-the-gun and Fakel_Vrn moved all-in for 10.69 million from the small blind. alladin1980 called with 3♣3♠ and Fakel_Vrn showed K♥[10h]. The board ran 7♥6♦6♣J♣6♥ and Fakel_Vrn was down to a million.

redskurf7 raised to 2.4 million the next hand and Fakel_Vrn called all-in from the button. alladin1980 called from the big blind and the flop came 4♣[10d][10c]. There was a round of checks and A♦ came on the turn. alladin1980 and redskruf checked again and the J♠ fell on the river. Players checked, alladin1980 showed 6♣7♠ and reskruf7 took down the pot with K♦9♥.

Fakel_Vrn mucked and became our final table bubble, earning $4,755.09. While redskurf7 took the pot down and was up to 58 million, Reshafim87 would start the final table with the lead.

Final table


Seat 1: alladin1980 -- 18,043,034
Seat 2: MaPuHo4Ka09 -- 17,644,117
Seat 3: Reshafim87 -- 86,382,788
Seat 4: liderru -- 29,892,078
Seat 5: GeschwindKen -- 42,367,582
Seat 6: redskurf7 -- 58,860,401

liderru immediately suggested a deal and the other five players were on board. The numbers were punched into the PokerStars supercomputer and the following payouts came out:

alladin1980: $16,143.91
MaPuHo4Ka09: $16,613.93
liderru: $26,557.82
GeschwindKen: $30,063.84
redskruf7: $39,095.28
Reshafim87: $59,761.35

There was also $6,000 and the title of SCOOP champion left for our victor. Our first elimination followed the deal fairly quickly. With 600K/1.2M blinds and a 150K ante, GeschwindKen raised to 2.4 million from the cutoff and MaPuHo4Ka09 moved all-in for 16,894,117 from the big blind. GeschwindKen called and we had out first showdown.

GeschwindKen: [10c][10s]
MaPuHo4Ka09: A♦4♠

The board ran J♣J♠Q♣6♣2♥ and MaPuHo4Ka09 was eliminated in 6th, earning $16,613.93.

Reshafim87 rises

Reshafim87 started the table with the lead, but after MaPuHo4Ka09's elimination, there were a few double-ups and Reshafim87 lost it. Then Reshafim87 rose back to the top.

With 700K/1.4M blinds and a 175K ante, Reshafim87 raised to 2.8 million from the small blind and liderru moved all-in for 18,755,379 from the big. Reshafim87 called and showed A♥K♦ to liderru's Q♥[10s].

The board came J♥5♠8♣J♣3♥ and liderru was out in 5th, earning the agreed upon $26,557.82. With four players left, Reshafim87 took down the largest pot of the tournament:

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Reshafim87 then chipped up to 130 million, gaining more than half the chips in play. Despite the massive lead, Reshafim87 wouldn't score our next elimination. With 800K/1.6M blinds and a 200K ante, GeschwindKen raised to 3.2 million from under-the-gun. alladin1980 moved all-in for 30,125,340 and GeschwindKen called.

alladin1980 showed A♠Q♥ and was dominating GeschwindKen's A♣9♣. The board brought no help for GeschwindKen and he was down to 6.6 million. GeschwindKen then moved all-in for 4,646,456 two hands later. redskruf7 called from the big blind and we had a low-card showdown:

redskruf7: [10c]6♦
GeschwindKen: 9♦6♥

The [10s][10h]5♦ flop fell heavily in redskruf7's favor and a 5♥ on the turn bumped the winning hand up to a full house. GeschwindKen was eliminated in 4th place and won $30,063.

To the 80s

Reshafim87 had been holding on to the lead for a while but then redskruf7 scored a double-up to even things out:

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alladin1980 then took some of those chips away. With 1M/2M blinds and a 250K ante, redskruf7 raised to 4 million and alladin1980 re-raised to 9 million. The flop came 4♣6♠7♠ and redskruf7 fired off a 12 million bet. alladin1980 moved all-in for 84.2 million and redskruf7 folded, putting alladin1980 up to 120 million.


But Reshafim87 would rise again. Reshafim87 raised to 4 million and redskruf7 and alladin1980 called, bringing a 4♥6♥[10d] flop. redskruf7 checked, alladin1980 bet 5 million and Reshafim87 called.

redskruf7 bet big, putting out 33 million and leaving only 822,214 behind. alladin1980 folded, Reshafim87 raised to 61 million and redskruf7 called all-in.

redskruf7 turned over Q♥9♥ for a flush draw and Reshafim87 showed A♣6♣ for sixes. The turn brought an A♠ to give Reshafim87 two-pair and the river was a 9♠. redskruf7 missed his flush and was eliminated in 3rd place, earning $39,095.28.

Reshafim87 started the heads-up match with 131,914,320 to alladin1980's 121,275,680. Reshafim87 started with the lead and it grew a bit before he ended things:

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alladin1980 was eliminated in 2nd place and took $16,142.91 for his efforts. This made Reshafim87 the first champion of this year's SCOOP, earning $65,761.35 for the victory.

2013 SCOOP Event #01-L ($27 NLHE 6-Max):

Entrants: 25,319
Prize pool: $621,581.45
Places paid:3,300

1st: Reshafim87 (Israel) -- $65,761.35*
2nd: alladin1980 (Russia) -- $16,143.91*
3rd: redskruf7 (Estonia) -- $39,095*
4th: GeschwindKen (Luxembourg) -- $30,063.84*
5th: liderru (Russia) -- $26,557.82*
6th: MaPuHo4Ka09 (Ukraine) -- $16,613.93*

*Denotes a six-way deal.

Things have just begun. For a full schedule of this year's SCOOP, as well as the leader board and a list of satellites, check out the SCOOP homepage.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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