SCOOP 2013: What a rush! aDrENalin710 goes worst to 1st in Event 27-M ($215 FL Triple Draw 2-7)

Check or bet. Call or fold. Break or pat. These are the relatively bifurcated decisions that are presented to fixed-limit poker players. That's what 376 players signed up for in SCOOP 2013 Event 27-M, $215 FL Triple Draw 2-7. Grinders one and all, aDrENalin710 proved the ultimate grinder by entering the final table as the short stack and going on to win the whole tournament.

48 players made the money in Event 27-M. None of them were Team PokerStars Pros or PokerStars Team Online players, although the ITM players did include some other notable faces. BrynKenney checked out at 43rd place; Ami "UhhMee" Barer put in yet another good SCOOP performance with a 26th-place finish; and James Obst did a bit better than Barer by coming in 23rd.

Stephen "stevie444" Chidwick outshone them all. Chidwick faced a tough decision to break or pat on the bubble of the final table against Ig123456789, who patted the last draw. After dipping into his time bank for about 90 seconds, Chidwick opted to break his hand and draw one. It was the correct move against Ig123456789's 8-7-6-4-2, but Chidwick paired on the draw to be bounced in 7th place.

Don't cry too much for stevie444; he was busy on the final table of Event 27-H (where he was still alive with three players remaining at the time of publishing this post) while the other six players collapsed to the Event 27-M final table.

Event 27-M final table.png

Seat 1: Ig123456789 (361414 in chips)
Seat 2: Zackary "Thrash370" Koerper (384556 in chips)
Seat 3: aDrENalin710 (77372 in chips)
Seat 4: CandyJohnson (541250 in chips)
Seat 5: Tamsusis (94248 in chips)
Seat 6: kingkai (421160 in chips)

Level 25: stakes 7k-14k
Average: 313,333 (22.5 big bets)

The final table started with an odd distribution of chips. Four players had stacks that were above the table average, while two players - Tamsusis and aDrENalin710 - were quite short. Things only got worse for the short stacks as, four minutes into the final table, the stakes rolled up to 8k-16k.

CandyJohnson started as chip leader but soon relinquished that title to Ig123456789, a Ukrainian player who won a PL 5-Card Draw event during WCOOP 2010. With four streets of fixed-limit betting, the final table promised plenty of stomach-churning swings. Both short stacks proved that with numerous double-ups in the early stages of the final table. aDrENalin710, in fact, rose all the way up to the table average, mainly at Koerper's expense.

The chips kept working their way around the table, never staying long in any one player's stack. Koerper was crippled in a hand against Tamsusis that Koerper had three-bet pre-draw. Koerper drew one to Tamsusis' two on the first draw and bet, then one to Tamsusis' two on the second draw as well. Tamsusis raised Koerper's bet on that street; Koerper called, drew one on the third draw ahead of Tamsusis' pat, then check-folded, preserving a stack of only 10k.

Koerper doubled once to get back up to 25k, then doubled a second time with a 9 against Ig123456789's queen to climb up to 45k. That's where it ended. The third time Koerper's tried to double up aDrENalin710 made an inspired pat on the third draw after Koerper himself patted what turned out to be a 9-8. aDrENalin710 dragged the pot with a 9-7 and sent Koerper to the rail in 6th place.

For the most part, Ig123456789, aDrENalin710 and CandyJohnson were the beneficiaries of the chip movement; kingkai and Tamsusis were victimized by it. kingkai caught a bad piece of luck against aDrENalin710 to hit the rail in 5th place:

The other short stack, Tamsusis, wasn't far behind kingkai in reporting to the rail. aDrENalin710 did the honors once again. The pot was three-bet by Tamsusis pre-draw and called by both Ig123456789 (who opened with a raise) and aDrENalin710. On the first draw, Tamsusis drew 2, Ig123456789 drew 1, and aDrENalin710 drew 2. Ig123456789 led with a bet that both other plaeyrs called. The action was the same after the second draw, at which point Tamsusis was all in. Tamsusis patted the last draw; each other player drew one card. The action on the river was checked. Tamsusis' 10-8 couldn't beat aDrENalin710's 9-8.

Only three players remained: CandyJohnson (665,502), aDrENalin710 (637,188) and Ig123456789 (577,310). They agreed to chip-chop the remaining prize pool, with each player claiming more than $11,000 in the deal. Only $1,000 was left to be awarded to the champion.

As soon as the deal was set, CandyJohnson went on a heater that pushed CandyJohnson's stack north of 1.4 million. Neither Ig123456789 nor aDrENalin710 seemed to have an answer for CandyJohnson. Each player fell to about 200k in chips as the stakes increased to 14k-28k.

Naturally, they turned on each other.

aDrENalin710 got the best of those encounters. Down to 107k, Ig123456789 raised and then called a 3-bet from aDrENalin710 before the first draw. After aDrENalin710 drew one, Ig123456789 went for the home run by drawing three. Another bet from aDrENalin710 drew another call from Ig123456789. This time Ig123456789 drew only two to aDrENalin710's one. The last chips went in right there. aDrENalin710 was pat on the last draw with a 10-6; Ig123456789 drew one and paired to bounce out of the tournament in 3rd place.

aDrENalin710's task at the start of heads-up play was tall. CandyJohnson had a 3.5-to-1 chip advantage. But in fixed-limit poker, anything can - and usually does - happen. aDrENalin710 went on a heater to match CandyJohnson's three-handed heater. aDrENalin710 didn't stop until the chip lead was 3.5-to-1 the other way. A key hand saw aDrENalin710 get a chance to cap the betting after the second draw with an 8-6. CandyJohnson drew one card on the last draw but could only improve to an 8-7.

aDrENalin710: Godmod

aDrENalin710 wasn't kidding. It seemed that every time a pot went to showdown, aDrENalin710 showed up with a 7, 8 or 9 - and it wasn't just a few pots that were going to showdown. CandyJohnson was winning small pots here and there but they couldn't make up for the medium and large pots that aDrENalin710 kept dragging.

It finally got to a point where CandyJohnson was all in before the first draw. CandyJohnson drew 1 card each time; aDrENalin710 drew 2, then 1, then 1. At the showdown, aDrENalin710 produced yet another 9, a 9-7. CandyJohnson was paired up, out of chips and out of time.

After so many hands, it's easy to forget that aDrENalin710 started the final table as the short stack with just 5.5 big bets. Even after the tournament went heads-up, nobody would have faulted aDrENalin710 for folding up the tent and taking an $11,000 payday. But aDrENalin710 was a grinder start to finish. That's what SCOOP champions are made of.

SCOOP 2013 Event 27-M $215 Limit Triple Draw 2-7 results

Players: 376
Prizepool: $75,200
Places paid: 48
* denotes 3-way deal

1. aDrENalin710 (Russia) - $12,434.45*
2. CandyJohnson (Norway) - $11,566.62*
3. Ig123456789 (Ukraine) - $11,154.93*
4. Tamsusis (Lithuania) - $5,828.00
5. kingkai (Norway) - $4,324.00
6. Zackary "Thrash370" Koerper (Costa Rica) - $2,820.00

The SCOOP 2013 truck rolls on through Sunday. Check out the schedule of remaining events and ways to qualify for those events at the SCOOP home page.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Dave Behr
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