SCOOP 2013: HatePkr hearts Badugi, banks $12K in Event #4-M ($215 Badugi)

When this final table got down to the thick of things, Christian "charder30" Harder was pitted against four Russians. Always a major presence in SCOOP, Russians made up half the population of this final table and all of them finished in the top five. Although the Maryland native turned part-time Canadian hoped to improve upon the third-place finish he made last year's $1,050 NLHE/PLO SCOOP event, he couldn't overcome the massive chip lead HatePkr opened up when play was still eight-handed. HatePkr rode that lead all the way to his first SCOOP title, defeating his fellow countryman Furunduk in an hourlong heads-up battle to win over $12K.

320 Badugi fans stepped up to play in Event #4-M, the $64,000 prize pool easily eclipsing the $40,000 guarantee. 40 players earned a share of it with first place set to take home $12,480. Flying the flag for the Red Spades were George "Jorj95" Lind III, Chris Moneymaker, Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara, George Danzer, Bryan Huang and Marcin Horecki, who min-cashed in 40th place. Other familiar faces in the money included Shaun Deeb (12th), Anders "Donald" Berg (19th), Dylan "ImaLucSac" Linde (20th), Thiago "xTheDecanox" Nishijima (22nd), David "WhooooKidd" Baker (31st) and Jordan "iMsoLucky0" Morgan (36th).

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Final table chip counts

Seat 1: Ceegee87 (160,910 in chips)
Seat 2: HatePkr (254,279 in chips)
Seat 3: Farzinem (162,255 in chips)
Seat 4: charder30 (88,427 in chips)
Seat 5: Erneus (57,592 in chips)
Seat 6: GreenChe (206,987 in chips)
Seat 7: Premove (415,432 in chips)
Seat 8: Furunduk (254,118 in chips)

HatePkr felts Farzinem

HatePkr hit a hot streak early at Farzinem's expense. In one hand, HatePkr drew two and made the second nuts on the first draw when Farzinem simultaneously made an eight badugi. Remarkably, only a few hands later HatePkr made another five badugi, hitting A-2-4-5 on the third draw. Pat since the first draw with T-7-5-A rainbow, Farzinem's stack sustained another blow. But that wasn't all for HatePkr. Get out your tin foil hats, kids, because five hands later, HatePkr once again discarded two and made A-2-3-5 rainbow on the first draw just as Farzinem made 7-6-4-3 badugi on the same street. HatePkr capped the betting on the second draw and got in another bet on third, leaving Farzinem on only 23,000 in chips.

HatePkr's incredible luck wasn't lost on Farzinem.

HatePkr: computer couldt stand the load and broke down)
Farzinem: if i was u i was just getting the chips and be silent
Farzinem: cause what happened here was nearly unreal
Farzinem: u may have 4 time aces in row in holdem
Farzinem: but really 4 time nearly best badugi in row is kinda unreal

Although Farzinem doubled up through GreenChe, he wasn't long for this final table. A few hands later, Farzinem three-bet to 15,000 from the big blind before the draw and both Ceegee87 and HatePkr called. Farzinem stood pat while HatePkr drew one and Ceegee87 drew two. HatePkr checked to Farzinem, who led out for 5,000. Both opponents called. Farzimen was pat again on the second draw; Ceegee87 and HatePkr each took one. Again, the action was checked to Farzinem, who led out for 10,000. Ceegee87 called, HatePkr raised, and Farzinem called off his remaining 1,510 in chips. HatePkr rapped pat and Ceegee87 check-folded to a bet after drawing one more card. HatePkr's 8-7-5-4 Badugi trumped Farzinem's Q-J-2-A and he was eliminated in eighth place while HatePkr's stack swelled to 649,000. With seven players still remaining, HatePkr controlled 40% of the chips in play.

Erneus snares Ceegee87, Premove profits off GreenChe

Premove and charder30 pilfered Ceegee87's stack with a one-two punch. Premove picked up a 147,000 pot when he made a 8-6-3-A badugi while charder30's 9-8-7-6 badugi held up when Ceegee87 rapped pat on the third draw. Ceegee87 dropped to 49,000 in chips, but picked up a killer starting hand minutes later with A♣4♠5♥. Ceegee87 raised predraw, Erneus three-bet to 18,000 and Ceegee87 capped. Erneus stood pat and Ceegee87 drew one. Erneus bet and Ceegee87 called. It was the same story on the second draw and the third, a pat Erneus leading out for 12,000. Ceegee87 found the queen of diamonds and committed the last of his chips, but Erneus did him one better, rolling over J♠T♥9♦3♣ to send him home in seventh place.

A solid third in chips, Premove picked up some momentum and padded his stack by crippling GreenChe. Premove stood pat on all three draws while GreenChe discarded two, one, and one. Premove's K-9-6-A badugi survived, and GreenChe was left with only 4,200 in chips. HatePkr finished him off in sixth place on the next hand after being dealt a pat nine.

Premove peters out

As five-handed play got underway, charder30 hit a rush, taking himself from short stack to second in chips within four hands. While charder30 chipped up to 389,000, Premove melted down to 78,000 when he drew twice against Furunduk's pat 9-7-6-4 badugi. Then, after folding on the third draw vs. Erneus and HatePkr, Premove was reduced to only 19,000 in chips. Although Premove doubled back up through HatePkr, he hit the rail four hands later. Holding 2♣3♥5♠, Premove capped the betting predraw vs. HatePkr. Premove drew one and bet his last 5,864; a pat HatePkr called. Premove took two more stabs at drawing one, but didn't improve, while HatePkr turned up A♣3♠6♦8♥. For fifth place, Premove collected $3,520.00.

Exit Erneus

Erneus was left with only 33,00 after standing pat on all three draws. HatePkr drew one and called a bet, then took another stab on the second draw. HatePkr made a nine badugi and raised, Erneus making the call. Both were pat on the third draw and HatePkr squeezed another 16,000 out of Erneus on the river, revealing 9-8-6-A.

Down to 19,000, Erneus put the rest of his chips in predraw vs. charder30 and Furunduk. Erneus drew two, one, and one and made an 8-4-3-2 badugi, but charder30 drew even better, making a 7-6-5-2 badugi. Erneus hit the rail in fourth place, earning $5,120.00 for his efforts.

Triple threat

As play turned three-handed, HatePkr remained in the lead with 796,000, Furunduk was second with 418,000, and charder30 was the short stack with 386,000. With the betting limits still pretty small at 10,000/20,000 it would prove to be a long, hard slog to the finish. For over half an hour they traded pots, HatePkr chipping up to nearly a million while Furunduk and charder30 slipped to 350,000 and 200,000 respectively. Charder30 moved back up to 300,000 when he stood pat from the first draw with a J-T-3-A badugi and HatePkr couldn't improve his three-card 7-4-2.

Now it was Furunduk's turn to catch a rush. He went on a tear, winning nine of ten pots to go from 346,000 to 718,000. Just as Furunduk's wave petered out, HatePkr crippled charder30. Charder30 three-bet predraw and stood pat the whole way, but HatePkr made a 8-6-5-3 Badugi on the third draw to wrest away the pot and send charder30 reeling. Left with only 21,000 in chips, charder30 busted in third place a couple hands later when his T-8-5-3 fell to the 7-6-4-A Furunduk made on the first draw.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: HatePkr (831,451 in chips)
Seat 8: Furunduk (768,549 in chips)

Charder30's elimination set up a Russia vs. Russia battle for the title and what I hear is a pretty sweet watch. It took over an hour to decide this heads-up match, which started off quite evenly matched. However, it wasn't long before HatePkr lost the chip lead for the first time since eight-handed play. They traded the lead for the better part of three levels, one player chipping up to around the 950,000 mark before the other would snatch those chips right back.

The betting limits were up to 16,000/32,000 when HatePkr finally broke the stalemate, winning two pots in a row to move up to 1.1 million. A short time later, HatePkr won nine out of ten pots to put some distance between the chip counts and move up to 1.46 million. Down to 132,000, Furunduk doubled up to 263,000 when his three-card 5-4-2 bested HatePkr's 6-5-A, but four hands later, it was all over.

In a limped pot, both players took two cards on the first draw. Furunduk led out for 20,000 and HatePkr called. Each drew one on the second draw and Furunduk fired out again. HatePkr raised, Furunduk three-bet all-in and HatePkr called. Both players rapped pat on the third draw. Furunduk showed down Q-8-2-A badugi, but HatePkr had the winner with J-9-6-4 rainbow and locked up his first SCOOP title.

Congratulations to HatePkr, who perhaps loves Badugi just a little more now that he's won $12,480.00. For his runner-up finish, Furunduk banked $9,280.00.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #4-M ($215 Badugi) results

Players: 320
Prizepool: $64,000
Places paid: 40

1. HatePkr (Russia) $12,480.00
2. Furunduk (Russia) $9,280.00
3. Christian "charder30" Harder (Canada) $7,040.00
4. Erneus (Russia) $5,120.00
5. Premove (Russia) $3,520.00
6. GreenChe (Belarus) $2,560.00
7. Ceegee87 (Mexico) $1,920.00
8. Farzinem (Iran) $1,600.00

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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