SCOOP 2013: UwouldntKnow knows how to win Event 11M ($215 Stud)

It was a tough tournament. Play was slow heading to the final table, and that final phase of the tournament took several hours to complete. UwouldntKnow was almost always near the top of the chip counts, but all of the players were quite formidable. Without a deal, UwouldntKnow stayed strong through a two-hour, three-handed battle before coming back from a chip deficit during the 20 minutes of heads-up play. UwouldntKnow had come close before but finally took home the SCOOP title tonight.


Wednesday welcomed Day 4 of the 2013 Spring Championship of Online Poker, and it was a day filled with Stud, NLHE Knockout, and the newly-introduced 5-Card Omaha. For the purposes of Event 11, though, it was pure, unequivocal Stud.

The medium buy-in for Event 11 offered Stud players a $215 price tag and a $40K guarantee. As has been the case thus far in SCOOP, the guarantee was left in the dust when fans of the classic version of the game flocked to the online poker tables.

After 120 minutes of registration, the final numbers were announced:

Players: 326
Guarantee: $40,000.00
Prize pool: $65,200.00
Paid players: 48

The money bubble came into play at the six-hour mark, though the last of the Team PokerStars Pros in the field - Eugene Katchalov - exited just before that point of the tournament. And when the bubble burst, 2010 SCOOP winner Jason "Taknapotin" Somerville was the first player to cash for $309.70.

With 7.5 hours in the bag, the final two tables were in play, but it took a little more than an hour to reach the final table. Players like Gunslinger3, CMoosePower, and AceQuad exited in the meantime, and hand-for-hand play brought Erneus into battle with UwouldntKnow. It was on fifth street that Erneus pushed all-in and ended up with Q♣7♠Q♥K♠T♦9♣4♦, but that pair was trumped by the [3♠6♥6♦3♥4♣7♣2♣ and two pair of UwouldntKnow. Erneus exited in ninth place with $1,141.00.

Stevie444 starts strong

Level 24 - with blinds of 6,000/12,000 and a 1,200 ante - set the stage for the final table with these players and their corresponding starting stacks:

Seat 1: spanisfish91 (47,056 in chips)
Seat 2: TaoJ (251,662 in chips)
Seat 3: UwouldntKnow (309,969 in chips)
Seat 4: Lenze123 (346,464 in chips)
Seat 5: Visionary129 (80,643 in chips)
Seat 6: ptruben (38,928 in chips)
Seat 7: Stroynowski (98,098 in chips)
Seat 8: stevie444 (457,180 in chips)

2013 SCOOP - 11M final table.JPG

UwouldntKnow collected a 71,400-chip pot on the first hand of the action, closing the gap between first and second places on the leaderboard.

The second hand brought more action, as ptruben raised and Stroynowski reraised. On fourth street, Stroynowski showed A♣5♣ and bet, and ptruben called with J♦3♥ on the table. Ptruben received 3♠ on fifth and bet, and Stroynowski raised with 6♦. Ptruben called all-in and ended with J♥Q♥J♦3♥3♠2♥2♣, but those two pair were beat by the full house of Stroynowski, who showed A♥7♥A♣5♣6♦A♦6♥. Ptruben exited in eighth place with $1,467.00.

You might know UwouldntKnow

If you were watching this tournament, it was obvious that UwouldntKnow was on a roll, and a pot worth 112,200 chips from Lenze123 knocked stevie444 out of top position on the leaderboard. UwouldntKnow then took a 148,200-chip pot from TaoJ. A few hands later, another big pot from Visionary129 gave UwouldntKnow an even bigger lead. The trend continued.
Meanwhile, TaoJ was working one of the shorter stacks and pushed it all-in on fifth street against UwouldntKnow. TaoJ ultimately had 4♥2♠5♦4♣J♣8♣6♣, but UwouldntKnow turned over 5♥6♠6♥A♥Q♠7♥7♣ for two pair. TaoJ was out in seventh place with $1,793.00.

Two hands later, when Stroynowski was begging and looked ready to move, none other than UwouldntKnow was there to battle it out. The last of Stroynowski's chips went in on fifth street and led to a final hand of T♦K♣Q♦7♣8♥3♦8♣. But UwouldntKnow again had two pair, this time with 9♠A♥Q♣2♦9♣Q♥4♦, and that eliminated Stroynowski in sixth place with $2,445.00.

Shortly after, spanisfish91 raised and found callers in UwouldntKnow, Lenze123, and stevie444 on third street. UwouldntKnow and stevie444 exited on fourth street to a spanisfish91 bet, but Lenze123 called. The final two tangled until sixth street when Lenze123 risked the remaining chips and ended up with 5♦5♠7♥8♠3♠5♣7♦. Lenze123 beat that full house, however, with a better one in J♥4♠J♣2♥7♠4♣J♠. Spanisfish91 was out in fifth place with $3,423.00.

Stevie444 stays focused

A few big hands for Stephen "stevie444" Chidwick (pictured below), and he was back in contention for the chip lead, or closer to it than he had been since the start of the final table. UwouldntKnow continued to stay aggressive as well, though.

Stephen Chidwick - stevie444.JPG

Visoinary129 was the next player to get involved in a big hand with stevie444. On fifth street, with A♥6♦7♦ showing and 7♥2♥ behind, Visionary was all-in and at risk. Stevie444 had T♣J♣Q♠3♣T♥ and took Q♣4♦ for two pair. Visionary129 collected 6♣T♠ for a lesser two pair, sending Visionary129 out in fourth place with $5,053.00.

Three-handed play went on for quite a while, as spanisfish91 slowly but surely gained momentum and not only pushed stevie444 into third place of the three but climbed all the way to the top of the leaderboard. Uwouldntknow hit a bad run and sunk to third place, while stevie444 continued to persevere. But an hour into it, the three had nearly-even stacks.

Nearly two hours into three-handed play, spanisfish91 was on a very short stack of less than 100K. A series of raises with stevie444 led to an all-in from spanisfish91, and stevie444 called. Spanisfish91 revealed J♠K♠5♠K♦9♥A♣4♥ for kings, but stevie444 showed Q♣Q♦K♣J♦4♣5♣4♠ for two pair. Spanisfish91 was eliminated in third place with $7,009.00.

Heads-up at the 11th hour

The 11-hour mark brought with it heads-up play and these chip counts:

Seat 3: UwouldntKnow (556,374 in chips)
Seat 8: stevie444 (1,073,626 in chips)

Big pots went to each player, but UwouldntKnow was chipped down to less than 300K chips at one point. But UwouldntKnow did score a double-up with two pair over the single pair of stevie444, and the subsequent win of a pot worth 792K put UwouldntKnow in the lead.

Stevie444 lost momentum from that point forward. Finally, down to little more than 100K chips, stevie444 moved all-in with the betting capped on third street, and UwouldntKnow called. The final hands were:

stevie444: 9♥K♥8♣5♦Q♥K♠A♥
UwouldntKnow: 3♦8♠8♦6♦3♥J♠7♦

The two pair eliminated stevie444 in second place, which was worth $9,291.00 in cash.

UwouldntKnow, who just missed the final table the previous day in Event 3-H, captured the title in this tournament, along with $12,551.00. Congrats!

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #11-M ($215 Stud) results:
Players: 326
Prizepool: $65,200
Places paid: 48

1. UwouldntKnow (Norway) $12,551.00
2. Stephen "stevie444" Chidwick (UK) $9,291.00
3. spanisfish91 (Lithuania) $7,009.00
4. Visionary129 (UK) $5,053.00
5. Lenze123 (Denmark) $3,423.00
6. Stroynowski (Poland) $2,445.00
7. TaoJ (Cyprus) $1,793.00
8. ptruben (Portugal) $1,467.00

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Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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