SCOOP 2013: Serginh0 comes from behind to win Event #23-L ($11+R PLO, 6-Max, Turbo)

Turning disappointment into redemption. That's what happened for the champion of tonight's $50,000 guaranteed SCOOP Event #23-L $11+R PLO 6-Max, Turbo tournament. Just last night Serginh0 would climb through 2,653 players during Event #20-M (also a turbo tournament) only to be knocked out on the final table bubble. Tonight after making the final table it looked as though Serginh0 would fall short of victory in third place. But, with some timely jacks finding their way to the board and a lot of aggression, Serginh0 would claim tonight's champion's watch and (thanks to 9,718 rebuys and 3,242 add-ons) $26,838.69 after missing out last night.

There's no surprise of seeing Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "goral" Horecki cashing in a lower stakes tournament, after he is the MicroMillions I and III Player of the Series. Now it seems he has his sights on a SCOOP Player of the Series title as well.

With under 200 players left tonight Horecki was still in contention but short on chips. With the blinds at 10K/20K he would trade bets with Nessilita until all of his tournament funds and 278,538 chips total sat in the middle. Aces J♠ A♠ 3♥ A♦ for Nessilita against Marcin's wrapped ladies Q♥ Q♦ T♠ K♠. The flop was a good one for the Polish Pro but two blank eights later K♣ 5♠ J♦ 8♥ 8♠ Horecki would acquire his seventh cash in low buy-ins tournament breaking the tie with iwonthurtyou for second place on leaderboard after a 194th place ($116.14) finish. Despite cashing, Marcin would actually lose ground to the leader, JacktShipper, as the Russian would add a sixth cash of the series after finishing in 110th place ($184.76).

Just four hours into the tournament after mahowny777 finished off chris288 in 13th place ($1,103.33) we would be down to the final two tables. Another two minutes and JONAH J (United Kingdom) and 12228056 (Colombia) decided to take a breather on the rail in 11th and 12th place respectively both earning $1,495.74. In what seemed to be hurry to reach the final table, just four more minutes saw DickPrice (Germany) earning $1,935.67 and ratskerops (United Kingdom) bit less $1,495.74 in 9th and 10th place.

With the blinds up to 300K/600K Muhartz (Germany) would take kings 3♣ K♣ K♥ 4♦ up against el gum's Q♥ 2♥ K♠ 4♣ and watch the river card slide two pair into el gum's hand along with the 3.3 million chip pot. Muhartz would take home $1,935.67 in eighth place starting up hand-for-hand play.

Hand-for-hand play would take longer than the last five eliminations combined as the blinds moved up to 500K/1MM G's zee would raise to three million from the small blind as Serginh0 re-raise to nine million effectively setting G's zee all-in to call. Calling for less G's zee did with 2♠ 3♥ K♣ Q♣ as Serginh0 flipped up a suited ace T♣ 7♠ A♣ J♦. Both players would hit their club flushes T♦ 9♦ J♣ 5♣ 9♣ but Serginh0's was the higher as G's zee who earned $1,935.67 in seventh place starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: ninototoroko (13331377 in chips)
Seat 2: mahowny777 (7104178 in chips)
Seat 3: florim (7342176 in chips)
Seat 4: Serginh0 (17229118 in chips)
Seat 5: el gum (8674743 in chips)
Seat 6: labros80 (5593408 in chips)

No longer laboring

The shortstack labros80 would only have three big blinds after the level moved up to 600K/1.2MM. Holding a decent J♥ K♥ 8♥ A♠ labros80 would raise all-in to 3.59 preflop from the cutoff as Serginh0 made the call out the big blind with 6♣ A♣ T♥ T♦. labros80's dreams of a double up sparked with two pair by the turn Q♣ A♥ Q♠ K♠. But, the T♣ river that gave labros80 a straight, gave Serginh0 a full boat ending labros80's tournament in sixth place ($2,991.49).

mahowny777 owns

Up to the 800K/1.6MM blind level mahowny777 would set ninototoroko all-in with a three-bet preflop. Watch below as this 16.5 million chip hands plays out below:

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Holding kings 4♣ K♠ 9♥ K♥ mahowny777 was hoping to keep the board ace and wheel free while fending off ninototoroko's 2♥ 5♠ Q♣ A♣. The five cards up top complied 8♠ J♠ 5♣ 9♠ 3♣ as mahowny777 took down the huge pot while ninototoroko claimed fifth place ($5,279.10).

No baloney

Just two hands later while chop talks were being thrown around, florim was knocked down to a little more than three million chips and decided to shove from the cutoff as el gum in the small blind and mahowny777 in the big blind made the call. Both players checked it down on the 8♠ 4♦ 5♦ Q♣ J♠ board as el gum showed two pair T♣ 8♣ 5♥ 4♠. mahowny777 showed a better two pair 4♥ 3♠ J♣ 5♣ causing florim to throw those virtual cards into the muck while earning $9,175.07 in fourth place.

Serginh0 opens up heads-up play

Serginh0 had the chip lead, but would double up mahowny777 on the very next hand for a 43.3 million chip pot. Now the hunted with only 4.7 million chips, Serginh0 would triple up on the next hand after catching trip jacks on the river causing the other two players to muck.

Then, with the blinds moving up to 1MM/2MM Serginh0 had no intentions of stepping off the gas and raised to seven million from the button. el gum, now down to 6.4 million before paying the small blind called as mahowny777 got out of the way. J♠ Q♦ 7♥ T♠ for Serginh0 faced off against el gum's suited tens 5♥ T♣ 2♦ T♦ and once again a jack on the river A♠ 2♠ 4♣ 9♦ J♦ would save Serginh0 as el gum took away $14,077.60 in third place.

Seven minutes to the watch

Domination in the form of taking down the last eight hands of heads-up play contributed to our champion's win. After a quick pause to discuss ICM and chop numbers, mahowny777 would start off with a 36.6 million to 22.6 million chip lead but Serginh0 took command quickly winning all but two hands of heads-up play leading to a 43.5 million to 15.7 million chip lead and this SCOOP Event #23-L winning hand below:

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Jack again?!? Yes, another jack on the river would solidify Serginh0's SCOOP title tonight. Holding 3♦ 5♠ 9♥ T♥ against mahowny777's Q♠ 7♠ 5♣ 6♣ both players would get it all-in on the K♠9♠5♥ flop with Serginh0's two pair facing mahowny777's pair and a flush draw. Well, Serginh0's unnecessary backdoor flush draw got there with the K♥ turn and J♥ river to claim the full $26,838.69 for tonight's victory!

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #23-L ($11+R PLO, 6-Max, Turbo) results

Players: 4,637
Rebuys: 9,718
Add-ons: 3,242
Prizepool: $175,970.00
Places paid: 600

1. Serginh0 (Poland) $26,838.69
2. mahowny777 (Canada) $19,356.70
3. el gum (Colombia) $14,077.60
4. florim (Sweden) $9,175.07
5. ninototoroko (Brazil) $5,279.10
6. labros80 (Greece) $2,991.49

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

David Aydt
@PokerStars in 2013