SCOOP 2014: Jezpez breezes way to win in Event #3-M [$109 NL Turbo, Progressive Super-KO]

Denmark's Jezpez won one of the quickest events on the opening day of SCOOP. It took less than five hours before Jezpez joined the prestigious ranks of SCOOP champions. Jezpez began the final table of Event #3-M $109 NL Turbo Super-KO as the chip leader, but didn't force the issue. Jezpez patiently waited until action got four-handed before shifting gears and steamrolling the rest of the table. Jezpez picked off the last three players en route to a victory.

SCOOP Event #3-M $109 NL [Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout] attracted 7,287 runners. They contributed to a prize pool worth $728,700, which almost tripled the initial $250,000 guarantee. Half of the prize pool was split between the regular prize pool and the bounty prize pool, which totaled $364,350 each. The top 990 places paid out with $55,422.03 set aside to the eventual champion.

The turbo format featured 5-minutes levels (instead of the usual 30), plus the Progressive Super-KO gave this event a nifty twist. Half the buy-in, or $50, was everyone's original bounty. Whenever you busted someone and won their bounty, half of that was banked by the player while the other half was added to their own bounty.

Team Poker Stars Pros taking a shot at a SCOOP title included Chris Moneymaker, Johnny Lodden, ElkY, Martin Hruby, Lex Veldhuis, Nacho Barbero, Marcin 'Goral' Horecki, Jake Cody, Victor Ramdin, Joe Cada, Matthias De Meulder, Andre Akkari, Chris De Meulder, Max Lykov, George Danzer, Theo Jorgensen, and Jonathan Duhamel.

PokerStars Team Online immersed in the Sunday grind included Randy 'nanonoko' Lew, Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders, Mikhail 'innerspy' Shalamov, and Mickey 'mement_mori' Peterson, George 'jorj95' Lind, Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra, and Caio 'pessagno' Pessagno.

Several notables cashed including Martin 'AABenjaminAA' Hruby (20th), Lex Veldhuis (328th), Nacho Barbero (505th), Marcin Horecki (662nd), and Mikhail 'innerspy' Shalamov (962nd).

Czech Republic's Martin 'AABenjaminAA' Hruby embarked on a deep run but just came short of the final table. With 65 to go, AABenjaminAA dragged a 825K pot with T♠T♥ vs. A♣8♥, and collected a $548.43 bounty for knocking out DidYouNoteIt. AABenjaminAA's own bounty surged over four figures to $1,249.97. At that point, AABenjaminAA rocketed into the top 10 in chips, but that's as high as he'd get.

With 20 to go, a short-stacked AABenjaminAA attempted to triple up in a three-way all-in. SONGJOY was ahead with pocket nines, Maden2k held two overcards with A♥Q♣, but AABenjaminAA was in trouble with A♠7♣. The board ran out K♦4♥3♣2♠6♠. Both Maden2k and AABenjaminAA turned gutshot Wheel draws, yet failed to improve on the river. SONGJOY won the pot with pocket nines and also earned a bounty worth $1,111.31 for knocking out AABenjaminAA. For 20th place, Martin 'AABenjaminAA' Hruby took home $852.57, but he also collected $2,222.61 in bounties.

ImTheNuts1 bubbled off the final table in tenth place in a cooler when Q♥Q♦ lost to Jezpez's K♥K♦. With nine remaining, the final table was set.


SCOOP Event #3M Final Table - Chip Counts:
Seat 1: zao92 (2,903,426)
Seat 2: tgf18tgf (842,190)
Seat 3: Albert McFly (6,679,125)
Seat 4: smerks (3,954,908)
Seat 5: lady_IG (3,365,760)
Seat 6: syvers007 (2,707,322)
Seat 7: SONGJOY (5,266,065)
Seat 8: Jezpez (8,220,860)
Seat 9: pawlinho (2,495,344)

The final table commenced during Level 47 with blinds at 125K/250K and a 31,250 ante. Denmark's Jezpez held the lead with 8.2 million, while tgf18tgf was the short stack and only player with fewer than 1 million.

tgf18tgf eliminated in 9th place

Short-stacked tgf18tgf open-shoved for 1,978,130, syvers007 re-raised all-in for 50,51,072, and everyone else bailed. Heads-up. Classic race with tgf18tgf taking T♦T♥ into battle against syvers007's A♠K♥. The board ran out 8♣8♦6♦A♦Q♣. An Ace on the turn sunk tgf18tgf's hopes. syvers007 won the pot and collected a bounty $2410.74. Brazil's tgf18tgf became the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place paid out $2,823.71.

pawlinho eliminated in 8th place

syvers007 min-raised to 800,000, pawlinho bombed it all-on for 3,215,688, and syvers007 called. Another race. syvers007 trailed with A♦Q♣ against pawlinho's T♥T♠. The board ran out J♣5♦3♥J♦A♥. syvers007 rivered two pair to win the pot (and collected a $927.28 bounty). Brazil's pawlinho busted in eighth place, which paid out $4,372.20.

lady_IG eliminated in 7th place

Another Brazilian bit the dust. Short-stacked lady_IG open-shoved for 1,422,010 with 8♦4♦ and Albert McFly tried to pick off lady_IG with Q♥9♥. The board ran out A♣T♠2♣6♦7♦. Neither player's hand improved, but Albert McFly won the hand with a better kicker (and collected a bounty worth $1,717.30). Brazil's lady_IG hit the virtual rail in seventh place, which paid out $8,015.70.

smerks eliminated in 6th place

On the very next hand... SONGJOY bombed it all-in for 4,434,815, and short-stacked smerks called all-in for 796,772. SONGJOY led with T♥T♣ versus smerks' 8♣5♠. The board finished up 9♥6♦2♠6♠6♥. smerks flopped a gutshot, but failed to get there. SONGJOY won the pot with a full house -- sixes full of tens -- and also collected a bounty worth $1,010.34. Canada's smerks busted out in sixth place, which paid out $11,659.20.

With five remaining, syvers007 seized the lead with 11.4 million and zao92 brought up the rear with 3.5 million.

SONGJOY eliminated in 5th place

Albert McFly open-shoved for 8,261,585 and SONGJOY called all-in for 1,911,759. Albert McFly was racing with 5♣5♠ against SONGJOY's Q♦8♦. Albert McFly flopped quads and that's all she wrote. SONGJOY was drawing dead. The board finished up 9♥5♥5♦A♦4♥. Albert McFly won the pot and a bounty worth $1,704.16. Meanwhile, SONGJOY busted out in fifth place, which paid out $1,5302.70.

Check out the quads in the replayer:

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syvers007 eliminated in 4th place

Big-stacked Jezpez shoved for 12,829,220 and syvers007 called all-in for 6,432,390. syvers007 trailed with A♥Q♥ against Jezpez's A♠K♣. The board ran out 7♦3♦2♦6♠J♠. Neither player improved, but Jezpez won the pot with Ace-high and a better King-kicker. Jezpez also won syvers007's bounty worth $2,426.32. Norway's syvers007 won $20,039.25 for fourth place.

With three to go, Jezpez sat atop a big stack with 21.2M and had more than Albert McFly (9.7M) and zao92 (5.4M) combined.

zao92 eliminated in 3rd place

zao92 shoved all-in for 10,186,844 with A♠5♦ and Jezpez called for 9,186,844 with A♣T♠. The board finished up Q♠4♥3♥7♦A♥. zao92 flopped a Wheel draw, but failed to improve. Jezpez won the pot with a pair of Aces and a better kicker. Jezpez won another bounty (this one was worth $695.89). Meanwhile Jezpez's own bounty surged to $5,238.25. Belguim's zao92 earned $29,148 for third place.

HEADS-UP: Albert McFly (Mexico) vs. Jezpez (Denmark)
Seat 3: Albert McFly (11,642,468)
Seat 8: Jezpez (24,792,532)

With two to go, Jezpez held a little more than a 2-1 advantage over Albert McFly.

Albert McFly eliminated in 2nd place; Jezpez wins SCOOP Event #3M!

Heads-up lasted only 11 hands. On the final hand... Albert McFly bombed it all-in for 7,992,468 with T♦6♣ and Jezpez called with Q♥9♥. The board ran out J♦8♠5♣A♦2♥. Neither player improved but Jezpez dragged the pot with Ace-high and a Queen-kicker. Jezpez also collected Albert McFly's bounty worth $4,011.04.

Mexico's Albert McFly busted out in second place, which paid out $40,989.37.

Congrats to Denmark's Jezpez for winning SCOOP Event #3-M. First place paid out $55,422.03, and Jezpez also earned an additional $9,429.29 in bounties.

View the final hand in the replayer:

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SCOOP-03-M: $109 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout]
Entrants: 7,287
Prize pool: $728,700 (Regular pool: $364,350; Bounty pool: $364,350)
Places paid: 990

1. Jezpez (Denmark) $55,422.03 + $9,429.29 bounties
2. Albert McFly (Mexico) $40,989.37 + $8,022.08 bounties
3. zao92 (Belguim) $29,148.00 + 1,391.77 bounties
4. syvers007 (Norway) $20,039.25 + $4,852.64 bounties
5. SONGJOY (South Africa) $15,302.70 + $3,408.32 bounties
6. smerks (Canada) $11,659.20 + $2,020.68 bounties
7. lady_IG (Brazil) $8,015.70 + $3,434.60 bounties
8. pawlinho (Brazil) $4,372.20 + 1,854.56 bounties
9. tgf18tgf (Brazil) $2,823.71 + $4,821.47 bounties

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