SCOOP 2014: mamulia61 makes quick work of Event #29-L final ($27 FL Hold'em, 6-max)

In the war of attrition that is limit hold'em, more often than not the aggressor wins the throne. But as in any battle, preparation and ammunition can be thwarted by luck and timing. In this event, mamulia61 was fortunate enough to have both. Arriving at the final table with the chip lead, marmulia61 pounced when play turned four-handed and hit his rush heads-up, emerging with his first SCOOP win in Event #29-L ($27 FL Hold'em, 6-Max).

2,755 limit hold'em aficionados bought in to Event #29-L, creating a $67,635.25 prize pool. 360 players earned a share of it with $10,654.31 going to the winner. Red Spade bannermen included Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Marcin Horecki, Nacho Barbero, George Danzer, Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, Martin Hruby, Andre Akkari, Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara, and Luka "LukaSteel" Kovač. Unfortunately the entire battalion finished outside the money.

Eight and a half hours after play began, the betting limits were up to 60,000/120,000 and seven players remained. Short stack SanychStar raised the button and PBaganha called from the big blind. PBaganha led out on the 6♥5♦4♦ flop and SanychStar committed the rest of his chips, PBaganha calling the small balance. PBaganha's 9♥T♦ was only drawing to six outs vs. SanychStar's A♠J♥, but he spiked the T♥ on the turn to take the lead. Now SanychStar was the one with six outs and he went out on the final table bubble when the K♥ rivered.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: SnoopDogg72 (1,681,964 in chips)
Seat 2: mamulia61 (3,398,461 in chips)
Seat 3: wasaberga (1,813,614 in chips)
Seat 4: Blackbeaty (1,175,520 in chips)
Seat 5: LiffeIsGood (2,923,057 in chips)
Seat 6: PBaganha (2,782,384 in chips)

SnoopDogg72 corrals Blackbeaty

Blackbeaty lost almost half his stack in a pot he three-bet preflop vs. SnoopDogg72. ShoopDogg72 check-called the 8♠5♣3♥ flop and did the same when the 2♠ turned. When the A♠ hit the river, SnoopDogg72 turned around and led out for 120,000. Blackbeaty called, but couldn't beat his A♣Q♦.

Down to 455,520, Blackbeaty again three-bet SnoopDogg72's opening raise. SnoopDogg72 capped and Blackbeaty called. The rest of Blackbeaty's chips went in on the Q♦3♥3♣ flop and he turned over T♦T♠. SnoopDogg72's A♣K♣ trailed with two to come, but he turned the A♥ to put a near-lock on the pot. Blackbeaty's two-outer didn't manifest on the 9♣ river and he ended his run in sixth place, good for $1,208.64.

wasaberga's boat sinks PBaganha

PBaganha lost a series of small pots and fell to 472,000, but rebounded to 1.02 million when he picked up Q♣Q♦ and doubled through wasaberga. A few orbits later, the limits up to 100,000/200,000, PBaganha called wasaberga's button raise with 7♦8♥ in the big blind and made trip eights when the flop fell T♠8♦8♠. PBaganha check-raised the flop, led the K♦ turn and fired again on the J♥ river. Wasaberga raised and PBaganha called off his last 145,000 only to watch wasaberga roll over a flopped boat with T♥8♣. In brutal fashion, PBaganha hit the rail in fifth place, collecting $2,367.23.

LiffeIsGood falls in fourth

Four hands later, chip leader mamulia61 raised from the cutoff and LiffeIsGood three-bet from the small blind. After leading the Q♣9♦5♥ flop, LiffeIsGood bet all-in for 143,057 on the 6♥ turn and mamulia61 called with A♠6♠. Mamulia61's pair of sixes led LiffeIsGood's unimproved A♦T♦ and held up on the 8♠ river, sending LiffeIsGood to the rail in fourth place ($3,719.93).

Chop it three ways

Shortly after three-handed play began the players agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here's a look at how they stacked up at the time:

mamulia61 - 5,081,518
SnoopDogg72 - 4,687,484
wasaberga - 4,005,998

Final table host Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen was there to assist in the deal and the trio quickly agreed to an ICM chop. With $500 still up for grabs, action resumed.

wasaberga sinks SnoopDoog72

In a three-bet pot that went three-handed to the flop, mamulia61 hit gin on the turn and made trips. SnoopDogg72 called him down and slipped to 1.8 million in chips.

A few hands later, mamulia61 made another monster hand vs. SnoopDogg72. Holding 4♣9♣ in a three-bet pot, mamulia61 flopped trip fours and rivered fours full of threes, leaving SnoopDogg72 on only 537,000 in chips. SnoopDogg72 blinded all the way down to 187,484 before he called all-in pre flop with J♥3♦ in the big blind. Again SnoopDogg72 was sunk by a boat as wasaberga's K♣6♥ flopped kings and sixes and turned kings full. SnoopDogg72 hit the rail in third place but went home with the second-largest share of the prize pool ($7,938.54) thanks to the deal.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: mamulia61 (9,181,518 in chips)
Seat 3: wasaberga (4,593,482 in chips)

Wasaberga and mamulia61 played an even, competitive match for the first 15 minutes before mamulia61 started running away with this thing. Mamulia61 won three 1.9 million pots in a row and moved up to 10.9 million in chips. Hovering around 3 million, with the limits up to 120,000/240,000, wasaberga three-bet pre flop and led out on the 7♣6♥2♠ flop. Mamulia61 called and the 5♦ hit the turn. Wasaberga led again, mamulia61 raised and the betting was capped. Wasaberga check-called 240,000 on the 9♠ river only to have mamulia61 roll over 9♦9♥ for top set. Wasaberga mucked and was left with 1.43 million.

On the next deal, wasaberga capped the betting preflop and mamulia61 check-called every street of the 9♣6♣5♣2♠K♣ board. Mamulia61 showed down only ace high with A♠Q♦, but it was better than wasaberga's unimproved J♠4♦.

Left with 353,000, wasaberga doubled to 707,000 on the next hand when his Q♦4♣ flopped two pair vs. mamulia61's pocket deuces. However, he couldn't make it two in a row. Mamulia61 closed out the win on the next hand and locked up his first SCOOP title:

Congratulations to Russia's mamulia61 on his SCOOP win and $8,622.60 score. For his runner-up finish, wasaberga banked $7,620.21.

SCOOP 29-L: $27 FL Hold'em [6-Max]
Entrants: 2,755
Prizepool: $67,635.25
Places paid 360

1. mamulia61 (Russia) $8,622.60*
2. wasaberga (Sweden) $7,620.21*
3. SnoopDogg72 (Netherlands) $7,938.54*
4. LiffeIsGood (Ukraine) $3,719.93
5. PBaganha (Portugal) $2,367.23
6. Blackbeaty (Germany) $1,208.64

*= reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $500 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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