SCOOP 2014: Elgstrøm scoops number two in Event #27-M ($109+R 5-Card PLO H/L 6-Max Turbo)

The final week of the 2014 Spring Championship of Online Poker came around with three brands of poker and the final game of the day moved along at a nice clip. Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, with five hole cards instead of the standard four, for a tournament screaming action, even more so with a Turbo structure, unlimited rebuys for the first hour, and six-handed tables.

The medium version of the tournament had a $109 buy-in and drew 605 players. They punched the rebuy button a total of 931 times and threw in another 466 add-ons at the close of registration. Those numbers added up to a $200,200 prize pool, well over the $75,000 guarantee, and the winner was slated to earn $38,038 for the title.

A common theme during play was the action going "pot, pot, all-in, call" until at least one player was at risk. PLO split-pot games with 5-Cards mean it is rare to find a pre-flop hand massively dominated, so there was plenty of gamble in the game. The field was in the money in a flash and sitting at the final table in just over three hours.

Former SCOOP champion Christian "CMoosepower" Elgstrøm was dominating late, including the double knockout below, but lost a few big hands to hit the final table 2nd in chips. The final table just missed a top name with Jon "Pearljammer" Turner going out on the bubble in 7th. The former WSOP final table member and online legend was battling to stay in contention throughout but came up just short.

Six players remained and some have recent success. vandir4rek and LqwZ both made the same final table, finishing 5th and 8th respectively in Event #15-H for nice paydays. octane190 also made a final table this series with a 5th place finish in Event #07-H. Elgstrøm was the only one of the six to have a major title to their credit, a 2012 SCOOP win in Event #22-L.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: vandir4rek (1,156,996 in chips)
Seat 2: octane190 (382,304 in chips)
Seat 3: GUUZHREN (975,452 in chips)
Seat 4: LgwZ (613,921 in chips)
Seat 5: CMoosepower (1,560,934 in chips)
Seat 6: MrScRuFFFF (2,248,393 in chips)

Blinds: 50k/100k

LgwZ quick shoves, eliminated in 6th

LgwZ almost gave the tournament a five-handed starting final table, letting a big hand go on the bubble, but didn't wait long to get it in. LgwZ moved all-in after an under the gun min-raise from GUUZHREN and was in danger right off the bat.

LgwZ: A♣A♠K♦5♦3♠

LgwZ had a chance with the Aces but immediately fell behind statistically on the Q♥J♣7♥ flop. GUUZHREN was looking at a ton of outs twice and they both improved to Broadway on the T♠ turn. LgwZ was now drawing dead to a scoop and could only survive with a chop. GUUZHREN could pick up a flush or full house and went the A♥ river route to drag the pot and send LgwZ out in 6th place for $6,226.

GUUZHREN run out, eliminated in 5th

There was no slowing down the players and a big multi-way flop did the job just two hands later. GUUZHREN sent LgwZ out and was at risk after seeing a K♦8♠2♣ flop with MrScRuFFFF and vandir4rek. GUUZHREN checked after binking top set with A♥K♠K♣J♥T♥ and let the other players do the heavy lifting.

MrScRuFFFF bet out 400,000 to get an all-in move from vandir4rek that was called in both spots. MrScRuFFFF was holding A♣Q♦6♣3♠2♦ for the nut low draw and vandir4rek was behind with two pair, slim low draw A♠K♥J♦4♦2♠. Only two consecutive bad cards could knocked out GUUZHREN and it happened on the Q♣ turn 3♣ river to give MrScRuFFFF a running club flush and vandir4rek the lucky low.

It was a tough beat for the Taiwanese, 81% to win the high after the flop, but GUUZHREN was the second elimination at the final table in 5th place for $10,010.

octane190 not strong enough, eliminated in 4th

octane190 came to the final table with the shortest stack but watched two players above him go out of the tournament in quick succession. It was good enough for a decent boost in payouts with very little risk but he took his shot just a few hands later with a shove from the small blind after Elgstrøm raised.

octane190: A♠7♦7♥4♥4♠
Elgstrøm: J♦T♣9♣6♠6♦

As per usual in 5-Card Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, it was a virtual coin flip at the start but Elgstrøm stormed ahead on the Q♥9♦3♦ flop. octane190 was up against a bigger pair, open ended straight draw, and flush draw then lost everything on the K♠ turn. There would be no qualifying low and Elgstrøm's straight was a lock to the pointless 7♠ river. octane190 did well to move up the payout ladder but was gone in 4th place for $14,014.

vandir4rek cracked, eliminated in 3rd

Elgstrøm had more than half the chips in play at the three-handed table and used them to his advantage. He pushed the action and was able to take chances, like calling an all-in from vandir4rek holding A♠T♠9♣8♣7♠ against vandir4rek's A♦A♣Q♣Q♥J♠. The 6♥3♠3♣ flop made it seem unlikely vandir4rek would be eliminated as a chop the most likely outcome.

The turn T♦ gave Elgstrøm a wrap draw along with his low outs and had to like the 7♣ river for the SCOOP scoop. It was an unlikely beat for vandir4rek but it was his second fine showing of the series, out in 3rd place for $20,520.

Christian "CMoosepower" Elgstrøm comes back to win Event #27-M

Seat 5: CMoosepower (2,973,732 in chips)
Seat 6: MrScRuFFFF (3,964,268 in chips)

The tournament took just 20 hands for the field to play from six grinders to the last two standing. It was a quick exit for many of the players but Elgstrøm and MrScRuFFFF settled in for a long battle, taking 30 hands of heads up action to find a champion. The two traded the chip lead several times with neither holding a commanding lead until Elgstrøm found a huge double up near the end.

The Danish champ stormed ahead but it would take another dozen hands before the outcome was determined. The final hand saw Elgstrøm take another chance, with similar results as most of his other attempts. He moved all-in with A♠8♥6♥4♥4♣ after MrScRuFFFF opened with A♥Q♠T♠T♣2♦.

MrScRuFFFF had the better hand but the tide shifted on the 6♦5♦2♣ flop as Elgstrøm made a six-low and enough high outs to make him the favorite. The turn 8♣ gave Elgstrøm two pair to go with his low and left MrScRuFFFF looking at 10 outs to win the high and three outs to chop the low.

The J♦ was a blank for both and MrScRuFFFF lost a fine battle with Elgstrøm to finish as the runner-up for $28,028. Elgstrøm's first title came two years ago in SCOOP Event #22-L and he now owns a second title in Event #27-M for $38,038.

SCOOP 27-M: $109 PL 5-Card Omaha H/L (6-Max, Turbo)
Entrants: 605 (931 rebuys, 466 add-ons)
Prize pool: $200,200
Places paid: 78

1. Christian "CMoosepower" Elgstrøm (Denmark) $38,038.00
2. MrScRuFFFF (United Kingdom) $28,028.00
3. vandir4rek (Russia) $20,520.50
4. octane190 (Canada) $14,014.00
5. GUUZHREN (Taiwan) $10,010.00
6. LgwZ (Brazil) $6,226.22

Al Rash
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