SCOOP 2014: kevvybrown claims the crown in Event #06-M ($82+R NLHE Turbo)

kevvybrown came to town and took Event #06-M down.

But the rhyming and the poker are now down for now. It was a quick affair as the tournament lasted just under five hours. During that time, 2,679 players rebought 4,142 times and purchased 2,087 add-ons. This created a total prize pool of $668,100.00.

kevvybrown took down the largest slice of that pie after a three-way deal and a victory gave the Canadian player a $87,179.25 payday. kevvybrown also won a fancy SCOOP watch designed by Movado.

While the victory was quick, it wasn't easy. Aside from the massive field and five-minute blinds, there were 19 Team PokerStars Pro and Online players in the field. Four made it past the 342-player mark and into the money. Jose Ignacio "Nacho" Barbero made it further than any Team Pro and finished 54th ($1,336.20).

That field continued to shrink and after four hours of play we were down to our final nine players.

The final table


Seat 1: Baca4b - 4,042,036
Seat 2: uWannaLoan? - 5,305,556
Seat 3: bigoots - 4,472,089
Seat 4: Jackal69 - 1,462,470
Seat 5: blony_tair - 3,701,933
Seat 6: Rene1095 - 1,275,183
Seat 7: kevvybrown - 4,203,639
Seat 8: Saskman - 1,490,896
Seat 9: Neeeeek - 4,944,198

The short stack came ready to play. In the first hand of the final table, Rene1095 moved all-in for 1.25 million from the cutoff and kevvybrown called from the button. The blinds folded and we had our first final table showdown.

Rene1095: A♦Q♣
kevvybrown: A♥[10d]

The board ran 3♦3♣K♣2♦6♦ and Rene1095 doubled up to 3.00 million while kevvybrown dipped to 2.93 million.

Then Rene1095 doubled up again.

This time it was a classic flip when Rene1095 tabled A♥K♥ to uWannaLoan?'s [10d][10c]. There board came 2♦7♣A♦9♦A♠ and Rene1095 was up to 6.33 million with trip aces.

Rapid fire

Things were tame for the tournament but then the turbo kicked in.

Baca4b moved all-in for 3.68 million from the button and bigoots called from the big blind.

Baca4b showed [10h]9♥ and bigoots tabled A♦Q♠. Ace-queen held up when the board ran 5♠K♥7♣8♦8♣ and the final table shrunk.

Baca4b was out in 9th and won $5,678.85.

Then we had a double-kill. Jackal69 moved all-in for 1.42 million from the button and blony_tair re-shoved for 3.38 million from the small blind. Rene1095 called and there was a three-way showdown.

Rene1095: A♣K♥
blony_tair: A♠[10s]
Jackal69: K♠9♠

There was a 5♣2♦Q♠3♠Q♣ board and two eliminations. Jackal69 won $9,687.45 for finishing 8th while blony_tair's 7th place finish was worth $16,368.45.

Rene1095 on the other hand took the lead with 9.55 million.

Saskman then doubled up to 2.73 million the next hand. The Canadian player's A♦J♥ held up against uWannaLoan?'s K♣[10h] and uWannaLoan? hit the rail the following hand.

uWannaLoan? moved all-in for 1.26 million from under-the-gun and Rene1095 called from the cutoff. Neeeeek open-folded 7♣2♦ while the remaining two players showed better hands.

uWannaLoan? showed K♠[10c] while Rene1095 held A♣8♥. The board ran 3♠5♣2♣8♣J♥ and uWannaLoan? earned $23,049.45 for finishing 6th.

Up and down

Saskman then scored another double up with A♦9♥ to Rene1095's Q♦7♦. Rene1095 dipped to 8.96 million while Saskman was up to 6.49 million.

Then Saskman gave all those chips back a few hands later.

Saskman raised to 800,000 from under-the-gun and Rene1095 re-raised to 1.8 million from the small blind. Saskman moved all-in for 6.94 million and Rene1095 quickly called.

Rene1095 showed Q♠Q♣ and was behind Saskman's K♠K♥. That's until a queen came on the Q♦5♣3♥9♦7♥ board.

Saskman was out in 5th and earned $29,730.45 while Rene1095 was up to 16.80 million.


Rene1095 had a commanding chip lead while kevvybrown was the short stack with just 2.42 million.

Then kevvybrown, Neeeeek and bigoots all got a double up and then Neeeeek got a second. The chips evened out, but then bigoots won the largest pot of the tournament.

Neeeeek moved all-in for 8.61 million from under-the-gun and bigoots reshoved for 9.27 million from the button.

The blinds folded and it was a pair vs. pair showdown. Neeeeek showed 2♠2♥ while bigoots had 9♣9♠. The board brought no upsets and bigoots went up to 19.08 million while Neeeeek finished 4th and won $39,083.85.


bigoots had a commanding lead, but then the Danish player doubled up both of his opponents.

First bigoots shoved from the small blind and Rene1095 called all-in from the big. Rene1095 doubled up to 8.13 million with Q♦J♦ on a K♣6♣K♦A♦5♦ board while bigoots dropped to 15.50 million with Q♠3♦.

A few hands later kevvybrown moved all-in for 4.62 million from the button and bigoots reshoved from the small blind. Rene1095 folded and we had a showdown.

kevvybrown: K♣2♠
bigoots: A♦5♠

bigoots was in the lead but then kevvybrown hit a flush on the [10c]4♣2♣Q♣9♦ board.

kevvybrown doubled to 10.34 million while bigoots dropped to 12.66 million. A few hands later players decided to cut a deal. At the time, the counts were:

bigoots - 12,655,600
kevvybrown - 11,838,824
Rene1095 - 6,403,576

Players decided to chop based off of counts and the resulting numbers were:

bigoots: $83,931.00
Rene1095: $70,522.26

Left To Play for place 1: $5,000.00

Players liked what they saw:

Rene1095: I Agree
kevvybrown: i agree
bigoots: I want 150 k
bigoots: ok jk I agree

bigoots had the lead but was the first to go. After losing a few million, bigoots moved all-in for 10.66 million from the button.

kevvybrown called all-in from the big blind and tabled Q♠[10s] to bigoots J♣9♦. kevvybrown hit another flush on the K♠2♠A♦4♠6♥ board

kevvybrown doubled up to 18.90 million while bigoots was left with just 1.65 million. kevvybrown took the rest of those chips the following hand.

kevvybrown moved all-in from the small blind and bigoots called from the big. bigoots final hand was J♦8♠ while kevvybrown had A♠Q♥.

The board ran 4♦2♥6♣9♥[10d] and bigoots won the agreed-upon $83,931.00 for finishing 3rd.

Heads up

kevvybrown - 20,665,848
Rene1095 - 10,232,152

Rene1095 took back the momentum early on, winning a few pots and taking the lead with 18.38 million.

Then kevvybrown took the tournament down in two hands.

kevvybrown called 1.2 million and Rene1095 moved all-in for 18.23 million. kevvybrown called all-in and showed K♥Q♥ to Rene1095's A♣7♣. The 6♦6♠[10h]Q♣9♦ board gave kevvybrown queens and the Canadian player doubled up to 25.03 million while Rene1095 dropped to 5.87 million.

The tournament ended the following hand.

Rene1095 moved all-in for 5.72 million and kevvybrown called.

kevvybrown: A♠J♥
Rene1095: J♣2♣

The last board of the tournament read 9♣4♥K♠6♠3♠ and Rene1095 was out. Rene1095 won $70,522.26 for finishing 2nd while kevvybrown took the SCOOP watch and $87,179.25.

SCOOP 06-M: $82+R NLHE Turbo
Entrants: 2,679 (4,142 rebuys, 2,087 add-ons)
Prize pool: $668,100.00
Places paid: 342

1. kevvybrown (Canada) $87,179.25*
2. Rene1095 (Netherlands) $70,522.26*
3. bigoots (Denmark) $83,931.00*
4. Neeeeek (Poland) $39,083.85
5. Saskman (Canada) $29,730.45
6. uWannaLoan? (Ireland) $23,730.45
7. blony_tair (Germany) $16,368.45
8. Jackal69 (United Kingdom) $9,687.45
9. Baca4b (Poland) $5,678.85

Another event down. Be sure to check the remaining list of events over at the SCOOP homepage and find a tournament that fits your liking and bankroll. Start your spring off right, score big, get your name on the blog, get a new watch.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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