SCOOP 2013: Steve "gboro780" Gross survives carnage to win Event #17-H ($2,100 NLHE 6-Max Turbo Super KO)

The name of this event said it all. It was short-handed, turbo-charged, knockout bounty goodness dipped in chocolate and served up in under four hours of total play. Bliss. Surviving the carnage was a familiar name as Steve "gboro780" Gross wrote another chapter in his impressive online poker resume with a spectacular victory to collect a six-figure pay day and the SCOOP title.

It all went down in SCOOP Event 17-H which was the $2,100 No Limit Holdem 6-Max Turbo Super Knockout event. Needless to say, the event was full of action as 787 players took to the felt to create a prize pool of $1,613,350. Half of that prize pool would be allocated towards the knockout bounties with each player's elimination worth a tidy $1,025, while the other half was up for grabs for the top 90 place finishers.

The field was packed with talent including a host of Team PokerStars Pros. Eugene Katchalov, George Danzer, Max Lykov, Mickey Petersen, Liv Boeree, George Lind, Martin Hrubý, Andre Akkari, Jason Mercier, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Naoya Kihara, Matthias de Meulder, Ville Wahlbeck and Christophe de Meulder were some of the red spades that missed the money, but Team PokerStars was still well represented deep in this event.

With the money bubble approaching there were a few notables under pressure to reach the money for the top 90 players. James Obst was one in the danger zone but he landed a double up with pocket jacks against ace-ten, while Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden also survived a bubble scare with his king-queen surviving a race against pocket nines.

Shaun Deeb wasn't so fortunate as he was severely short-stacked and all in with 8♦7♦ against K♠2♥ with the king-high holding up to see Deeb out in 92nd place. The honour of the pure bubble went to zcedrick from Portugal as the top 90 players secured a guaranteed $2,097.35.

From there, the bustouts came thick and fast. Nacho Barbero (81st - $2,178.02 + 6 bounties), James Obst (75th - $2,258.69 + 5 bounties), Johnny Lodden (74th - $2,258.69 + 6 bounties) and Isaac Haxton (50th - $2,823.36 + 5 bounties) were quickly to the cashier, as Steve "gboro780" Gross was the chip leader with 40 to go. James "" Mackey had the most bounties at this point, while Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso was also gunning for the final table in 2nd chip position.

NAPT Venetian S1_5KMainEvent_Day3_JoeGiron_IJ76771_Rousso.jpg

However after losing a massive coinflip with ace-king against pocket eights, Rousso was back in the pack and eliminated soon after in 23rd place for $5,646.72 plus another 7 bounties.

Brendon Rubie (32nd - $4,033.37 + 6 bounties), Randy Lew (30th - $4,678.71 + 7 bounties), Michael Fadersen (27th - $4,678.71 + 2 bounties), Alex Wice (26th - $4,678.71 + 1 bounty) and James Mackey (20th - $5,646.72 + 11 bounties) were all rapidly sent to the rail as the final table approached.

Alexandre Gomes was out in 11th place ($10,486.77 + 3 bounties) when his ace-king was rivered by gkap13's ace-queen in a monster pot that saw gkap13 grab a commanding chip lead. But gkap13 was brought back to the pack when iambest2 spiked a gutshot straight to snatch the tournament advantage. When Marc-Andre "FrenchDawg" Ladouceur jammed 5♠8♥ into Steve "gboro780" Gross' A♦6♥ in a battle of the blinds, the board bricked out to see our final table of six formed as follows:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: gboro780 (588,001 in chips)
Seat 2: kinamon8 (517,031 in chips)
Seat 3: coltranedog (549,168 in chips)
Seat 4: iambest2 (1,042,490 in chips)
Seat 5: gnetaren (742,691 in chips)
Seat 6: gkap13 (495,619 in chips)

The final table blinds kicked off at 15,000/30,000 with a 3,750 ante, so there wasn't a whole lot of room to breathe in this turbo-charged format.

kinamon8 would be the first to crack, moving all in with A♥J♥ after gnetaren had min-raised from under the gun. gnetaren made the call and opened a dominant A♠Q♣ which was good on the board of K♠2♥8♠3♣T♥. kinamon8 finished in 6th place and received $24,200.25 plus 5 KO bounties.

Two hands later and gkap13's run would come to an end in a preflop race:

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gkap13 fell behind when coltranedog caught the straight on the turn and despite hitting a set on the river, it wasn't enough for gkap13 who departed in 5th place for $40,333.75 as well as a tournament-high 14 bounties.

With the action so fast and furious, it was no surprise to see the remaining four players pause the clock to take a look at a potential deal. ICM numbers were presented and were quickly agreed to with $16,000 and the SCOOP title left to play for.

With the deal done, we were expecting fireworks but in fact, play tightened a little for a few orbits. gnetaren was lucky to escape with a chop holding a dominated A♥3♥ against coltranedog's A♣6♦, before gboro780 went even better with his dominated ace:

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It was a brutal blow, but iambest2 recovered the very next hand. coltranedog shoved the button before iambest2 moved all in for a few chips more in the small blind with A♣8♥. coltranedog showed 6♦9♠ but couldn't recover on the board of 5♠A♥Q♣6♥T♥. Thanks to the deal, coltranedog pocketed $88,980.53 for 4th place along with a handy 5 bounties.

Just moments later and gnetaren open-shoved from the small blind with a strong A♥Q♦ but the timing was unfortunate as gboro780 woke up with K♥K♦ in the big blind to make the insta-call. The board bricked T♣5♥3♥6♣T♥ to remove gnetaren in 3rd place for $98,107.86 in prize money as well as 10 KO bounties.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: gboro780 (2,407,924 in chips)
Seat 4: iambest2 (1,527,076 in chips)

With the blinds at 50k/100k/12.5k at this point, the heads-up battle was always going to be short and sweet, with the first major all-in clash, the last of the tournament.

iambest2 min-rasied the button, gboro780 three-bet before iambest2 moved all in for a total of around 15 big blinds. gboro780 made the call with A♣K♥ and was in great shape against iambest2's K♠Q♥. The board rolled off 5♥7♣T♣9♥K♦ to see iambest2 eliminated in 2nd place for $97,566.93 plus 9 bounties as Steve "gboro780" Gross confirmed his place as one of the world's elite online poker players. His impressive victory adds a SCOOP title to the WCOOP crown he won in 2011, along with $106,582.40 in prize money and 13 KO bounties.

SCOOP Event #17-H $2,100 NLHE 6-Max Turbo Super KO Results
Entrants: 787
Prize pool: $1,613,350
Places paid: 90

1st Steve "gboro780" Gross (Canada) - $106,582.40* + 13 KO bounties
2nd iambest2 (Austria) - $97,566.93* + 9 KO bounties
3rd gnetaren (Sweden) - $98,107.86* + 10 KO bounties
4th coltranedog (Canada) - $88,980.53* + 5 KO bounties
5th gkap13 (Greece) - $40,333.75 + 14 KO bounties
6th kinamon8 (Israel) - $24,200.25 + 5 KO bounties

* denotes four-handed ICM deal

There are a total of 44 events on the 2013 SCOOP schedule, each offering a low, medium and high level of buy-in, running right through until May 26th. Check out the full schedule, satellite information, stats and the Player of the Series leaderboard on the SCOOP home page.

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