SCOOP 2014: TinyPea makes a big noise, victorious in Event #31-M ($215 Razz)

Who thinks Razz could use a little re-branding magic? Just saying the word "razz" invokes an image of people nursing a migraine and looking like they were held at gunpoint to take a seat. Maybe a new name like "crazy lowball" or "happy fun time bricklaying" would cheer up the players when they start with four cards to a wheel and end up wanting to throw the table into the next county. Hopefully none of the 451 players in tonight's SCOOP 2014 Event #31-M Razz tournament had to have a Glock pointed in their direction to ante-up the $215 for tonight's race for the champion's watch. TinyPea and SnowyWastes would battle for nearly an hour as SnowyWastes had to settle on becoming a two-time runner-up in this series as TinyPea won $17,138.00 and the SCOOP champion's watch.

Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer would make yet another trip to the cashier after bowing out in 59th place ($320.21) and making his 18th cash of the tournament series good for a tie in 25th place overall in the SCOOP Player of the Series race. A couple of notables such as Ami "UhhMee" Barer, who picked up his second SCOOP watch four days ago in Event #19-M and Rui "RuiNF" Ferreira who took down Event #8-M while getting closer to $3M in tournament cashes would finish just outside of the 64 paying spots.

Hood_Ace who managed double final tables in the same event (SCOOP 2011 Event #10-M and Event #10-H Stud) taking down the medium one for $11K, would cash in yet another stud event tonight in 32nd place for $586.30. After sharkusmanly relinquished the seat, only two tables of eight remained including Calvin "cal42688" Anderson, who apparently felt slighted after his near-miss of SCOOP watch number five this past weekend in Event #16-M, already owns a SCOOP in Razz (Event #27-H in 2011) and held on to his chips long enough to make the final 16 tonight.

Anderson was not the only champ with chips, ViTaMin_F22 with a couple WCOOP final tables and a win in MicroMillions II Event #9 would last a little longer than WCOOP (2012 Event # 6) and SCOOP champ (2010, Event #14-L) 7PRS who finished in 14th place ($1,037.30).

ViTaMin_F22's last stand in 11th place ($1,353.00) ended with TinyPea scooping up 137,600 chips in the 8K/16K ante 1.6K level leaving 10 players for the ninth hourly break as Romazio's 394K chip lead was just ahead of Calvin's 351K.

After 25 minutes of tense play and several all-ins, a knockout at each table would send the tournament to the final table. With the limits up to 10K/20K ante 2K SnowyWastes would finish off __akun333___'s 22K in chips with a seven-six to __akun333___'s queen-eight sending $1,353.00 to __akun333___ in tenth place. On the other table simonek1323 would be all in against TinyPea. Starting with 2♥A♦/5♥ simonek1323 would end with a jack high J♣6♥5♠/A♠ not enough to beat TinyPea's eight 6♦ 5♦ / 4♥ 8♣ Q♦ 8♦ / 3♦ to start up the final table below:


Seat 1: Romazio (359816 in chips)
Seat 2: SnowyWastes (540402 in chips)
Seat 3: dynamoM (293915 in chips)
Seat 4: broken_jia (151884 in chips)
Seat 5: TinyPea (224482 in chips)
Seat 6: PROTENTIALmn (258240 in chips)
Seat 7: cal42688 (366345 in chips)
Seat 8: Konstantinyh (59916 in chips)

Not much for the spotlight

Konstantinyh would come into the final table with just under three big bets looking to break free of the shortstack immediately by capping the door card and going all-in on fourth against TinyPea. Konstantinyh's A♥ 4♦ / 5♥ 8♠ was looking good against TinyPea's 4♣5♦/2♥Q♣ but Konstantinyh's run to a nine-eight Q♥9♠/4♠ was not enough to beat TinyPea's eight-six 6♣9♦/8♣ earning $1,804.00 in eighth place.

Splintered then broken

Moving up to the 12K/24K ante 2.4K level broken_jia holding a little more than three big bets would cap the door card with TinyPea and would be all-in on fourth (sound familiar?) holding 6♥ 2♦ / 4♠ T♦ against TinyPea's 7♣ 5♠ / 4♣ T♣. The card was turn TinyPea's way again finishing with a seven-five 3♠A♠ / T♠ as broken_jia could only muster a ten-nine 9♥2♣ / 4♦ after racking up some impressive bricks in seventh place ($2,255.00).


TinyPea seems to be playing the part of the executioner tonight with vigor. With the bets up to 16K/32K ante 3.2K a micro-stacked Romazio would bring only 24,216 chips into the hand laying them all out there after getting an ace on the door. TinyPea raised to make sure no one else was coming along. Despite holding a pair of fours at the start TinyPea 4♥ 4♦ / 6♣ 7♠ J♦ 2♥ / A♠ would end with a seven-six defeating Romazio's ten-seven 6♥ T♥ / A♥ 3♠ 3♣ T♣ / 7♣ handing Romazio $3,157.00 in sixth place.

Denied number five

After costly hand against dynamoM, Calvin Ander never recovered as the slow poker death of antes and bring-ins finally did in the four-time SCOOP champ. With the bets up to 16K/32K ante 3.2K Anderson finding an ace in the door would three-bet SnowyWastes' deuce as the rest of the chips hit the middle on fourth. Anderson's board J♠ 2♠ / A♥ 8♠ 3♠ 9♥ / 6♥ would catch an eight-six on seventh street, but SnowyWastes already had a seven-five locked up 7♣ 5♠ / 2♥ 8♦ 3♥ 4♣ / T♥ as Anderson earned $4,510.00 in fifth place and some more valuable Player of the Series points.


Calvin "cal42688" Anderson - 5th place ($4,510.00)

In need of a new nickname

TinyPea has been a big player and a wrecking ball during this final table. And with the bets up to 20K/40K ante 4K, TinyPea would roll over yet another victim in the hand below:

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This time it was dynamoM getting the direction to the leave the table after starting nicely with four cards to an eight and ending with a ten-eight 4♠ A♦ / 8♣ 5♥ A♠ T♣ / Q♦. TinyPea's nine-seven on seventh street J♠ 2♠ / 3♣ 6♦ 7♦ K♣ / 9♣ shipped $6,765.00 to dynamoM in fourth place.

Sent to the snowy abyss

After TinyPea did the majority of the damage, SnowyWastes would send PROTENTIALmn home. SnowyWastes already has a final table in this tournament series during Event #5-L coming in as the runner-up while taking away $5,926.32, tonight the Norwegian was hoping for a better finish after knocking out the final shortstack. With the bets still at 20K/40K ante 4K and PROTENTIALmn holding just 1.5 big bets, the shortstack would be all-in on fourth street starting out with a pair of sixes that caught two pair by fifth and ended with a king-eight 4♣ 5♣ / 6♣ 6♥ 5♠ K♥ / 8♣. SnowyWastes did not need much but got just enough with a jack-seven J♣ 2♠ / 7♦ 4♦ J♠ Q♠ / 5♦ ending PROTENTIALmn's night in third place ($9,254.52).

Tiny fight

While it looked like TinyPea was simply going to run over SnowyWastes after taking a 2.03 million to 220K chip lead with bets up to 25K/50K ante 5K 18 minutes into the heads-up match. But, SnowyWastes would double up three hands later and fight back to take the chip lead shortly after the 11th hourly break.

Nearly an hour into the battle TinyPea finally notched together three bet wins knocking SnowyWastes down to 305K in chips. With the bets up to 30K/60K ante 6K, TinyPea got the watch in this hand below:

RSS readers please click through to view video

SnowyWastes was pushing every street trying to get TinyPea to fold but the A♣ 8♦ / Q♠ A♠ 8♠ J♠ / T♥ board was not telling a good enough story as TinyPea's ten-eight 8♥ 6♥ / 5♦ Q♥ T♣ 3♣ / K♦ captured the SCOOP 2014 Event #31-M title and $17,138.00!

SCOOP 31-M $215 Razz
Entrants: 451
Prize pool: $90,200.00
Places paid: 64

1. TinyPea (United Kingdom) $17,138.00
2. SnowyWastes (Norway) $12,628.00
3. PROTENTIALmn (Canada) $9,254.52
4. dynamoM (Russia) $6,765.00
5. Calvin "cal42688" Anderson (Mexico) $4,510.00
6. Romazio (Russia) $3,157.00
7. broken_jia (Canada) $2,255.00
8. Konstantinyh (Russia) $1,804.00

SCOOP 2014 is just getting warmed up for the big weekend. Be sure to catch all the excitement heading in to the tiered Main Event right here at the PokerStarsBlog.

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

David Aydt
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