SCOOP 2014: Youngblood51 earns tough victory in Event 43-M, nkeyno finishes third ($215 NLHE Sunday Warm-Up Special)

Could it already be the last day of the 2014 Spring Championship of Online Poker? Yes, in fact. Sorry to deliver the news.

The last of the SCOOP events wrapped today, and Event 43 was one of the last of the two-day tournaments offering SCOOP titles. It started on Sunday, May 18, and the medium buy-in option had a $215 price tag but a $600K guarantee. Obviously, that number was nearly doubled when the actual prize pool was set, due to the throngs of players who took to the tables to capture a coveted SCOOP watch - and some of the prize money, of course.

There was no late registration, so the final numbers were in at the start time on Sunday:

Players: 5,859
Guarantee: $600,000.00
Total prize pool: $1,171,800.00
Paid players: 760

As for the members of Team PokerStars who made it deep in the tournament, two exited just outside the money - Team Pro Jason Mercier exited in 786th place and Leo Fernandez followed in 776th. The top 760 players did get paid, and those who made it into that group with the Red Spade were:

407th place: Team Pro Alex Kravchenko ($445.28)
281st place: Team Pro Jan Heitmann ($539.02)
225th place: Team Pro Matthias "mattidm" de Meulder ($574.18)
140th place: Team Pro Johnny Lodden ($726.51)
91st place: Team Pro Victor Ramdin ($1,171.80)

Play continued through 31 levels on the first day, and when the clock stopped, there were 64 players remaining on eight tables. Of that group, the top 10 were:

1. WushuTM (Austria) 2,489,437
2. Malle1000 (Germany) 2,337,262
3. R0HR (Germany) 1,989,796
4. filushh (Israel) 1,867,287
5. Mr.Andersen5 (Ukraine) 1,731,605
6. pierrec_m (Romania) 1,711,606
7. Team Online's Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara (Japan) 1,662,623
8. erikmvs (Brazil) 1,637,222
9. huiiiiiiiiii (Austria) 1,515,198
10. matt20 (UK) 1,503,455

Day 2

Action resumed on Monday, May 19, and Level 32 brought them in with 12.5K/25K blinds and a 3,125 ante. Some pretty deep stacks were in play.

It took nearly three hours to thin the field to two tables, and Team Online's nkeyno was still near the top of the leaderboard. He lost ground as the final table neared and was at the bottom of the chip counts during hand-for-hand play. It was Malle1000, another short stack, who pushed all-in with 8♥8♠, though, and met up with the A♣6♣ of youngblood51. The board of K♥9♦A♥4♠7♥ paired the ace and eliminated Malle1000 in ninth place with $5,859.00.

Shhh, filushh starts final table with chip lead

The final table got underway in Level 42, with blinds of 80K/160K and a 20K ante. The lineup was as follows:

Seat 1: filushh (13,716,013 in chips)
Seat 2: ToTheMazinho (8,615,329 in chips)
Seat 3: koczwi (4,340,013 in chips)
Seat 4: zcedrick (6,116,296 in chips)
Seat 5: pierrec_m (4,261,583 in chips)
Seat 6: youngblood51 (11,316,501 in chips)
Seat 7: tnxcomeagain (7,189,142 in chips)
Seat 8: Team Online's Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara (3,035,123 in chips)

SCOOP 2014 - Event 43M FT.JPG

Filushh started strong and took a pot worth more than 2.7 million chips from koczwi on the second hand.

Nkeyno doubled through zcedrick to more than 5.5 million. Soon after, nkeyno met an UTG+1 raise from pierrec_m with an all-in reraise. Pierrec_m called all-in holding A♣K♦, and nkeyno showed J♥J♠. The board delivered 9♥7♥4♦8♥8♣, and pierrec_m was ousted in eighth place with $8,202.60.

Zcedrick doubled through nkeyno, but koczwi remained the short stack. Koczwi then pushed with A♠5♦ against the A♥5♥ of ToTheMazinho, but the board of 5♥9♦3♥T♥J♣ made a flush for ToTheMazinho. Koczwi exited in seventh place with $14,647.50.

Tnxcomeagain then scored a big double-up through filushh:

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Youngblood51 and tnxcomeagain lead final six

With six players remaining at the break - which was five hours into Day 2 - their counts were:

Seat 1: filushh (11,106,381 in chips)
Seat 2: ToTheMazinho (7,709,581 in chips)
Seat 4: zcedrick (7,292,624 in chips)
Seat 6: youngblood51 (13,734,494 in chips)
Seat 7: tnxcomeagain (12,472,598 in chips)
Seat 8: nkeyno (6,274,322 in chips)

Filushh quickly lost ground and got involved in a preflop raising war with tnxcomeagain. When the latter pushed all-in, filushh called all-in with A♣K♥. Tnxcomeagain showed Q♣Q♦, which remained the best hand as the board brought T♥2♥7♠5♣6♣. Filushh was out in sixth place with $32,224.50.

Sergio "zcedrick" Aido then pushed three hands later with A♥J♣, but nkeyno took him on with A♠Q♦. That hand only improved on the 7♣8♦8♥Q♠Q♥ to a full house, and zcedrick hit the rail in fifth place for $55,660.50.

No deal for final four

The last four players took a break to see ICM numbers, but chip leader tnxcomeagain wasn't prepared to accept the given amount. Play quickly resumed with no deal in place.

A short time later, nkeyno raised all-in from the small blind, and ToTheMazinho called all-in from the big blind with J♣T♦. Nkeyno showed Q♠T♠ and improved on that to make a flush with 3♣2♠A♠8♠3♦. ToTheMazinho left in fourth place with $79,096.50.

Youngblood51 scored a double through nkeyno, as shown here:

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Nkeyno then pushed his stack all-in with T♣T♦, but youngblood51 called with J♥J♣. The board of Q♥8♠4♦5♠Q♠ offered no help for the Team Online pro, so Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara had to leave in third place with $102,532.50.

SCOOP 2014 - Naoya Kihara.jpg

Deal for heads-up play

The last two contenders quickly paused the game to discuss a deal, and after some discussion, they did agree to the ICM numbers. With these chip counts and $12K set aside for the winner, the payouts were set as follows:

Seat 6: youngblood51 (34,860,515 in chips) = $151,696.65
Seat 7: tnxcomeagain (23,729,485 in chips) = $143,481.61

Tnxcomeagain immediately took a pot worth more than 7 million chips, but youngblood51 responded with a win of nearly 18 million chips to regain a solid lead and climb over 40 million. The two then exchanged the lead several times over the course of close to one hour of action.

Youngblood51 then scored this pot:

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Two hands later, tnxcomeagain moved all-in with A♥5♣. Youngblood51 called with K♦Q♦. The flop of 8♣9♣2♠ changed nothing, but the K♣ on the turn gave youngblood51 the pair. And the K♥ on the river made trip kings to eliminate tnxcomeagain in second place with $143,481.61.

Youngblood51 of Germany collected $163,696.65 in cash, a commemorative watch, and the SCOOP title. Congrats!

SCOOP - 43M: $215 NLHE 8-Max Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition
Entrants: 5,859
Prize pool: $1,171,800.00
Places paid: 760

1. youngblood51 (Germany) $163,696.65*
2. tnxcomeagain (United Arab Emirates) $143,481.61*
3. Team Online's Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara (Japan) $102,532.50
4. ToTheMazinho (UK) $79,096.50
5. Sergio "zcedrick" Aido (UK) $55,660.50
6. filushh (Israel) $32,224.50
7. koczwi (Poland) $14,647.50
8. pierrec_m (Romania) $8,202.60

Payouts reflect two-way ICM deal.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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