SCOOP 2013: _1453_1905 has the right number in Event #11-L ($27 Stud)

Stud may not be everyone's cup of tea. Some struggle with seven cards, while others thrive on the mixed game formats. We saw plenty of both today with a couple of prodigious young "studs" making a deep run in today's SCOOP Stud event, as _1453_1905 grabbed victory sending the SCOOP title to Turkey.

It was SCOOP Event #11-L with the $27 Stud event attracting a field of 1,846 players to build a prize pool of $45,319.30. The top 240 players would finish in the money with first place worth nearly eight large.

Henrique Pinho, George Lind, George Danzer, Marcin Horecki and Mickey Petersen were some the Team PokerStars Pros in the field but they failed to reach the money.

Once the UK's londonboy70 was eliminated on the bubble, the remaining players had locked up a minimum $43.05 score. Japanese PokerStars Team Online member Naoya Kihara reached 172nd place for $47.58 while a couple of SCOOP heavy hitters made deep runs at the title.

James "Andy McLEOD" Obst reached 18th place for $195.77 while Shaun Deeb continued his love affair with SCOOP variants of the seven card variety. Deeb looked set for yet another SCOOP final table before his got tangled up in a multi-way pot that was capped on third and fourth streets. Deeb was forced to fold on the river while a lonely pair of jacks won the massive pot against just ace-high. Deeb was crippled and eliminated a short time later in 15th place for $260.58.

When Klaus-tro-fo's pair of aces were flushed out by _1453_1905 in 9th place, our final table was formed:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: GreenVolvo (1326216 in chips)
Seat 2: bakuretsu666 (1934424 in chips)
Seat 3: _1453_1905 (1348921 in chips)
Seat 4: DreamsCmTrue (514340 in chips)
Seat 5: TW8888 (927657 in chips)
Seat 6: xriusa (453708 in chips)
Seat 7: Balloo1972 (1860986 in chips)
Seat 8: redmaaxx (863748 in chips)

First to go was DreamsCmTrue who was all in on fifth street and had made an ace-high flush by sixth. But unfortunately it was all for naught:

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TW8888 was rolled up and had made a full house on fifth street to leave DreamsCmTrue drawing dead as the final board fell (4♠4♣) 4♥5♠5♥8♠ (T♦). DreamsCmTrue picked up $453.19 for 8th place.

The good fortune of TW8888 didn't last long as the Taiwan representative was the next player to go. TW8888 ran into the king-high flush of Balloo1971 and then couldn't beat GreenVolvo's two pair at showdown to slip to the short stack.

Moments later TW8888 committed by fifth street showing J♣7♠7♥5♠4♣ but couldn't improve on the pair of sevens as _1453_1905 completed the heart flush on sixth on a board of (9♥Q♥) 4♥2♥6♣J♥ (5♥). TW8888 pocketed $906.38 for an impressive run that ended in 7th place.

xriusa was on the short stack and following the bring-in from GreenVolvo and completion from bakuretsu666, xriusa was all in for a few chips more. Both opponents called and checked fourth before a bet from GreenVolvo on fifth forced a fold from bakuretsu666. GreenVolvo showed a pair of kings and didn't improve any further on the (A♦K♦) 2♠6♠K♠Q♥ (7♥) board. The pair was enough as xriusa could only make a pair of jacks with (J♥Q♦) K♥J♠5♦9♥ (A♥). xriusa took home $1,359.57 for 6th place.

With five players left it was bakuretsu666 on the short stack but a remarkable double up kept bakuretsu666 in the game:

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However the comeback was only temporary, with bakuretsu666 committing all the chips by fifth street, but unable to improve on a pair of fours on a (4♥7♦) 4♦3♠Q♥2♣ (6♠) board as redmaaxx's (8♣2♦) A♣T♠8♦J♣ (6♦) pair of eights was enough to rake in the pot. bakuretsu666 finished in 5th place for $2,265.96.

A short time later it was Balloo1972 who was on the canvas with _1453_1905 again landing the knockout blow. In a big pot, the action was capped on fourth street with Balloo1972 all in holding (4♦4♠) Q♦Q♠ for two pair as _1453_1905 showed (K♠A♣) J♠A♥ for a pair of aces. Balloo1972 couldn't improve as _1453_1905 caught a jack on sixth street to make aces and jacks for a better two pair to eliminate Balloo1972. 4th place was worth a very nice $3,172.35.

It didn't take long for three to become two as redmaaxx and _1453_1905 clashed in another huge pot that saw redmaaxx all in on sixth street. redmaaxx held two pair with a final board of (Q♣Q♠) 8♣5♠J♣J♥ (T♥) producing queens and jacks, but _1453_1905 had hit trip kings on sixth with the (K♣K♠) 6♠2♦7♠K♥ (A♦) board good to collect the pot. $4,305.33 headed the way of redmaaxx for 3rd place.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: GreenVolvo (4,979,051 in chips)
Seat 3: _1453_1905 (4,250,949 in chips)

GreenVolvo held a narrow lead and extended that by winning the first pot at showdown, but _1453_1905 swung the advantage around making a king-high straight that was paid off on every street.

After an intense heads-up battle, three significant pots went the way of _1453_1905 to bring the tournament to a conclusion.

The first saw both players showing a seven on third street, with Greenvolvo firing bets on every street before checking the river. Greenvolvo showed an unimproved pair of sevens, while two pair for _1453_1905 collected the pot.

The very next hand saw _1453_1905 raise on fourth and fire barrels on every street showing (X-X) 7♠5♥2♦T♥ (X). GreenVolvo couldn't sustain the pressure and had to fold on the river holding (X-X) 3♣K♦9♣T♠ (X).

That left _1453_1905 in control before the final blow was struck. After a bet on fourth, and a check on fifth, action started to get heavy on sixth street with a bet from GreenVolvo met with a raise from _1453_1905. GreenVolvo made the call before all hell broke loose on the river. A series of raises saw GreenVolvo commit the last chips with (A♠8♥) 9♥J♥4♦8♣ (A♣) for aces up on the river, but _1453_1905 tabled (J♣K♦) T♥5♦K♣5♣ (5♥) for a well-disguised full house to take the pot and the title!

GreenVolvo picks up $5,664.91 for a great run as _1453_1905 wins the SCOOP crown for Turkey along with $7,932.13 in prize money. Congratulations!

SCOOP Event #11-L $27 Stud Results
Entrants: 1,846
Prize pool: $45,319.30
Places paid: 240

1st _1453_1905 (Turkey) - $7,932.13
2nd GreenVolvo (Australia) - $5,664.91
3rd redmaaxx (United Kingdom) - $4,305.33
4th Balloo1972 (Canada) - $3,172.35
5th bakuretsu666 (Greece) - $2,265.96
6th xriusa (United Kingdom) - $1,359.57
7th TW8888 (Taiwan) - $906.38
8th DreamsCmTrue (Hungary) - $453.19

There are a total of 44 events on the 2013 SCOOP schedule, each offering a low, medium and high level of buy-in, running right through until May 26th. Check out the full schedule, satellite information, stats and the Player of the Series leaderboard on the SCOOP home page.

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