SCOOP 2014: alexmen_225 takes Event #26-L title, $9K prize ($27 Stud Hi/Lo)

Event #26 in this year's SCOOP schedule presented players with the only seven-card stud hi/lo event, with the "low" buy-in price tag of $27 ultimately drawing a big field of 2,141 to battle for another SCOOP watch. That meant a prize pool of $52,561.55 -- more than doubling the $25K guarantee -- and after almost ten-and-a-half hours it was alexmen_222 of Russia sitting with all of the chips and a nice $9,094.37 return on that small investment.

After about five-and-a-half hours of play they were down to 272 players and the money bubble had burst. alexpls2, skypoker77, and Leon_Javur led the way at that point, with Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske also still alive with a short stack of just a few big bets.

Luske would hang on a bit longer, then finally lost the last of his stack to the similarly-named Marcela90k to finish in 224th place for a $46.77 cash.

Some time later they had crossed the tourney's eight-and-a-half-hour mark when just 16 remained. Allin.Delonn (16th), Analyser2 (15th), Unkn0wn123 (14th), and AndreiLux (13th) were next to go, each claiming $289.08 of the prize pool. Then felipebeltra (12th), CarpeSiem (11th), Damon1234966 (10th), and borba fe (9th) were successively eliminated with each earning $394.21 for their finishes.

The final table was underway.


Seat 1: andredos (Brazil) -- 1,527,567
Seat 2: skypoker77 (Russia) -- 2,952,856
Seat 3: Leon_Javur (Estonia) -- 514,345
Seat 4: Slick Stax (United Kingdom) -- 285,300
Seat 5: alexmen_225 (Russia) -- 1,849,510
Seat 6: rtspurs (Ireland) -- 1,208,318
Seat 7: Oddla (Norway) -- 1,199,290
Seat 8: fakto (Finland) -- 1,167,814

Slick Stax slips in eighth

On the sixth hand of the final table, the stakes were 50,000/100,000 when Slick Stax raised and got a call from skypoker77, then the pair traded bets back and forth on fourth street until Slick Stax was all in holding (A♥Q♥) / A♠5♣ while skypoker held (6♣7♣) / 6♥3♣.

Slick Stax's next three cards -- K♥9♠ / (T♦) didn't improve on that pair of aces for the high. Meanwhile skypoker was dealt Q♣6♦ / (8♦) to make trip sixes and scoop the pot, sending Slick Stax out in eighth.

Leon_Javur leaves in seventh

About five minutes later, the stakes had increased to 60,000/120,000 when a hand arose that saw Leon_Javur raise with a 7♦ up, rtspurs reraise with a 9♠, and Leon-Javur call. rtspurs then led fourth and Leon_Javur called, then Leon_Javur led fifth, rtspurs raised, and Leon_Javur called all in.

Leon_Javur: (2♦J♦) / 7♦3♦Q♠
rtspurs: (Q♥9♥) / 9♠8♠T♣

Leon_Javur had a diamond flush draw and three to a low while rtspurs had a pair of nines and a gutshot draw. Leon_Javur then picked up T♠ / (7♥) to end with a pair of sevens while rtspurs was dealt K♣ / (8♥) to pick up a second pair, ending Leon_Javur's tourney run in seventh.

andredos done in sixth

The remaining six marched on, then with the stakes up to 80,000/160,000 andredos raised and rtspurs called, then on fourth street andredos led, rtspurs raised, and andredos called all in.

By then andredos had (5♠8♦) / 7♣Q♣ while rtspurs had (J♠T♠) / 5♥8♠. andredos drew J♦A♣ / (K♦) to end with ace-high for the high and no low hand, and rtspurs drew 2♥2♣ / (8♣) to make two pair, and andredos was done in sixth.

Oddla ousted in fifth

On the very next hand, alexmen_225, Oddla, and skypoker777 became embroiled in a battle that saw Oddla raising on third and the other two calling, Oddla leading again on fourth street and only alexmen_225 sticking around, then alexmen_225 check-calling bets on fifth, sixth, and seventh with Oddla being all in on the last betting round.

skypoker77: (X-X) / 4♥J♠ -- FOLDED
Oddla: (Q♦2♥) / A♦2♣4♣6♦ / (J♥) -- a pair of deuces; no low
alexmen_225: (5♥A♥) / 3♣3♥K♦7♥ / (5♠) -- two pair, fives and treys; no low

alexmen_225's hand was best and Oddla was eliminated in fifth.

skypoker77 shot down in fourth

It would take more than a half-hour for another knockout to come, during which time the stakes rose to 120,000/240,000. By then alexmen_222 had built a big lead with more than 6.8 million with fakto the nearest challenger with almost 1.75 million and rtspurs third with about 1.21 million.

Meanwhile skypoker77 was in last position with just under 940,000, then raised, saw rtspurs reraise, then called on third street. skypoker77 then check-called a bet on fourth, called again on fifth, then when rtspurs led on sixth skypoker77 raised all in and rtspurs called.

skypoker77: (Q♦5♦) / A♠3♠5♣Q♣ -- two pair, queens and fives; no low possible
rtspurs: (T♥K♦) / K♣3♥3♦2♠ -- two pair, kings and treys; no low possible

skypoker77 needed to improve on seventh, but rtspurs drew one of skypoker77's needed outs by picking up the Q♥ on the last card. skypoker77 was dealt the 7♥ and was sent railward in fourth.

fakto finishes in third

They were in the same level when alexmen_225 raised on third and both rtspurs and fakto called, then on fourth alexmen_225 led, rtspurs called, fakto raised all in and both alexmen_225 and rtspurs called. rtspurs would then call bets from alexmen_225 on all three of the remaining streets.

alexmen_225 showed (2♦6♦) / 7♥4♣A♠9♥ / (3♣) for a 6-4-3-2-A low hand and ace-high for the high. Meanwhile rtspurs had (K♦7♠) / K♣2♣T♠2♠ / (6♠) for no low and two pair for the high.

That was enough for the two to split the pot as fakto -- whose up cards were 3♠J♣Q♥5♥ -- mucked, having been knocked out in third.

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alexmen_225 chips up, becomes champ over rtspurs

Heads-up play began with alexmen_225 the leader with 6,341,157 to rtspurs's 4,363,843. After a few hands the pair were nearly even, at which point alexmen_225 took to the chat box.

alexmen_225: 50/50?
rtspurs: lol
rtspurs: no
rtspurs: no deal
alexmen_225: ok
rtspurs: wasting your own time

There had been lots of split pots in Event #26-L, but there would be no splitting of the prize money in the end, and so play continued.

Immediately thereafter alexmen_225 began to whittle away at rtspurs's stack, and as the stakes moved up to 160,000/320,000 rtspurs had been knocked down to just over 1.57 million when the end finally arrived.

The final hand saw alexmen_225 calling rtspurs's bets on third, fourth, and fifth streets, then raising an rtspurs bet on sixth and rtspurs calling. rtspurs then check-called all in on seventh street, and the pair's hands were shown.

rtspurs turned over (A♥2♥) / 6♦6♠4♥8♣ / (9♦) for a pair of sixes (high) and 8-6-4-2-A (low). Meanwhile alexman_225 had (9♣7♠) / 6♥3♦8♦5♥ / (2♣) for a nine-high straight (high) and a 7-6-5-3-2 (low). alexman_225 scooped both halves of the pot, plus a SCOOP watch in the bargain.

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Congratulations to alexmen_225 for beating out over 2,100 opponents for the title, the SCOOP watch, and more than $9K in first-place prize money.

SCOOP 26-L: $27 Stud Hi/Lo
Entrants: 2,141
Total prize pool: $52,561.55
Places paid: 272

1. alexmen_225 (Russia) $9,094.37
2. rtspurs (Ireland) $6,450.35
3. fakto (Finland) $4,993.34
4. skypoker77 (Russia) $3,679.30
5. Oddla (Norway) $2,618.07
6. andredos (Brazil) $1,576.84
7. Leon_Javur (Estonia) $1,051.23
8. Slick Stax (United Kingdom) $525.61

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