SCOOP 2014: FeCoNiCuZn puts the pedal to the metal, wins Event #01-L ($27 NLHE 6-Max)

FeCoNiCuZn has many metals in his name and now he can add one to his wrist. The Australian player topped a field 24,317 players over the course of two days to win a SCOOP watch along with $62,531.01.

It was the largest chunk of the $596,982.35 prize pool and it was also the hardest to get. FeCoNiCuZn started the final table with the chip lead but quickly lost it and found himself near the bottom of the pack a few times.

FeCoNiCuZn had to negotiate a few deals, survive several flips and topple a dominating chip leader.

The final table


Seat 1: FellipeNunes - 15,294,181
Seat 2: CrazyB15 - 13,689,691
Seat 3: FeCoNiCuZn - 84,874,663
Seat 4: robtinnion - 71,349,673
Seat 5: Pescadita34 - 27,444,025
Seat 6: miszczunio85 - 28,392,767

There a lot of chip shifting during the first few minutes of play. The only player who steered clear from the mess and stayed about even in chips was the Brazilian short stack, FellipeNunes.

FeCoNiCuZn lost the chip lead and was down to about 45 million while robtinnion skyrocketed to the lead with about 150 million. CrazyB15 also doubled up to about 30 million during the first few minutes.

But all these chips had to come from somewhere. In this case, a large portion of them came from our two middle stacks, miszczunio85 and Pescadita34, who were seated in the five and six seats.

miszczunio85 was the first the fall and the Polish player earned $6,351.89 for finishing 6th. The the Argentian to his right, Pescadita34, won $10,047 for finishing 5th.

A slowdown

After the onslaught of the first few minutes, things calmed down a bit. The new distribution of chips calmed some players but FellipeNunes was still short-stacked with about 15 million.

The Brazilian player then lost a few more million before getting all his chips in the middle. With 600K/1.2M blinds, robtinnion raised to 2.4 million from the button. FellipeNunes re-raised all-in for 11.46 million and robtinnion called.

FellipeNunes: A♦6♦
robtinnion: A♠[10s]

FellipeNunes was dominated but the Brazilian spiked a six on the 2♠7♣K♣6♠3♦ board to double up to 24.72 million.

But Nunes' newfound chips wouldn't last too long. A few hands later, Nunes gave them right back to robtinnion.

Nunes was down to 16.07 million and moved all-in from under-the-gun.

robtinnion called with K♠J♦ while Nunes showed A♥6♣ for his tournament life. The K♣[10c]2♥ flop put robtinnion in the lead and then a [10h] fell on the turn and a K♦ completed the board.

robtinnion took the pot with kings full of tens and FellipeNunes was out in 4th. Nunes won one SCOOP last year -- he took down Event #35-M for $136,102 -- but will have to settle for $17,485.61 for his final table finish today.

Deal or no deal?

A few hands of three-handed play elapsed before players decided to discuss a deal.

robtinnion: chip chop?
CrazyB15: ICM
FeCoNiCuZn: I'll look at numbers
CrazyB15: you know i''m never doing chip chop
robtinnion: we can look
CrazyB15: ICM

At the time, the counts were:

robtinnion - 161,843,306
FeCoNiCuZn - 40,859,966
CrazyB15 - 40,446,628

And the magic ICM number came out to:

robtinnion: $57,677.15
FeCoNiCuZn: $44,546.97
CrazyB15: $44,447.99

Left To Play for place 1st: $6,000.00

There was still some disagreement though:

robtinnion: chip chop?
CrazyB15: nah
CrazyB15: no chip chop
CrazyB15: those numbers are fine
robtinnion: well im not taking icm

Our future champion also refused to budge:

FeCoNiCuZn: I was thinking 45K, so I am happy enough with ICM
robtinnion: give me 60 and we deal
FeCoNiCuZn: nah, no 60, I'd rather play for it
CrazyB15: i'm down with the ICM numbers presented especially with you having a major edge to gain the 6k
CrazyB15: me and FE would be giving up way too much in a chip chop, I'm sorry that's not fair for us

Then robtinnion tried to pursuade CrazyB15:

CrazyB15: it's a little unfair to look at numbers, you know I'm a reg and wasn't giving up ICM
robtinnion: its ~1500, as a reg you should know giving up that small amount with your EV right now is still great for you
CrazyB15: no it's not
CrazyB15: 2nd gets me more than the deal
robtinnion: 3rd doesnt
CrazyB15: so let's play if you aren't doing ICM
robtinnion: ok gl
FeCoNiCuZn: Yep, shuffle up and deal
FeCoNiCuZn: gl gl

Cards were back in the air but robtinnion had one more thing to say:

robtinnion: #yolo

Up and down

During the first few hands back, CrazyB15 doubled up. robtinnion called 1.4 million from the small blind and CrazyB15 raised to 4.2 million.

robtinnion checked the Q♠5♣8♠ flop and CrazyB15 bet 3.57 million. robtinnion bet 35 million and CrazyB15 called all-in. robtinnion showed an open-ended straight draw with 6♦7♦ and CrazyB15 had top pair with K♦Q♦.

A J♦ came on the turn and a [10c] completed the board.

CrazyB15 doubled up to 77.07 million while robtinnion dropped to 127.97 million. CrazyB15's chips would slip quickly though.

CrazyB15 lost 10 million to robtinnion the following hand and then lost another seven million to FeCoNiCuZn a few hands after that.

CrazyB15 continued to lose large pots and became the short stack. CrazyB15 raised to 2.86 million from the button and FeCoNiCuZn called from the small blind. There was an 8♣Q♦9♠ flop and FeCoNiCuZn bet 4.2 million. CrazyB15 called and a 3♦ fell on the turn. Both players checked an 8♥ completed the board.

CrazyB15 bet 4.9 million and FeCoNiCuZn called. Both players showed queens, but FeCoNiCuZn's Q♥[10h] outkicked CrazyB15's Q♠7♣.

FeCoNiCuZn was up to 51.83 million while CrazyB15 dipped to 24.44 million. FeCoNiCuZn continued to rise and took a massive pot off of robtinnion:

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Then FeCoNiCuZn finished CrazB15 off. CrazyB15 raised to 3.5 million from the small blind and FeCoNiCuZn moved all-in for 93.13 million. CrazyB15 called all-in for 22.69 million and was in the lead with A♥J♠ to FeCoNiCuZn's A♠3♠.

The lead wouldn't last long for CrazyB15. The board came 9♣3♥K♥2♠A♣ and FeCoNiCuZn's flopped three brought the tournament down to two players.

CrazyB15 finished 3rd and won $33,610.10.

Heads up

robtinnion - 127,819,664
FeCoNiCuZn - 115,350,335

The idea of a deal came back into play and players decided to chop the remaining prize pool evenly. Both players were guaranteed $56,531.00 and were left fighting for $6,000 and a Movado watch.

robtinnion had the lead for a while, but that quickly changed.

robtinnion raised to 3.2 million and FeCoNiCuZn re-raised to 8 million. robtinnion made it 15.2 million and FeCoNiCuZn called. The flop came 5♦5♠9♣ and FeCoNiCuZn check-called robtinnion's 9.16 million bet.

FeCoNiCuZn checked again when the J♣ came on the turn and robtinnion bet 16.21 million. A J♦ came on the river when FeCoNiCuZn called and robtinnion upped the bet to 26.91 when checked to.

FeCoNiCuZn called with A♦8♦ and had robtinnion's K♦8♠ beat.

FeCoNiCuZn was up to 187.44 million while robtinnion was down to 55.73 million. robtinnion couldn't recover after that hand FeCoNiCuZn continued to chip him down.

In the last hand of the tournament, FeCoNiCuZn raised to 4 million and robtinnion moved all-in for 28.69 million.

FeCoNiCuZn called with A♥7♦ and robtinnion showed Q♦J♥. The final board of the tournament read 2♣5♥K♥3♦9♦ and FeCoNiCuZn won Event #01-L.

robtinnion won the agree-upon $56,531.00 for finishing 2nd while FeCoNiCuZn took the title, the watch and $62,531.01.

SCOOP 01-L: $27 NLHE 6-Max
Entrants: 24,317
Prize pool: $596,982.35
Places paid: 3,300

1. FeCoNiCuZn (Australia) $62,531.01*
2. robtinnion (United Kingdom) $56,531.00*
3. CrazyB15 (New Zealand) $33,610.10
4. FellipeNunes (Brazil) $17,485.61
5. Pescadita34 (Argentina) $10,047.21
6. miszczunio85 (Poland) $6351.89

*Denotes a two-way deal.

Event #1 is done but there's still plenty of SCOOP left to go. Check out the SCOOP homepage for any and all SCOOP-related information. There are three buy-in levels for every event so find one that fits your bankroll and start your spring off with a victory.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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