What's inside that Easter egg? A $55 SCOOP ticket!

Updated with winners below

Easter weekend is upon us, and no matter how or if you celebrate it, you could be getting a nice little prize from the Easter bunny. Except, in this case, the bunny is going to look a lot like a member of Team PokerStars Pro.

As you're aware, the Spring Championship of Online Poker is about to kick off, and Team Pro has 20 $55 SCOOP tickets to give away. To win, all you have to do is head over to Twitter and look for a Team Pro who has tweeted something a little like this.

Yep. It's as simple as that. Over the next few days, simply retweeting one (or all) of these tweets could earn you free entry into a $55 tournament. (Hint: Keep an eye on Jonathan Duhamel, Vanessa Selbst, and ElkY's accounts).


Happy hunting!


The Team Pros announced the winners today. Here they are.

Jonathan Duhamel winners

ElkY winners

Vanessa Selbst winners

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