SCOOP 2014: baghdad nite brightens bankroll after winning Event #40-L ($55 PLO)

A five-way deal would highlight tonight's SCOOP 2014 Event #40-L final table. After disposing of the only shortstack at the table, the remaining five would carve out a deal that left VIP Supernova gregory6 a happy camper banking at least $14,949.97 with another $1,500.00 and the SCOOP champion's watch left to play for. After knocking down gregory6, baghdad nite would capitalize on the opportunity while claiming tonight's watch and $13,500.00 as the winner.

Going into the final weekend of the 2014 SCOOP series -Rebus1980- would lead the Player of the Series (low buy-in) race by 10 points going into Event #40 on the strength of 16 cashes include a final table during Event #38-L taking third place. This is not -Rebus1980-'s first run with success here at PokerStars as the Russian claimed a WCOOP bracelet last year during Event #7. Tonight however -Rebus1980- would not add to the lead and potential 2015 PCA package for winning the Player of the Series-Low title finishing in 979th place, well out of the 360 cashing places.

Wonder if Calvin "cal42688" Anderson took some time off to celebrate his fifth SCOOP watch last night? Nope. He currently leads the overall Player of the Series race by 115 points over Event #34-H champ Colisea and 175 points over Team PokerStars pro George Danzer for the SCOOP trophy and the Monte Carlo EPT Grand Final package. But, no extension of the lead here as Anderson would end the tournament quickly in 1540th place but Danzer added another 5 points for his 333rd place ($87.91) finish.

Near the eight hour 30 minute mark of the tournament only two tables remained with a nasty drop off between first place ($21,980.47) and 10th through 12th ($1,221.06). Ryan "Tepen69" Tepen who won Event #26-M, Joshi1968 (Germany), Veron _17759 (Russia) would claim that $1,221.06 in 10th through 12th place respectively.

T-Macha, no stranger to high stakes play after placing sixth in SCOOP 2013 Event #16-H for $16K would bow out in ninth place shortly after the ninth hourly break. Six hands later with the blinds up to 20K/40K TY4URE$ would shove at a board showing A♥ 8♥ 2♠ 8♣ against BratB. Both players turned up trips as TYURE$'s 9♠ J♦ 8♠ 4♣ needed to hit a boat against BratB's Q♥4♠8♦K♣. With a queen on the river Q♦ it would lock up the 775,036 chip pot for BratB as TY4URE$ claimed $1,674.60 in eighth place setting up hand-for-hand play.

Those chips acquired would not last as the blinds moved up to 30K/60K BratB would four-bet all-in preflop for 546,081 chips total as baghdad nite followed along holding a pair of kings K♣ K♦ Q♥ 7♥. BratB's 8♦ 8♥ 9♠ T♦ would find more straight outs on the flop, but the 6♥ 5♣ 6♠ 4♦ J♠ favored baghdad nite as the final table started up below:


Seat 1: baghdad nite (2743344 in chips)
Seat 2: Criwar (1253588 in chips)
Seat 3: anneka_15 (2499457 in chips)
Seat 4: sadface11 (4466078 in chips)
Seat 5: magiet12 (2170951 in chips)
Seat 6: gregory6 (821582 in chips)

Deal or no deal

Immediately our six would launch into deal making mode as the pushers and abstainers battled on the virtual felt with cards and in the chat box with words to divvy up the remaining prize pool. Finally at the tenth hourly break Criwar turned on the chat box thus starting up a six-way deal discussion. sadface11 wanted extra and made it known there was no deal without such amounts thrown the PlatinumStar's way. gregory6 joined in with the same words and play would resume with 40K/80K blinds.

First hand back from the aborted chop talks saw three-way action between gregory6, baghdad nite, and shortstacked Criwar. After the two spade flop 4♠5♥K♠ baghdad nite would ship 480,000 chips as Criwar shoved all-in for less. gregory6 however holding aces plus the nut flush draw 6♦A♠A♣9♠ shoved for 1.78 million. After thinking it over baghdad nite folded as Criwar turned up a pair plus a wrap draw 9♣7♣4♦6♣. The straight draw would hit on the turn 8♣ but the 8♠ river sent 1.8 million chips to gregory6's flush as Criwar claimed $2,493.75 in sixth place.

Five handed makes a deal but one does not get the watch

Team Online's Ike Haxton would lead our five through the twists and turns of a drawn out but successful five-way chop shown below:

gregory6 - $14,949.97
baghdad nite - $12,000.00
sadface11- $12,000.00
anneka_15 - $11,000.00
magiet12 - $11,000.00

First hand back saw magiet12 and anneka_15 get their considerable stacks in the middle preflop. magiet12 would be all-in showing kings K♥4♦K♦T♦ as anneka_15 had the aces A♠A♥6♥5♠. anneka_15 however would go no further as a king spiked in the middle of the 4♥ K♣ 9♠ 8♠ 8♦ flop sending anneka_15 down to 32K in chips. Those spoils would go baghdad nite's way three hands later as anneka_15 collected $11,000.00 in fifth place. anneka_15 would chalk up another final table during the 2014 series, grabbing seventh place during Event #12-M for $1,836.00.

baghdad might

Nine hands later with the blinds up to 50K/100K sadface11 and baghdad nite would tangle a little preflop as sadface11 three-bet to 700K and baghdad nite called to see a two spade flop 5♠3♣Q♠. Trying to press kings 2♣6♠K♥K♦ sadface11 pushed out 1.5 million but holding a pair and the flush draw 7♥7♠9♠5♥ baghdad nite pushed back and covered. 7♣ on the turn and a safe 3♥ river shipped 4.5 million chips to baghdad nite and $12,000.00 to sadface11 in fourth place.

Sweeeeet deal

Lucky for gregory6 to lock up an awesome deal that locked up the most money earned for the tournament as this hand below against baghdad nite would leave gregory6 counting the funds procured tonight without a watch:

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Most of the money would go in preflop but gregory6 tried to shove the remaining 1.9 million after the 3♣5♦8♦ flop holding aces A♦8♠A♣T♥. baghdad nite was in a gambling mood and struck it rich with a flopped two pair 3♠8♣J♦9♠ making the call. A safe 6♠ turn and 2♣ river landed 7.3 million chips in baghdad nite's lap as gregory6 took away $14,949.97 in third place.

Bringing it home

Taking a firm chip lead into heads-up play (8.5 million vs. 5.3 million) baghdad nite did not wait long to stake a claim on a SCOOP title. Just four minutes into heads-up play with the blinds at 80K/160K the two players loved the 8♥7♣T♥ flop enough to get their chips in the middle for a 13.2 million chip pot. Watch the results below:

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magiet12 would flop a straight as showed the ten-high straight 8♠K♣9♠K♥ but baghdad nite flipped up top pair T♦J♦5♣A♣ that would turn 9♣ into a jack high straight. After the river 6♠ baghdad nite could safely claim tonight's SCOOP 2014 Event #40-L champion earning $13,500.00!

SCOOP 40-L $55 Pot Limit Omaha [6-Max]

Entrants: 2,791
Places paid: 360
Prize pool: $139,550.00

(* denotes part of five-way deal)

1. baghdad nite (United Kingdom) *$13,500.00
2. magiet12 (Poland) *$11,000.00
3. gregory6 (Israel) *$14,949.97
4. sadface11 (Ireland) *$12,000.00
5. anneka_15 (Finland) *$11,000.00
6. Criwar (Romania) $2,493.75

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

David Aydt
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