SCOOP 2014: Max666917 progresses to victory in Event #03-L ($11 NLHE Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout)

Despite being the third event of the 2014 SCOOP, Event #03 was the first to finish.

It was ahead of its time, progressive if you will.

Only one player, Max666917, emerged unscathed and victorious from the low version of the turbo knockout frenzy. Max666917 outlasted a field of 26,047 players and took the largest parts of both prize pools.

Yes, there were two prize pools. Both pools were the same size -- $130,235.00 -- but gave different splashes.

One was a regular prize pool, divided amongst the top 3,600 players with the biggest piece of cheese at the top.

The other half was the bounty. Five dollars of every buy-in became each players' bounty. Once eliminated, half the bounty was added to the eliminator's bounty while the other half went straight to their pocket.

Max666917 took the largest slice of both prize pools, winning $12,390.82 for finishing 1st and accumulating $2,477.73 in bounties.

It was a quick affair as blinds only lasted five minutes and the whole tournament was over in five-and-a-half hours.

Even hand-for-hand went at warp speed. Two players were eliminated from two different tables and we got a stunted final table.

The final table


Seat 1: Trona ziptet - 21,301,779 ($818.67 bounty)
Seat 2: kingsize86 - 16,895,656 ($667.28 bounty)
Seat 3: - EMPTY -
Seat 4: CCmuney - 7,890,135 ($629.73 bounty)
Seat 5: Max666917 - 17,691,254 ($576.36 bounty)
Seat 6: neesam1405 - 7,377,497 ($844.88 bounty)
Seat 7: AATwinTowers - 25,536,309 ($850.33 bounty)
Seat 8: naniol - 24,247,064 ($554.12 bounty)
Seat 9: Raise3333 - 9,295,306 ($570.75 bounty)

The double bust-out coincided with a five-minute break and our final eight took a rest.

It must've been a good break for neesam1405, since the short stack came back and doubled-up twice in the first four hands.

First neesam1405's stack grew to 15.95 million after moving all-in with A♠J♠ and getting called by Max666917's 7♥5♥.

Then neesam1405 picked up A♣A♠ two hands later and doubled up through the aptly-named AATwinTowers.

CCMuney then doubled through AATwinTowers as well. CCmuney moved all-in for 5.19 million from middle position and AATwinTowers re-shoved from the button.

The blinds folded and CCmuney showed pocket fives while AATwinTowers tabled Q♦9♦. The board ran J♣A♠Q♣J♦5♠ and CCmuney's stack rose to 13.38 million while AATwinTowers was down to just 2.59 million.

Then CCmuney finished AATwinTowers off. AATwinTowers threw his remaining chips in from middle position and CCmuney called from the big blind. CCmuney had another pocket pair, 7♠7♥, while AATwinTowers had K♣[10d]. No ten or king came for AATwinTowers and he fell in 8th place. AATwinTowers won $1,106.99 from the prize pool and had a bounty of $850.33.

CCmuney's stack rose to 17.02 million and he won $425.17 from AATwinTowers while his own bounty rose to $1,106.99.

Head hunters

The big money was on CCmuney's head and the Canadian player was the next to fall. Two hands after AATwinTowers's elimination, CCmuney moved all-in for 15.97 million from the button and Max666917 called from the big blind.

CCmuney had K♣Q♣ and was dominated by Max666917's A♠K♥.

The board missed both players and Max666917 took the chip lead with 29.30 million while CCmuney dropped to just 2.6 million. CCmuney then tripled up and hung on for a bit longer before Max666917 finished the job.

CCmuney open-shoved for 10.15 million from under-the-gun and Max666917 called. CCmuney showed A♠J♣ and was -- once again -- behind Max666917, who showed K♦K♠.

The flop brought no help for CCmuney and the biggest bounty was taken down. CCmuney won $1,627.93 for finishing 7th and had accumulated a bounty of $1,054.89.

Max666917 was now the dominating chip leader with 45.33 million and had the biggest bounty with $1,103.80.


Some players take a break from eliminating players after getting a massive chip lead. Max666917 wasn't one of those players.

The following hand, naniol moved all-in for 15.37 million from the cutoff and Max666917 called from the big blind.

Max666917: A♦4♠
naniol: K♠Q♣

The board came A♠6♠5♦4♥3♣ and Max666917 took the pot with aces and sevens. naniol had a bounty of $554.12 and won $2,344.23 for finishing 6th.

Rapid fire

The floodgates were now open and a wild whirlpool of chips engulfed the table.

kingsize86 min-raised to 3.2 million from under-the-gun and Raise3333 called all-in for 1.79 million. Raise3333 showed K♠J♦ for his tournament life while kingsize86 had A♦8♣.

The board came 3♦5♥9♣8♦7♥ and Raise3333 was out in 5th, a finish worth $3,516.34. Raise3333's bounty was at $570.75 and kingsize86's rose to $952.65.

The chip lead got caught in the whirlpool too and Trona ziptet took it after doubling up through Max666917. Then Trona ziptet gave it to kingsize86 the following hand. Both Trona ziptet and kingsize86 had all their chips in the middle and kingsize86 showed 5♠5♦ to Trona ziptet's J♥J♠.

The board ran Q♥A♦Q♦[10d]9♦ and kingsize86 hit a flush. kingsize86 squeezed into the lead with 46.87 million and then dealt a final-table elimination.

neesam1405 moved all-in for 12.31 million from the button and kingsize86 called from the big blind.

It was a flip as neesam1405 tabled A♠K♦ to kingsize86's 6♦6♥. The board missed both players and kingsize86's sixes took the pot.

neesam1405 won $4,688.46 for the 4th place finish and ended the tournament with $844.88 in bounties.

On the other side of the table, kingsize86's bounty grew to $1,375.09 and his lead grew to 60.68 million.

Max attacks

When play got three-handed, Max666917 was the short stack.

kingsize86 - 60,682,524
Trona ziptet - 52,223,036
Max666917 - 17,329,440

Then Max666917 began to rise. Our eventual champion's first step was doubling up to 34.91 million with pocket sevens to kingsize86's K♣[10c].

Max666917 won a few more pots and then brought the tournament down to two players.

kingsize86 moved all-in for 32.85 million from the small blind and Max666917 called from the big blind.

kingsize86 had K♣Q♣ while Max666917 showed A♣[10s]. The board ran J♦8♠9♦6♠J♥ and Max666917 took down the pot.

Max666917 got kingsize86's $1,375.09 bounty and the eliminated player won $5,860.57 for finishing 3rd.


Max666917 - 70,511,964 ($2,068.40 bounty)
Trona ziptet - 59,723,036 ($818.67 bounty)

There was only one big hand during the heads-up match: the last one. Players passed the blinds around and only saw one flop during the first few hands of play.

Then Trona ziptet raised to 5 million and Max666917 called. The flop came [10h]5♦K♦ and Trona ziptet bet 4.46 million. Max666917 raised to 12.50 million and Trona ziptet re-raised all-in for 58.10 million.

Max666917 quickly called with K♥[10c] while Trona ziptet showed A♦9♥ for his final hand. The turn was a J♣ and a 2♠ closed the tournament.

For the runner-up finish, Trona ziptet won $9,033.09 along with a bounty of $818.73. This made Max666917 the champion of Event #03-L of the 2014 SCOOP.

Max666917 took the largest share of both prize pools, earning $12,390.82 for the victory and $2,477.73 in bounties.

SCOOP 03-L: $11 NLHE Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout
Entrants: 26,047
Regular prize pool: $130,235.00
Bounty prize pool: $130,235.00
Places paid: 3,600

1. Max666917 (Russia) $12,390.82 ($2,477 bounties)
2. Trona ziptet (Brazil) $9,033.09 ($818.67 bounties)
3. kingsize86 (Sweden) $5,860.57 ($1,375.09 bounties)
4. neesam1405 (Malaysia) $4,688.46 ($833.88 bounties)
5. Raise3333 (Russia) $3,516.34 ($570.75 bounties)
6. naniol (Poland) $2,344.23 ($554.12 bounties)
7. CCmuney (Canada) $1,627.93 ($1,054.89 bounties)
8. AATwinTowers (Canada) $1,106.99 ($850.33 bounties)
9. colddeck14 (Canada) $651.17 (335.76 bounties)

The 2014 SCOOP is barely off the starting line. For more information, including a full schedule and a list of satellites, check out the SCOOP homepage. Put your hat in the ring because it's already spring (championship of online poker).

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