SCOOP 2013: JIZOINT earns second watch in same format defeating Lind for Event #15-H ($700 NLHE Ante Up) title

Only 45 players out of the 395 entered would get a slice of the $262,675.00 prize and only 17 of those would make it to day two with a potential $50,827.76 payday and the SCOOP champion's watch. Some players have been here before, most already had a watch like JIZOINT who won this event in the 2011 SCOOP series for $55,147.50 The saying goes "act like you have been here before" well, the UK player came back to win it again as JIZOINT took down Team PokerStars Online's George "Jorj95" Lind III heads-up to win $50,827.76 and the champion's watch. Lind however adds his 14th cash of the series and with the 80 points earned as the runner-up has taken the Player of the Series overall lead from Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer.


Day two would start off with the Ante Up usual 5/5 blinds and antes of 800 going up every half hour. danger0us who made a 2011 Super Tuesday FT would exit the tournament after the first ten minutes in 17th place ($2,626.75). Six minutes later was AceSpades11 who took down a Super Tuesday in January 2012 would take a seat after flipping pocket sevens 7♦7♥ against the chip leader Amadi_017 with A♥K♠. A king on the flop 8♠ 9♠ K♥ 2♠ J♠ and AceSpades11 took home $2,626.75 in 16th place.

INSHALA82 (United Kingdom) was trying to meet up at the final table again with George Lind III in the 2013 series. Both of them hit the Event #6-H final table as INSHALA82 took fourth for $7,600.00 and Lind was the runner-up. Lind was looking good at this point for another final table but INSHALA82 could not get away from a rivered set of tens as Kyle "KJulius10" Julius found a straight to collect a huge 184,752 chip pot as INSHALA82 was knocked in 13th place ($3,283.43).

After slayerv1fan laid down for the morning in 12th place ($3,940.12), pistecaloze who scored a Sunday Million FT in February placing 6th as Kyle "KJulius10" Julius was trying to notch his second Sunday Million win at the same final table (coming up one player short as the runner-up)
would meet a similar fate going out before Julius late in a tournament again. With the antes up to 1,000 chips pistecaloze would tangle with chip leader Amadi_017 on three different streets and while pistecaloze's kicker was bigger holding A♠T♠, Amadi_017's A♣7♠ found a couple of sevens to go with the ace 3♣ 7♣ A♥ 7♦ Q♦ taking in the 115,524 chip pot and knocking out pistecaloze in 11th place ($3,940.12) setting up a lengthy hand-for-hand session.

While it looked like the final table would start up well before the second hour of play, 45 minutes later all 10 players would hit the showers for a five minute break coming back to 1,250 antes and an average stack of almost 200,000.

An hour long hand-for-hand during a live tournament may be considered a short time but for an online tournament it is a lengthy wait. It would take an hour after pistecaloze took off that the final table below started up. With the antes up to 1,500 u1ker would raise to 2,345 as tRaMp$d0PrAy three-bet from the button as u1ker made the call to see a T♥8♥6♣ flop. u1ker checked as tRaMp$d0PrAy bet 6,950 chips. u1ker check-raised to 13,900 and tRaMp$d0PrAy shoved for 50,045. Holding top pair u1Ker made the call T♦K♠. However tRaMp$d0PrAy was sitting with ladies Q♦Q♣. The overpair was good on the turn 8♦ but not so much on the T♣ river handing the 118,765 chip pot and the final table chip lead to u1ker. tRaMp$d0PrAy would be denied making the same SCOOP event final table two years in a row after tRaMp$d0PrAy placed ninth last year.


Seat 1: chico134 (225883 in chips)
Seat 2: smokrokflock (240862 in chips)
Seat 3: Amadi_017 (190701 in chips)
Seat 4: Team Online George "Jorj95" Lind III (167490 in chips)
Seat 5: Grey Poopon (133676 in chips)
Seat 6: u1ker (365865 in chips)
Seat 7: Kyle "KJulius10" Julius (345168 in chips)
Seat 8: JIZOINT (151874 in chips)
Seat 9: Chris "NigDawG" Brammer (153481 in chips)

First in the doghouse

Chris "NigDawG" Brammer already has Super Tuesday win in 2011 along with a final table in this year's SCOOP Event #3-M but Brammer would not add a win to his tournament success today. With the antes at 1,750 smokrokflock would raise to 8,255 as Brammer called out of the big blind to see the K♦ 2♣ A♦ flop. Chris checked as smokrokflock bet 13,999 and Brammer made the call. Same action on the turned 3♥ as Brammer check-called 35,422 to see another ace hit the river A♥. Once again Brammer would check-call but time it was for all his chips as smokrokflock shoved for 270,087 and Chris called for less showing the rivered trips 9♠A♠. smokrokflock turned over the turned set 3♣3♠ and rivered boat to scoop the 395,580 chip pot taking the chip lead and knocking Brammer out in ninth place ($4,596.81).


Chris "NigDawG" Brammer: ninth place $4,596.81

Lind knocks the population down to seven

With the ante up to 2,500 Lind and Amadi_017 decided to settle a hand a little differently than the norm for ante up tournaments. Due to the size of the forced bets there is plenty of post-flop, but Amadi_017 down to 110,319 chips decided to three-bet all-in over Lind's raise with A♣J♣. The perennial Supernova Elite snap called with kings K♦K♥ and the board Q♦ 4♠ 9♥ 4♥ 5♦ stayed ace-free for the Team Online member as he took down the 253,662 chip pot and Amadi_017 claimed $6,304.20 in eighth place. This was Amadi_017's third final table already of the SCOOP 2013 series having hit the Event #1-H and Event #5-H final tables as well.

Left jab, right cross by Lind sends two players to the locker room

Watch below as Lind finds a little bit of luck to knock two players out with one blow.

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With antes up to 3000 all premium hands got into the pool preflop as Grey Poopon tossed in 107,921 chips holding pocket tens T♠T♦. chico134 followed with a shove for 217,980 holding pocket aces A♠A♥ and Lind covered both and called with kings K♠K♣. 562,758 chips in the middle and they would all slide to the VPP point hound as a king hit the flop 9♠ 4♥ K♥ 3♠ 8♥ eliminating Grey Poopon in seventh place ($8,930.95) and chico134 in sixth ($11,557.70). chico134 is another name to watch for the 2013 Player of the Series title after racking up back-to-back final tables while hitting the Event #16-H final table with Anders "Donald" Berg yesterday.

No addition to possible Stars Slam for Julius

Kyle "KJulius10" Julius has one Sunday Million win in his pocket, was the runner-up in another, and for kicks nearly won the PCA Main Event last year finishing second to John Dibella. The Stars Slam can only be won by someone who collects victories in the Sunday Million as well as the three -COOP series. Unfortunately Kyle will not add a SCOOP title today. With the antes up to 3,500 JIZOINT would raise to 8,850 as it folded to Julius in the big blind who made the call. Two diamonds J♦ A♦ 2♥ on the flop and Julius would check-call the 14,650 flop bet. 6♠ turn got no one's attention as they both checked to see a third diamond hit the 8♦ river. This time Julius was the aggressor and bet 36,224 but JIZOINT did not back down and re-raised to 135,855. Determined to bump JIZOINT off the hand, Kyle shoved for 348,593 holding a stone bluff K♦T♣. But, JIZOINT had the flush 3♦7♦ and was not folding as the 2011 champ called and collected the 761,696 chip pot as Julius finished in fifth place ($14,972.47).


Kyle "KJulius10" Julius: fifth place $14,972.47

Oh... OH!

Late in the fourth hour of play with none of the remaining four giving up much ground, a huge preflop flip between Team Online's Lind and u1ker broke out. With the ante up to 5,000 the current chip leader smokrokflock with 853,170 chip raised to 12,544 as Lind made it 27,777 from the small blind. Over to u1ker with 208,571 holding big slick K♦A♣ the Russian would shove all-in. smokrokflock took a brief nap but Lind insta-called with queens Q♥Q♠. The flop favored u1ker hitting a king along side of two treys K♠ 3♠ 3♣. The spade on the turn opened up more than two outs for Lind 7♠. But, the flush did not hit. Instead the boat came in Q♦ giving George the 449,691 chip pot and knocking out u1ker in fourth place ($21,670.68).

During the fifth hour break Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome had a little jab for Lind's VPP hording after the threesome checked the box to look at possible ICM chop numbers.

talonchick: "Jorj... use this pause to get another 100K VPPs". To my surprise Lind was only five-tabling at the time. Perhaps a little tired with the lengthy final table (a joke of course). But, JIZOINT holding a massive lead of 1.3 million to Lind's 460K and smokrokflock's 160K tilted things too far in JIZOINT's favor for the three to come to a deal.

Flock flies away

Shortly after the aborted chop attempt with the ante still at 5,000 chips JIZOINT led off for a raise to 8,650 from the button as smokrokflock made it 21,544 chips. Jorj95 stepped it up even more to 37,777. Holding pocket jacks J♥J♣ smokrokflock pushed all-in for 119,237 as Lind made the call with A♣Q♣. If the flopped ace was not enough, the rivered nut flush A♥ 8♣ 9♥ 3♣ 5♣ left no questions as Lind collected the 262,124 chip pot as smokrokflock gathered up $28,894.25 in third place.

Experience pays off

As mentioned, JIZOINT won this very tournament in 2011 and now will have a matching watch on both wrists after defeating George "Jorj95" Lind III heads-up. Starting with a 1,366,995 to 608,045 JIZOINT would give a big pot of 520,684 during the very first hand but promptly took those acquired funds away.

After nearly 30 minutes of play JIZOINT knocked the Team Online member down to 393,042 chips bringing up the winning hand below:

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Most of the chips went in after the T♣ 8♣ J♣ flop. Lind hit top two J♥T♥ while JIZOINT had a flush and gutshot straight draw A♣Q♦. The flush would get there on the 2♣ and no filling up on the 7♥ river declared JIZOINT a two-time SCOOP Ante Up champion winning $50,827.76!


Team PokerStars Online George "Jorj95": Lind III: Runner-up $38,087.87

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #15-H ($700 NLHE, Ante Up) results

Players: 395
Prizepool: $262,675.00
Places paid: 45

1. JIZOINT (United Kingdom) $50,827.76
2. Team Online George "Jorj95" Lind III $38,087.87
3. smokrokflock (Canada) $28,894.25
4. u1ker (Russia) $21,670.68
5. Kyle "KJulius10" Julius (Canada) $14,972.47
6. chico134 (Russia) $11,557.70
7. Grey Poopon (Canada) $8,930.95
8. Amadi_017 (United Kingdom) $6,304.20
9. Chris "NigDawG" Brammer (United Kingdom) $4,596.81

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

David Aydt
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