SCOOP 2013: u1ker takes 1st in Event #12-M ($215 2-7 Draw)

Things are different in 2-7.

Low is high and high is bad. A deuce and a seven isn't a diseased hand anymore. In fact, if you have three cards above the deuce and below the seven, things couldn't be better.

In the vein of opposites, u1ker started the final table as our short stack. u1ker would start low but end all the way on top. Our dominating final table chip leader on the other hand, had a sudden fall from up high.

Hundreds of other players would suffer that same fall. Event #12-M drew 253 entrants to create a prize pool of $50,600. Thirty-five players got a slice of the prize pool, with a mincash being worth $455.40.

One of those players to score a cash was Team PokerStars Pro, Marcin "Goral" Horecki, who finished 22nd for $506.00.

While Horecki finished a bit far off from the final table, Rebu Roope just missed out on it. With 2,000/4,000 blinds, Rebuy Roope moved all-in for 13,000 from the button and warcabista called from the big blind.

warcabista stood pat while Rebuy Roope drew two. warcabista showed 9♦7♠4♦3♣2♠ while Rebuy Roope was out with K♣5♠4♠3♥2♦.

Rebuy Roope was out in 8th and we were down to our...

The final table


Seat 1: Ce$ar$pa -- 230,641
Seat 2: ImDaNuts -- 145,096
Seat 3: u1ker -- 35,753
Seat 4: napa3uTa -- 77,175
Seat 5: warcabista -- 502,658
Seat 6: chrisand1 -- 40,728
Seat 7: ISmellToast -- 227,949

The final table started with 2,000/4,000 blinds and a 1,000 ante. Both u1ker and chrisand1 were the shortest stacks, but napa3uTa would be the first to go all-in.

First fall

Ce$ar$pa raised to 8,800 from the cutoff and napa3uTa re-raised to 16,000 from the big blind. C$ar$pa called and drew one after napa3uTa stood pat.

Ce$ar$pa bet enough to put napa3uTa all-in and napa3uTa called, showing 8-7 with 8♦7♠5♥4♠3♣ to Ce$ar$pa's Q♣[10c]7♣5♦3♦.

napa3uTa doubled up to 145,350 and Ce$ar$pa was down to 161,466. Both the short stacks then doubled up with u1ker's double coming through napa3uTa after napa3uTa lost a few hands.

u1ker moved all-in for 25,753 from the cutoff and napa3uTa called from the button. Both players drew one card and napa3uTa got a pair of sevens to u1ker's [10c]7♠8♣4♠.

u1ker was up to 64,000 and napa3uTa was down to 62,000.

Blinds went up to 2,500/5,000 with a 1,250 ante and napa3uTa lost several pots without a showdown, chipping down to 12,047 and moving all-in.

Ce$ar$pa called from the small blind and drew one card while napa3uTa stood pat. napa3uTa patted with J♠[10c]6♠4♣3♠ while Ce$ar$pa hit [10h]9♣6♣5♣3♣.

napa3uTa was out in 7th and earned $1,518.00.

No love for Oliver

Chis "ImDaNuts" Oliver started the final table with 145,000 and his stack was slowly halved by the time napa3uTa was eliminated.

He lost a few more blinds and then moved all-in for 51,596 from the cutoff. u1ker re-shoved for 95,006 from the button and the blinds folded.

ImDaNuts drew two while u1ker stood pat with 9♦8♦6♣5♦3♥. ImDaNuts ended up with Q♠J♦9♥3♠3♦ and was eliminated in 6th place, earning $2,024.00.

I smell elimination

warcabista started the table with the lead and was keeping it steady with nearly half the chips in play. The Ukranian leader sat atop a pile of chips while players fought for whatever was left at the bottom.

Blinds were 3,000/6,000 and chrisand1 was the shortest of those stacks. chrisand1 moved all-in for 59,818 from the small blind after warcabista raised to 12,000. ISmellToast called and warcabista folded.

chrisand1 drew one and ISmellToast patted. chrisand1 managed to hit a [10s]7♥[5♦4♠2♦ but ISmellToast had patted with an 8♣7♠4♣3♣2♥.

chrisand1 was out in 5th, earning $2,530. ISmellToast jumped into second with 227,380 while warcabista was still leading with 676,930.

u1ker rises

warcabista raised to 12,000 from under-the-gun and and u1ker called from the big blind. Both players drew one and u1ker check-called warcabista's 18,000 bet.

u1ker got a [10s]8♣7♦4♣3♦ while warcabista showed a pair of nines. u1ker took back the runner-up chip count and then took a big pot off of Ce$ar$pa:

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u1ker then chipped up to 380,000 before ISmellToast took out Ce$ar$pa. ISmellToast raised to 12,000 from under-the-gun and Ce$ar$pa moved all-in for 71,378 from the button. ISmellToast called and both players drew one card.

Ce$ar$pa hit J♦9♦6♥4♥2♣ and was out to ISmellToast's 8♣7♥6♠3♥2♥.

From the top

warcabista had a commanding chip lead all throughout the final table. With three players left, warcabista held more than both his opponents combined. It was quite a turn of events that warcabista finished 3rd.

warcabista was cruising in the lead while u1ker was chipping away at ISmellToast. Blinds were up to 3,500/7,000 with a 1,750 ante and ISmellToast raised to 14,000 from the button. u1ker re-raised to 35,353 and ISmellToast called.

Both players drew one card and u1ker checked. ISmellToast bet out 32,750 and u1ker raised to 287,000.

ISmellToast folded and was down to 187,000 while u1ker went up to 511,000, closing in on warcabista.

u1ker didn't take the lead until the blinds hit 4,000/8,000 with a 2,000 ante and warabista raised to 16,000 from the button. u1ker called and both players drew one card.

Both players checked, u1ker showed [10c]7♦6♠5♥4♥ and warcabista mucked. u1ker was up to 551,542 while warcabista dropped to second -- with 525,266 -- for the first time at the final table.

warcabista then lost a few more pots and was down to 400,000 when we had the largest pot of the tournament. It started with a simple min-raise to 16,000 from u1ker and warcabista re-raised to 40,000.

ISmellToast folded and u1ker four-bet to 89,897. warcabista moved all-in for 408,014 and u1ker called.

warcabista drew one and u1ker patted. warcabista showed J♦9♠6♣4♦2♠ but u1ker was holding the nuts, 7♥5♠4♥3♦2♥.


u1ker started the match with 1.1 million to ISmellToast's 158,414, it didn't last long. Blinds were still 4,000/8,000 and u1ker raised to 16,000. ISmellToast moved all-in for 190,414 and u1ker called.

ISmellToast drew one and u1ker patted. u1ker was patting with a [10d]8♦7♥6♥5♦ and ISmellToast hit a pair of nines.

ISmellToast finished 2nd for $7,590.00 while u1ker clinched his first SCOOP victory.

Along with the SCOOP watch, u1ker takes home the grand prize of $11,005.50.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #12-M ($215 NL 2-7 single draw) results:

Entrants: 253
Prize pool: $50,600
Places paid: 35

1. u1ker (Russia) $11,005.50
2. ISmellToast (Canada) $7,590.00
3. warcabista (Ukraine) $5,313.00
4. Ce$ar$pa (United Kingdom) $3,298.00
5. chrisand1 (Norway) $2,530.00
6. ImDaNuts (Costa Rica) $2,024.00
7. napa3uTa (Cyprus) $1,518.00

Players have finished drawing to seven but the poker is far from over. A dozen events are done but there are still dozens more to go. For a the coverage, history, FAQ tab, tournament schedule and list of satellites go ahead and visit the SCOOP page.

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