SCOOP 2014: debom88 rockets to victory in Event #11-L ($27 NLHE Super-Knockout)

debom88 was the knockout champion at the final table.

When we reached the final table, debom88 had 9 KOs. By the time it was done, our Dutch champion had 15. Aside from eliminating six opponents at the final table, debom88 accumulated more than half the chips in play with four players left. debom88 proceeded to finish the tournament off quickly and even took down the tournament with pocket aces.

It was debom88's day.

While the endgame was quick, getting there wasn't. It was a two-day affair that 19,761 players signed up for. They created a $513,786 prize pool -- with half going towards bounties -- with $27,721.65 up top.

That large lump of cash went to debom88 but a total of 2,475 players got a slice of the prize pool.

After reaching the money, players were busy knocking each other out, fighting for bounties and one of the final nine seats at the final table.

That bubble took some time. Several short stacks were going all-in and they were all emerging doubled and victorious.

The final table bubble finally burst when UltraMan999 moved all-in and Cresp0 called.

Ultraman999 showed A♦[10d] and was up against Cresp0's K♦K♣. There was another sweat when UltraMan999 hit a flush draw on th e7♦Q♣9♣3♦ board, but then a 7♠ fell on the river to give us our final table.

The final table


Seat 1: nord96 - 25,628,936 (9 KOs)
Seat 2: Showtime43 - 14,626,400 (21 KOs)
Seat 3: Eccentric_BG - 7,114,733 (20 KOs)
Seat 4: 4FR*XakeP - 7,947,874 (2 KOs)
Seat 5: hurtheskeezr - 8,686,239 (9 KOs)
Seat 6: Mephissto - 4,889,751 (9 KOs)
Seat 7: Cresp0 - 13,610,336 (8 KOs)
Seat 8: cznsnowy91 - 8,507,875 (14 KOs)
Seat 9: debom88 - 7,792,856 (8 KOs)

The first hand at the final table gave us our first double up. Showtime43 moved all-in for 14.56 million from the small blind and Eccentric_BG called all-in from the big blind. The board ran 8♣8♠9♥A♠6♦ and it connected a lot nicer with Eccentric_BG's [10d]8♦ than Showtime43's K♦9♠.

Eccentric_BG was up to 14.67 million while Showtime43 dipped to 7.51 million.

Perhaps inspired by the double up or just suffering from old-fashioned short-stackeditis, Mephissto moved all-in for 4.74 million from early position a few hands later.

debom88 re-shoved for 10.03 million from the hijack and then Eccentric_BG moved all-in from the small blind.

4FR*XakeP folded from the big blind and we had a three-way showdown.

Eccentric_BG: A♥K♠
Mephissto: A♣Q♣
debom88: J♦J♠

The A♦5♦J♥ flop paired Eccentric_BG and Mephissto's ace but it also gave debom88 a set. An 8♣ came on the turn and then a 4♦ completed the board. debom88 chipped up to 26.08 million while Eccentric_BG dipped to just 3.14 million.

This made Mephissto our 9th place finisher, a finish worth $1,541.35.


Eccentric_BG was the short stack again, but instead of a double up, the Bulgarian player got a triple up.

Four hands after Mephissto's elimination, Eccentric_BG moved all-in for 2.84 million from middle position. cznsnowy91 re-shoved for 7.69 million from the small blind and debom88 called from the big.

We had another three-way showdown and debom88 showed J♣J♥ again while cznsnowy91 had A♥9♠ and the shortest stack showed K♣8♣.

The board ran 3♥K♦4♣3♦[10h] and Eccentric_BG won the main pot and tripled up to 9.11 million.

cznsnowy won $2,312.03 for finishing 8th while debom88 collected another bounty and was up to 27.79 million.

Eccentric_BG then followed that up with another elimination.

Two hands later, 4FE*XakeP moved all-in for 5.14 million from under-the-gun. Eccentric_BG called from the big blind and showed A♠K♥ to 4FR*XakeP's A♦[10c]. The board ran A♥J♠8♠7♥J♦ and Eccentric_BG's king-kicker took the pot.

4FR*XakeP was out in 7th and won $3,853.39 while Eccentric_BG rose to 14.92 million.

Withering away

hurtheskeezr lost close to half his chips during the first few hands of play and then got blinded down to just 126,290 before being forced to go all-in in the big blind.

With 400K/800K blinds and a 100K ante, Cresp0 raised to 1.6 million from under-the-gun and debom88 called from the hijack. Eccentric_BG moved all-in for 13.47 million from the small blind and hurtheskeezr was already all-in from the big blind.

The other two players folded and hurtheskeezr showed 9♠3♠ to Eccentric_BG's K♣Q♠. hurtheskeezr hit a straight on the 7♣[10d]8♥6♦J♣ board and was up to 705,160 -- slightly less than a big blind.

Those chips went to debom88 the following hand.

debom88 raised to 1.6 million from under-the-gun and hurtheskeezr called all-in from the small blind. Cresp0 called as well and the flop came J♣A♠Q♣. debom88 bet 1.6 million, Cresp0 folded and we had a showdown.

hurtheskeezr tabled 5♥2♣ while debom88 had [10c][10h]. A 4♣ came on the turn and then the river brought an 8♦. debom88 collected another final table bounty and hurtheskeezr won $6,422.32 for busting out in 6th.

Showtime and slow time

Our next elimination came just two hands later.

nord96 moved all-in for 17.67 million from the small blind and Showtime43 -- who only had 4.52 million -- called from the big blind. Showtime43 was in the lead with K♥[10d] to nord96's J♥9♣, but then the board came 5♣2♠J♣3♠6♦ to give nord96 a pair of jacks and Showtime43's bounty.

Showtime43 won $8,991.25 for finishing 5th while nord96 was up to 23.49 million.

The onslaught of eliminations then calmed down a bit when we reached four players. Players were fairly even in chips and were just a few big blinds away from each other. Then, when it looked like Eccentric_BG was starting to take the lead, debom88 pulled away from the pack:

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A few hands later, with 500K/1M blinds and a 125K ante, debom88 raised to 2 million from the small blind. nord96 three-bet to 5,555,555 and debom88 called.

The flop came A♣9♣A♠ and debom88 bet 3 million. nord96 raised to 7 million and debom88 called and a K♥ came on the turn. Both players checked and checked again when a 6♦ came on the river.

debom88 showed [10c]5♣ and nord96 mucked. nord96 was down to 15.70 million while debom88 had about half the chips in play.

Then debom88 got even more.

Cresp0 moved all-in for 15.11 million from the button and debom88 called. Cresp0 showed K♥J♦ and was up against debom88's A♣5♣.

Cresp0 hit a king on the [10h]2♥K♣ flop, but then debom88 hit a runner-runner straight with a 4♠ on the turn and a 3♠ on the river.

We had another elimination and Cresp0 won $11,560.18 for finishing 4th. debom88 on the other hand had a commanding chip lead with 70.66 million.

Eccentric_BG was in second with 16.53 million while nord96 was the short stack with 11.62 million.

Staying alive

With blinds at 600K/1.2M and a 150K ante, Eccentric_BG and nord96 was just trying to stay afloat.

nord96 doubled up to 26.98 million the second hand of three-handed play when his pocket eights held against debom88's A♦5♦. But then nord96 doubled up Eccentric_BG the following hand.

Eccentric_BG moved all-in for 14.28 million from the button and nord96 called from the big blind. Eccentric_BG showed A♠6♣ while nord96 tabled [10h][10c]. The board ran J♥A♣Q♣7♠9♦ and Eccentric_BG doubled up to 29.61 million while nord96 was back down to 12.55 million.

Then debom88 gave Eccentric_BG the one-two knockout. First, Eccentric_BG was thrown off balance and forced to muck:

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Eccentric_BG moved all-in for 8.66 million from the button the next hand and debom88 re-raised to 15.92 million from the small blind. nord96 folded and we had a flip.

Eccentric_BG showed A♠Q♦ while debom88 tabled 9♥9♣.

The board ran J♣K♣5♥5♠6♦ and Eccentric_BG busted in 3rd. Eccentric_BG won $16,698.04 and also tied for the most KOs of the tournament, 21.

Heads up

debom88: 87,301,097
nord96: 11,503,903

It was either going to be a quick victory or a memorable comeback for nord96.

In the first hand of play, debom88 folded from the small blind and nord96 took the pot. The next hand, it was over.

nord96 moved all-in for 12.20 million and debom88 called. nord96 had a feeble 8♠7♣ and was up against the nuts.

debom88 showed A♠A♣ and ended the tournament when the board came 2♦Q♠J♦2♣9♠.

nord96 won $21,835.90 for the runner-up finish while debom88 won the tournament, the SCOOP watch and $27,721.65.

SCOOP 11-L: $27 NLHE Super-Knockout
Entrants: 19,761
Regular prize pool: $256,893.00
Bounty prize pool: $256,893.00
Places paid: 2,475

1. debom88 (Netherlands) $27,721.65 (15 KOs)
2. nord96 (Romania) - $21,835.90 (13 KOs)
3. Eccentric_BG (Bulgaria) - $16,698.04 (21 KOs)
4. Cresp0 (Brazil) - $11,560.18 (8 KOs)
5. Showtime43 (Canada) - $8,991.25 (21 KOs)
6. hurtheskeezr (Canada) - $6,422.32 (9KOs)
7. 4FR*XakeP (Russia) - $3,853.39 (2 KOs)
8. cznsnowy91 (Australia) - $2,312.03 (14 KOs)
9. Mephissto (Germany) - $1,541.35 (9 KOs)

The knockout party is done for now but the SCOOP is far from over. Check out the SCOOP homepage for all the 2014 SCOOP-related information that exists. There's a leaderboard, statistics, hall of fame and full schedule of the remaining events.

Start your spring off right and test your poker might.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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