SCOOP 2013: zxz_ takes 1st with number 1 in Event #27-L ($27 FL Triple Draw 2-7)

It was a lengthy heads-up match that required the nuts to win.

zxz_ overcame a field of 1,668 players, several former SCOOP champions and a number of Team PokerStars Pro and Online players to achieve victory. zxz_'s first hurdle was making the money with the final 216 players. All cashers were guaranteed $42.99, but zxz_ ended up taking home $6,043.45.

After that bubble, zxz_ reached another one.

We got down to the final table bubble in about nine hours and quickly burst it. Limits were up to 35K/70K and mMagic_cards was battling with Megaheiner for the title of short stack. Both players were at different tables, trying to make the final one.

mMagic_cards raised to 70,000 at his three-handed table and crack2 re-raised. mMagic_cards called all-in and patted the whole way. crack2 drew two, then one on the second and third draw.

mMagic_cards was patting with [10c]9♦8♠5♦3♣ and crack2 hit a 9♠7♠6♥4♣2♣ to eliminate mMagic in 7th for $612.24. This brought us down to our...

Final table


Seat 1: VEVAT -- 1,004,112
Seat 2: crack2 -- 828,419
Seat 3: dexmorgan77 -- 751,936
Seat 4: Megaheiner -- 98,096
Seat 5: Ceegee87 -- 2,909,685
Seat 6: zxz_ -- 2,747,752

Your stack is so short...

Megaheiner's stack was so short that he was still the final table short stack after winning a pot and then doubling up. VEVAT raised from under-the-gun and Megaheiner re-raised from the cutoff. Ceegee87 four-bet from the button, VEVAT folded and Megaheiner re-raised to 140,000.

Ceegee87 called and both players drew two cards. Megaheiner moved all-in for 10,596 and Ceegee87 called.

Megaheiner drew one, then stood pat while Ceegee87 drew one card both draws. Megaheiner showed 9♠5♣4♣3♣2♠ to beat Ceegee87's pair of eights.

Megaheiner then lost most of the new stack to zxz_.

zxz_ raised from under-the-gun and crack2 re-raised from the cutoff. Megaheiner four-bet from the small blind and Ceegee87, zxz_ and crack2 called.

crack2 and Megaheiner drew one card while Ceegee87 and zxz_ took two. Megaheiner bet and all three players called.

Megaheiner stood pat, crack2 took one and Ceegee87 and zxz_ took two again. Megaheiner bet and everyone called. Megaheiner patted again and the remaining players drew one. Megaheiner bet after the final draw and only zxz_ called.

Megaheiner turned over 8♣6♠5♦3♦2♥ but zxz_ managed to hit a 7♣6♣5♣3♠2♣. zxz_ took the lead with 3.6 million while Megaheiner was down to 38,692.

Megaheiner moved all-in on the button for 38,692 the following hand. Ceegee87 and zxz_ called from the blinds.

zxz_ and Megaheiner drew three cards while Ceegee87 took one. Players checked and Ceegee87 took another card while zxz_ took three and Megaheiner discarded two. Ceegee87 patted, zxz_ took three again and Megaheiner took one.

zxz_ and Megaheiner mucked when Ceegee87 showed 9♦7♠6♥5♣2♥. Megaheiner finished 6th for $1,023.73 and his countryman followed him soon after.


dexmorgan77 and Megaheiner both hailed from the land of German engineering, Germany. dexmorgan77 was down to 500,000 after Megaheiner's elimination and wouldn't last long.

Limits were up to 40K/80K and dexmorgan77 raised from under-the-gun. Ceegee87 called and the other players got out of the way. dexmorgan77 took one card and Ceegee87 discarded two. dexmorgan77 bet and stood pat on the second draw. Ceegee87 called and took one.

dexmorgan77 bet again and Ceegee87 raised, prompting a re-raise from dexmorgan77 and a four-bet by Ceegee87. dexmorgan77 only had 9,436 behind and called all-in.

Both players patted and dexmorgan77 turned over 8♣6♥5♦4♣3♦, only to be beaten by Ceegee87's 7♠6♣5♠4♥2♠.

dexmorgan77 earned $1,637.97 for finishing 5th and the tournament was Germanless.

Straight crack

zxz_ held 2.8 million and Ceegee87 had 3.7 million while both VEVAT and crack2 were around 800,000.

With 10 big bets apiece, crack2 and VEVAT didn't have much space to maneuver. VEVAT was chipped down first, but managed a double-up.

zxz_ raised to 80,000 and VEVAT three-bet. zxz_ called and drew two while VEVAT discarded one. zxz_ check-called VEVAT's bet and both players discarded one on the second draw.

zxz_ check-called again and players took one card. VEVAT moved all-in for 41,612 after the last draw and zxz_ called. VEVAT showed 8♠7♦6♠3♣2♠ while zxz_ hit a pair with 7♣5♥4♥2♦2♣.

VEVAT doubled up to 623,000 but crack2 wouldn't be so lucky.

zxz_ raised to 80,000 from the button and crack2 called from the big blind. Both players discarded two cards and crack2 check-raised zxz_. zxz_ re-raised and crack2 called.

zxz_ patted while crack2 took one card. crack2 check-called and discarded another card on the final draw. crack2 check-called a final bet and then mucked when zxz_ showed 8♥5♠4♥3♥2♣.

crack2 was down to about 100,000 and was out a few hands later. VEVAT raised from the small blind and crack2 moved all-in for 108,419 from the big blind. VEVAT called and took one card while crack2 took three.

Both players then took one card the second and third draw and crack2 hit a straight with 6♣5♣4♠3♠2♣. VEVAT had a K♣9♣8♦7♠3♣ and crack2 was out in 4th, earning $4,685.44.

Bold attempt

Despite eliminating crack2, VEVAT was still at 791,000. But the Russian was a fierce fighter and doubled up several times before bowing out. VEVAT was down to 151,000 just five hands after crack2's elimination.

Then VEVAT got a double-up.

VEVAT raised to 80,000 from the small blind and Ceegee87 called from the big. VEVAT took one card and Ceegee87 took two. VEVAT bet, Ceegee87 called and both players took one card.

VEVAT moved all-in for 31,643 and Ceegee called. Players took one card apiece on the final draw and both hit pairs. VEVAT hit fours while Ceegee87 had nines.

VEVAT doubled to 303,000 and doubled that a few hands later. Limits went up to 50K/100K and zxz_ raised to 100,000 from the button. VEVAT three-bet and everyone called.

All three players drew two cards and VEVAT bet. Both players called and VEVAT took one while zxz_ and Ceegee87 discarded two.

VEVAT moved all-in for 53,286, Ceegee87 called and zxz_ folded. VEVAT drew one card and Ceegee87 patted. VEVAT hit a 8♥7♠4♦3♦2♦ and beat Ceegee87's J♦8♠7♥6♥2♣. VEVAT was up to 700,000, then lost a couple hundred thousand and doubled up to nearly 1 million:

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VEVAT then lost a few large pots and was out in a few minutes. VEVAT raised from the button and Ceegee87 three-bet from the small blind. VEVAT re-raised and Ceegee87 called. Both players drew one card and VEVAT bet. Ceegee87 called and both players drew one card again.

Ceegee87 led with the bet after the second draw and VEVAT called. Ceegee87 stood pat on the last draw and VEVAT took one.

Ceegee87 bet and VEVAT called and mucked when Ceegee87 turned over 8♥6♣5♦4♣3♦. VEVAT was down to 613,000 and lost half that to Ceegee87 a few hands later.

Then zxz_ finished VEVAT off.

zxz_ raised to 100,000 and VEVAT three-bet from the big blind. zxz_ called and both players drew two cards. zxz_ check-raised and VEVAT called. zxz_ patted and VEVAT took another two. zxz_ bet and VEVAT called all-in for 63,144.

zxz_ continued to pat and VEVAT took one more card. zxz_ was standing pat with a 8♥5♠4♦3♠2♦ and VEVAT missed with a [10c]8♠5♦4♥3♣.

VEVAT was out in 3rd and won $3,685.44.


Heads-up lasted a while. zxz_ started with 4,623,092 to Ceegee87's 3,716,908.

We got down to our final two players in 34 minutes and then heads-up took nearly two hours. Ceegee87 was struggling with a small stack for the first half hour of the tournament but then managed to gain some ground. Ceegee87 even managed to take the lead and build it up to 5 million.

There were several all-ins, multiple coolers and last-minute saves. After 90 minutes of heads-up play, players decided it was time for a deal.

Ceegee87 was in the lead with 4,325,264 and zxz_ held 4,014,736. It was a nearly even split with Ceegee87 taking $5,587.40 and zxz_ taking $5,543.45.

There was $500 left for our eventual champion, a title that felt like it would never be awarded.

The end

But all things must come to an end and the heads-up match ended shortly after the deal was made. Limits were up to 140K/280K and zxz_ finally started to pull away:

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Limits went up to 160K/320K a few hands later and zxz_ raised from the small blind. Ceegee87 called and both players discarded two cards. Ceegee87 bet, zxz_ called and drew two cards while Ceegee87 took one.

Ceegee87 bet again and zxz_ called. Both players took one card and Ceegee87 fired another barrel. zxz_ raised and Ceegee87 called and mucked when zxz_ turned over the nuts, 7♠5♣4♣3♣2♠.

zxz_ was up to 7 million and Ceegee87 dropped to 1.2 million. Ceegee87 managed to get one last double-up but was out a few hands later.

Ceegee87 raised, zxz_ three-bet to 480,000 and Ceegee87 called. zxz_ drew two while Ceegee87 took three.

zxz_ check-called Ceegee87's bet and drew two while Ceegee87 stood pat. zxz_ check-raised Ceege87 and and Ceegee87 moved all-in for 950,528.

zxz_ patted and Ceegee87 broke and took one.

zxz_ showed the nuts again with 7♣5♣4♠3♥2♥ and Ceegee87 hit a pair of eights. Ceegee87 finished second for $5,587.40 while zxz_ became the champion of Event #27-L, winning the SCOOP watch and $6,043.45.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #27-L ($27 2-7 Triple draw) results:

Entrants: 1,668
Prize pool: $40,949.40
Places paid: 216

1. zxz_ (Ukraine) *$6,043.45
2. Ceegee87 (Mexico) *5,587.40
3. VEVAT (Russia) $3,685.44
4. crack2 (United Kingdom) $2,456.96
5. dexmorgan77 (Germany) $1,637.97
6. Megaheiner (Germany) $1,023.73

*Denotes a two-way deal.

For more results, a leader board and a schedule of the remaining events for this year's SCOOP, check out the SCOOP homepage.

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