SCOOP 2014: 40and7 equals victory in Event #41-M ($2,100 NLHE Heads-Up, High-Roller)

We're getting down to the business end of the 2014 Spring Championship of Online Poker and what an incredible series it has been. The guaranteed prize pools have been smashed, and now some of the biggest and most exciting events of the series are taking centre stage. While the SCOOP Main Events got under way today, one of the biggest online poker days of the year also saw the conclusion to SCOOP Event #41-M. That event was a $2,100 No Limit Holdem Heads-Up Event, and the fact that the "medium" buy-in for this event was a hefty $2,100 is probably a clue that this one was for the high rollers.

A capacity field of 256 entrants took to the felt for the two-day event and in the end it was 40and7 representing Belarus who survived eight heads-up matches in a row to win the SCOOP title.

Among the entrants for this event were a number of Team PokerStars Pros. Jorge Limon, Bertrand Grospellier and Jason Mercier were early casualties, while Eugene Katchalov, Ike Haxton, and George Danzer were eliminated just one win short of the money for the top 32 players.

With three wins under their belt, the 32 players had locked up a minimum $5,632 in prize money. That would be as far as Max Lykov would progress, finishing in 19th place, while PokerStars Team Online member Alex "kanu7" Millar grabbed one more victory to jump to a $10,752 payout for 14th place.


The first day of play would see the field reduced to just eight with the quarter-final matches set.

Day 2


Pappe_Ruk vs muumipoiss
NATZZ vs Eccentric_BG
Donger Kim vs 40and7
mokoma1 vs allucan3at

Pappe_Ruk jumped out of the blocks against muumipoiss by winning the first six pots, but muumipoiss was able to restore order with some big pots to quickly take an advantage. Pappe_Ruk bluffed into muumipoiss's two pair to be in some trouble before Pappe_Ruk made a final stand with a preflop shove holding 5♠3♠. muumipoiss called with A♣9♠ and with no help on board, former TCOOP winner Pappe_Ruk bowed out of the tournament.

Eccentric_BG was a dominant force in the heads-up match with NATZZ, winning the majority of pots, although it took a little luck on the final hand to get over the line. NATZZ was all in with A♣K♥ against Eccentric_BG's T♥K♠ and NATZZ looked good for a double up when the flop landed A♦6♠Q♠. However the 4♠ turn and 7♠ river brought four spades on board, and the winning flush for Eccentric_BG to progress.

40and7 held the lead over Donger Kim for nearly all of their battle, which ended up being the longest match of the four quarter-finals. Donger Kim wouldn't go down without a fight, surviving several all-in clashes, but in the end, Donger Kim's shove with Q♠8♠ was picked off by 40and7's T♠A♣ which held on a baby board.

mokoma1 and allucan3at kept things very tight in the early stages, before allucan3at took the lead with a big river all-in bet that was uncalled. mokoma1 was unable to recover and when mokoma1's preflop shove with A♠4♦ was called by allucan3at's Q♣J♣, a jack on the flop would spell the end for mokoma1 as allucan3at progressed.

All of the quarter-finalists received $19,968.00 in prize money.


muumipoiss vs allucan3at

The first semi-final was over in a flash with just 23 hands played and the blinds not progressing any further than the very first level.

allucan3at found pocket aces on the very first hand which was clearly a sign of things to come. A short time later, the following hand erupted which would bring the semi-final to an abrupt end:

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Flush over flush would see allucan3at advance as muumipoiss was out in fourth place for $35,840 in prize money.

40and7 vs Eccentric_BG

Eccentric_BG and 40and7 didn't waste any time in their semi-final encounter with Eccentric_BG firing off three barrels with a busted flush draw only to be called down by 40and7 holding pocket nines for third pair to the board.

That hand gave 40and7 the early advantage and Eccentric_BG wasn't able to recover. 40and7 would win another healthy pot when a river bet was uncalled on a board of J♦6♦2♣6♥6♣ and next hand it was all over.

The blinds were still a tiny 30/60 when Eccentric_BG raised the button and 40and7 three-bet. Eccentric_BG made the call before both players checked the 6♣2♠3♣ flop. The turn was the 9♥ and 40and7 bet out 450 with Eccentric_BG calling to see the 5♣ river complete the board. 40and7 bet 2,200, which was enough for Eccentric_BG to have to commit all in with J♠9♦ for top pair but 40and7 revealed J♣8♣ for a club flush to take the pot and advance to the final. It was a huge run by Eccentric_BG who finished in third place for $35,840.


40and7 vs allucan3at


Before things got too serious in the final, the two players decided to look at the numbers with a deal quickly agreed to that left the SCOOP title and $5,000 in the middle to play for.

40and7 took the early lead with two pair against allucan3at's missed straight draw, as the two exchanged mostly small pots in the first level or two.

40and7 kept the pressure on with a five-bet shove preflop that took another chunk out of allucan3at, and when 40and7 took a couple of streets of value with Q♥5♦ on a board of Q♦9♣2♦5♠A♦, allucan3at was in some trouble.

allucan3at would have to make a stand but unfortunately the timing couldn't have been worse. 40and7 min-raised the button to 160 before allucan3at moved all in for 2,505 with A♣6♣. Only problem was that 40and7 was sitting there with A♠A♦! 40and7 made the easy call and despite a sweat with a straight draw on the turn, the aces held through the board of T♠7♥5♣8♠K♣. allucan3at collected $89,615.05 for second place as our champion is 40and7 who overcame eight tough heads-up opponents to win the SCOOP title and $94.704.95 in prize money. Congratulations!

SCOOP-41-M: $2,100 No Limit Holdem [Heads-Up, High-Roller] - $250K Guaranteed
Entrants: 256
Prize Pool: $512,000.00
Places Paid: 32

1. 40and7 (Belarus) $94,704.95*
2. allucan3at (Argentina) $89,615.05*
3. Eccentric_BG (Bulgaria) $35,840.00
4. muumipoiss (Estonia) $35,840.00
5. Donger Kim (South Korea) $19,968.00
6. Pappe_Ruk (Netherlands) $19,968.00
7. NATZZ (Canada) $19,968.00
8. mokoma1 (Finland) $19,968.00

* denotes heads-up deal

If you missed out today, then don't worry as there are plenty more opportunities for you to grab yourself a slice of the SCOOP pie. There are 45 different events, all with low, medium and high buy-in levels to suit players of all budgets. A total prize pool of $40 million is guaranteed with the series running right through until May 18th. Head to the SCOOP home page for more details.

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