SCOOP 2013: T3G3S wheels and deals in monstrous win in Event #22-M $215 NL

Quarter of a million dollars. If you woke up tomorrow with a quarter of a mil in your account what would you do with it? That's approximately how much first place paid out in SCOOP Event #22-M. A mere $215 investment netted the winner a shade under $250,000 for demonstrating their no-limit prowess. What can you do with $250,000? You can buy Starbucks twice a day every day for the next 68 years. Or you can go see the new Star Trek movie 16,500 times. Or you can buy 12.5 Mini Coopers (Okay, a half of a car is impossible, so let's just call it 11 regular Mini Coopers and 1 tricked-out Mini Cooper with all the luxuries that would rival the first class seating on British Airways).

Poland's T3G3S survived a gritty two-day event and faded a field of 8,308 players in order to win Event #22-M and take home a whopping first-place prize of $249,244.70. it was not an easy task, especially at a final table that featured two failed attempts at negotiating a deal. It seemed like it would never end, but when the dust finally settled, T3G3S was the only player left standing.

Sunday evenings are always the biggest day of the week for tournament grinders. SCOOP Event #22-M $215 NL, which started on Sunday, attracted 8,308 runners. They boosted the prize pool to over $1,661,600, which smashed the $1 million guarantee. The top 1,080 places paid out.

Several notables cashed in this event including PokerStars Team Pros Jan Heitman (358th), Liv Boeree (451st), Stavros 'IDOLLS' Kalfas (532nd), Victor Ramdin (765th), Toni Judet (779th), and Marcin "Goral" Horecki (946th). Familiar faces among Team PokerStars Online who cashed included nkeyno (286th), Mysters_Y (709th), and talonchick (799th),

Event #22-M was scheduled as a two-day event. Day 1 ended with 106 players remaining. Germany's donkno2 held the overall lead with a shade over 3 million. Rounding out the Top 5 in chips were iGashik (2.26 million), superkid-bam (2.23 million), cal42688 (2.07 million), and mariicida (2.06 million).

On Day 2, with 18 players remaining on the final two tables, lissi stinkt from Germany jumped out with the lead and amassed a stack worth 8.7 million, but lissi stinkt fizzled out in 13th place. That's when Lady Skadi stepped up as the leader. Action went hand for-hand with ten remaining. The final nine were finally set after kwintenkvg bubbled off the final table in tenth place with A♦9♥ losing to morrisondk's A♠J♦.


Event #22-M Final Table - Chip Counts:
Seat 1: erickie (1,974,596)
Seat 2: vinifenomeno (2,452,900)
Seat 3: GreaWW (5,223,102)
Seat 4: T3G3S (17,909,772)
Seat 5: cwbpokerclub (4,984,540)
Seat 6: mariivida (10,989,584)
Seat 7: Lady Skadi (19,128,022)
Seat 8: morrisondk (15,561,176)
Seat 9: TiltAttack (4,856,308)

The final table commenced during Level 44 with blinds at 125K/250K and a 31,250 ante. Lady Skadi sat on the biggest stack with 19.1 million. The shortstack, erickie, was way behind with 1.9 million.

erickie eliminated in 9th place

On the first hand of the final table, we saw our first elimination. Short-stacked erickie open-shoved for 1,880,846, and T3G3S called. Cooler time. T3G3S trailed with J♦J♠ against erickie's A♦A♠. The board ran out K♠J♥6♥9♣6♠. T3G3S flopped a set of Jacks and rivered a full house. T3G3S snapped off Aces and won the pot. Horrible bad beat for erickie after losing with Aces like that. The first person to exit the final table was erickie, who earned $12,877.40 for ninth place.

TiltAttack eliminated in 8th place

With 8 to go, we saw another quickie elimination. cwbpokerclub min-raised to 500,000, TiltAttack shoved for 1,309,658, and cwbpokerclub called. TiltAttack and A♦7♠ failed to hold up against cwbpokerclub's K♦Q♥ when the board ran out K♠T♣4♦4♠8♥. cwbpokerclub won the pot with two pair, and TiltAttack was knocked out in eighth place, which paid out $19,939.20.

GreaWW eliminated in 7th place

Another short-stack bombed it all-in preflop. T3G3S min-raised to 600,000. GreaWW shoved for 2,229,352, and T3G3S called. GreaWW trailed with A♠9♥ against T3G3S's A♦Q♠. The board ran out T♣5♥3♣4♥J♣. Neither player improved, but T3G3S won the pot with Ace-high and a better kicker. for a seventh-place finish, GreaWW collected $35,724.40.

With six players remaining, T3G3S held a tight lead with 20.9 million, while Lady Skadi slipped to 20.1 million.

mariivida eliminated in 6th place

T3G3S opened to 618,000, mariivida bumped it up to 1,385,000, T3G3S re-raised to 2,525,822, and mariivida called. The flop came down Q♦6♥2♥. T3G3S fired out 1,380,223, mariivida shoved for 6,417,931, and T3G3S called. T3G3S was ahead with K♣Q♥ against mariivida's Q♣T♣. The turn was the 8♦ and the river was the 6♦. T3G3S won the pot with two pair and mariivida busted out in sixth place, which paid out $51,509.60.

With five remaining, T3G3S retained the lead and chipped up to 29.6 million.

cwbpokerclub eliminated in 5th place

Much to the dismay of the scores of rabid Brazilians on the rail, their countryman cwbpokerclub was the next player to get knocked out. It happened when short-stacked cwbpokerclub open-shoved for 2,465,448 and Lady Skadi called. Lady Skadi led with A♦T♠ against cwbpokerclub's A♣4♠. The board ran out T♥3♥2♣6♣4♣. cwbpokerclub flopped a Wheel draw and turned an open-ended straight draw, but whiffed on the river. Lady Skadi faded a straight and won the pot with a pair of tens. Brazil's cwbpokerclub headed to the virtual rail in fifth place, which paid out $68,125.60.

morrisondk eliminated in 4th place

Lady Skadi opened to 1 million, morrisondk moved all-in for 8,100,452, vinifenomeno shoved for 21,303,616, and Lady Skadi folded. Heads-up. morrisondk was in deep trouble with 7♣7♠ versus vinifenomeno's A♣A♥. The board ran out K♠9♣5♠8♥K♦. morrisondk turned a straight draw, but failed to improve on the river, which meanted vinifenomeno dragged the pot with two pair -- Aces and Kings. Denmark's morrisondk busted out in fourth place, which paid $88,064.80.

With three remaining, Lady Skadi held the lead with 36.6 million, vinifenomeno sat in second with 30.6 million, and the shorty was T3G3S with 15.7 million.


Action was paused to discuss a deal. The numbers were floated, but the final three could not agree upon terms, so play resumed without a deal.


After the failed deal discussion, the final three were bogged down in an arduous affair. Lady Skadi slowly chipped up, until someone finally broke through and doubled through the big stack. T3G3S four-bet shoved with T♦T♥ and Lady Skadi called with K♠Q♠. Pocket tens held up and T3G3S avoided an elimination and doubled to over 54.7 million. Lady Skadi slipped to 17 million.

The lead was temporary. 14 hands later, Lady Skadi doubled up with Q♣J♣ versus T3G3S's K♠6♣ in a 30.8 million pot. At that juncture, T3G3S still held the lead, but it was a slim margin. A couple of orbits later, Lady Skadi regained the lead.

DEAL 2.0? NO 2.0!

The chips were: Lady Skadi (35.6 million), T3G3S (24.7 million), and vinifenomeno (22.7 million). Action was paused to discuss a deal for a second time.

The supercomputer at PokerStars HQ crunched the numbers and the ICM figures came out: Lady Skadi ($191,532.87), T3G3S ($178,557.49), and vinifenomeno ($175,473.13).

For a second time (with three to go), negotiations broke down and the players were unable to come to terms. T3G3S did not like the ICM numbers and felt as though short-stacked vinifenomeno should receive a much smaller amount. "Lady (Skadi) and I have control of this table," explained T3G3S. "I played 3 mln (sic) hands on cash."

It came down to an additional $1,500 that T3G3S wanted. Lady Skadi did not share the same sentiments and was cool with the ICM numbers. Lady Skadi wanted to accept ICM numbers, while a staunch vinifenomeno held his ground, "ICM or play."

Alas, no one agreed to T3G3S's counter offer. After a twenty-minute delay, play finally resumed.

Lady Skadi eliminated in 3rd place

Once the deal was shot down, T3G3S went to work right away and rivered a set of eights with 8♣8♥ to drag a 42.8 pot and take the lead. 11 hands later, T3G3S picked off Lady Skadi. Here is how it went down... Lady Skadi min-raised to 2 million, T3G3S bumped it up to 4,682,795, Lady Skadi four-bet shoved for 28,643,728, and T3G3S called. Lady Skadi took K♠T♠ into battle against T3G3S's A♦Q♥. The board ran out J♠7♦2♥9♣2♣ and T3G3S won the pot with Ace-high. Lady Skadi turned a straight draw, but whiffed on the river. For a third-place performance, Lady Skadi took home $132,928.00.

HEADS-UP: vinifenomeno (Brazil) vs. T3G3S (Poland)
Seat 2: vinifenomeno (11,061,312)
Seat 4: T3G3S (72,018,688)

T3G3S held a sizable lead by almost 7-1. Heads-up took a mere three hands before vinifenomeno met his fate.

vinifenomeno eliminated in 2nd place; T3G3S ships Event #22-M!

On the final hand... vinifenomeno open-shoved for 10,936,312, and T3G3S called. T3G3S led with A♦K♠ while vinifenomeno made a final stand with K♣6♥. The board ran out Q♦J♣5♠2♣5♥. Both players failed to improve, but T3G3S won the pot with a pair of fives and a Ace-high kicker. Brazil's vinifenomeno was bounced in second place.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, vinifenomeno earned $249,244.70.

Congrats to Poland's T3G3S for winning Event #22-M and collecting $249244.70 for first place. Oh, and not to mention a cool SCOOP winner's watch.

View the final hand in the snazzy re-player:

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2013 SCOOP Event #22-M $215 NL - Final Table Results:

Entrants: 8,308
Prize Pool: $1,661,600
Place Paid: 1,080

1. T3G3S (Poland) - $249,244.70
2. vinifenomeno (Brazil) - $183,390.79
3. Lady Skadi (Germany) - $132,928.00
4. morrisondk (Denmark) - $88,064.80
5. cwbpokerclub (Brazil) - $68,125.60
6. mariivida (U.K.) - $51,509.60
7. GreaWW (Russia) - 435,724.40
8. TiltAttack (Austria) - $19,939.20
9. erickie (Netherlands) - $12,877.40

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