SCOOP 2013: snegir76 completes marathon to win Event #6-L ($11 NL Draw 2x Chance)

2013 SCOOP Day 3 was full of big tournaments and interesting stories wherever you looked. The early tournaments of the day were sure to add to those stories for anyone interested in this brand of poker. No Limit 5-Card Draw can be a test of skill and stamina, as those went deep in the "low" version of the 2013 SCOOP Event #5 can attest. Play lasted for nearly 11 and a half hours before the last six players hit the final table to battle another two hours before crowning the victor. 4,211 players entered the $11 tournament with a second chance rebuy if they went bust, 841 re-buys took advantage of that option creating $50,520 prizepool which exceeded the $30k guarantee.

PokerStars provided a fantastic structure for the players with the average chip stack hovering around 35 to 40 big blinds for most of the tournament, until the final table which started with nearly 53 big blinds as the average stack. The long grind front tournament start to the final table ended with the elimination of Nostr@Dumbas in 7th place. siusao246 began with a chip lead over a final table where the other five opponents held similar stacks. With the size of their stacks, players were able to rely on their skill to see them through to the title.


Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: czbence (3596028 in chips)
Seat 2: Raphinja (3632792 in chips)
Seat 3: siusao246 (7134790 in chips)
Seat 4: sergei _s1 (3673870 in chips)
Seat 5: snegir76 (3964631 in chips)
Seat 6: Martyr99 (3257889 in chips)

Blinds: 40k-80k, with 20k antes
Average stack: 4,210,000 (52.6 BBs)

No Limit 5-Card Draw is not usually known for large multi-way pots that you can find in other formats. siusao246's final table fortunes turned quickly in a big 4-way pot almost immediately upon the start of final table action. snegir76 min-raised from UTG, the raise was called in 2 spots before siusao76 3-bet the pot up to 400,000 from the small blind. The other three players stuck around while out of position siusao76 drew two cards and the others drew just one. Martyr99 hit his flush draw and extracted another 1,2000,000 of value from siusao76 to take the chip lead and set up a big run.

Big hand for czbence runs into a bigger one, eliminated in 5th place

czbence began the final table in the middle of the pack but lost nearly 2/3rds of that stack without a showdown. The first elimination came when siusao246 min-raised in early position with czebence and Martyr99 calling in the blinds. Martyr99 and czbence each drew one card with siusao246 drawing two before czbence opened for 400,000 after the draw. siusao246 got out of the way and Martyr99 raised enough to put czbence all-in. The bet was easily called with Jack-high straight J♠T♣9♥8♦7♣, a normally rock solid draw hand, but was outdrawn by Martyr99 who hit the flush K♦Q♦9♦7♦3♦. czbence was eliminated in 6th place and earned $868.94.

Raphinja decides not to deal, eliminated in 5th place

sergei _s1 said, "i want sleep"
sergei _s1 said, "maybe deal?

After the elimination of czbence in 6th place, action took a turn for the slower with few showdowns or major hands. 5-handed play lasted for an hour before Russian sergei _s1 commented on the lack of sleep and the possibility of a deal. Raphinja appeared to be the only dissenter and play continued. A run of bad luck soon followed for Raphinja over a series of hands which led to an all-in move with a short stack which siusao246 re-raised to isolate. Raphinja drew 3 cards while siusao246 drew one and showed aces up A♠A♣T♦T♥K♦ to best sevens up 7♣7♥5♠5♦9♣. Raphinja finished in 5th and picked up $1,515.60.

siusao246's bumpy ride ends in 4th place

siusao246 began the final table with a decent chiplead over the rest of the players but lost it early on during the hand mentioned at the start. The elimination of Raphinja brought more chat about a possible deal and a major hand developed before they decided to pause action. Martyr99 min-raised from UTG and was only called by siusao246, each drawing only one card. Martyr99 led out with slick bet of 888,888 before siusao246 came over the top for over 2,500,000 more. It was another battle of big hands when Martyr99 instantly called with the flush Q♣8♣7♣6♣2♣ to best an 8-high straight 8♠7♦6♠5♥4♣. siusao246 was eliminated in 4th place for $2,652.30.

Martyr99 plays Make a Deal and joins the rail in 3rd place

Players had time to consider their options after the 4th place elimination with the tournament on the top of the hour break. When the players returned they decided to work out a deal to make everyone happy. Negotiations proceeded until all agreed on a chip chop with Martyr99's chip lead getting the lion's share of the prizepool. The pace picked up quickly as expected until Martyr99 lost most of the stack over several hands, eventually putting the 5 big blind stack in the middle versus sergie _s1. Martyr99 drew two cards to finish with a small pair of threes 3♦3♣A♠6♠4♥ while sergei _s1 drew three cards to beat it with trip eights 8♣8♠8♥6♥2♣. Martyr99 was eliminated in 3rd place but $6,312.58 would be more than 1st or 2nd.

snegir76 wins the Russian Heads up battle to win SCOOP #5-L

The heads up match between sergei _s1 and snegir76 was very quick with just a few hundred dollars separating their position and the lead changed several times. The final hand involved a raising battle which finished with all the chips in the middle and snegir76 holding the chip lead. sergie _s1 drew three cards but could not be happy to see snegir76 stand pat behind. sergei _s1's pair of queens Q♣Q♥K♠6♥5♦ were no match for the full house 7♠7♥7♦T♠T♥ and was eliminated in 2nd place for $5,336.36. snegir76 did not make much noise at this final table until it really matter and is the latest SCOOP champion, earning $5,706.82 and the victor's watch.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #6-L ($11 NL Draw 2x Chance) results:

Players: 4,211 (841 re-buys)
Prizepool: $50,520
Place paid: 540

1. snegir76 (Russia) $5,706.82*
2. sergei _s1 (Russia) $5,336.36*
3. Martyr99 (Canada) $6,312.58*
4. siusao246 (Vietnam) $2,652.30
5. Raphinja (Germany) $1,515.60
6. czbence (Hungary) $868.94

* reflects three-way deal

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Al Rash
@PokerStars in SCOOP