SCOOP 2015: DarkAngel989 with heavenly Heads-Up triumph in Event #6-L $7.50 NL [Heads-Up]

10,960 players entered the Octagon. Only one player was left standing: DarkAngel989. It took 14 arduous rounds of fierce heads-up battles to determine a winner in SCOOP Event #6-L. It got down to the final two hardened veterans: bistra (Romania) and DarkAngel989 (Russia). When the dust settled, a weary DarkAngel989 emerged victorious.

2015 SCOOP Event #6-L $7.50 NL Heads-Up attracted 10,960 players. They created a prize pool worth $74,747.20. The top 1,024 places paid out with $6,567.41 initially set aside for the winner.

The first ten levels progressed at roughly one round per hour. The final eight played down to four in only 45 minutes. The final four played down to the finals in only 35 minutes. The finals lasted 21 minutes.

bistra (Romania) defeated. adamwiebe (Canada)
PS number 1 (Belarus) defeated lucasamy (Argentina)
DarkAngel989 (Russia)  defeated mariusmss112 (Romania)
firas71 (Brazil)  defeated papo457 (Colombia)

mariusmss112 eliminated in 8th place

DarkAngel989 became the first player to advance to the final four. mariusmss112 got crippled early into their match after mariusmss112 flopped a pair of Kings with K♣J♥, but DarkAngel989 turned a flush with Q♠3♠. DarkAngel989 finally took out mariusmss112 on a board of A♠K♥6♠2♠3♠. Both players rivered a four-flush. However, mariusmss112's T♦7♠ lost to DarkAngel989's Q♠9♣. DarkAngel989 won the pot and moved onto the next round. mariusmss112 was knocked out in eighth place, which paid out $1,161.57.

papo457 eliminated in 7th place

papo457 busted in the fourth level of action. Cooler. papo457 bombed it all-in with A♥K♦, but firas71 woke up with K♣K♠. The board finished up 9♥7♣2♠7♥J♦ and papo457 failed to improve Big Slick. firas71's pocket Kings held up and firas71 moved onto the next round. For a seventh-place finish, papo457 collected $1,161.57.

lucasamy eliminated in 6th place

lucasamy's stack was decimated after getting A♣A♦ cracked off by PS number 1's J♥J♠. The board ran out... J♦J♣4♣A♠Q♥. lucasamy turned a full house, but lost to PS number 1's flopped quad Jacks. lucasamy actually had one out on the river, but never got there.

On the final hand, lucasamy made a valiant final stand with A♦J♦, but lost to PS number 1's Q♥6♠ when PS number 1 rivered a pair of Queens. PS number 1 advanced to the final four. Argentina's lucasamy went busto in sixth place, which paid out $1,161.57.

adamwiebe eliminated in 5th place

The match up between bistra (Romania) vs. adamwiebe (Canada) was the longest for Round 12. During Level 7, bistra was ahead almost 4-1 in chips and had adamwiebe on the ropes, but adamwiebe woke up with A♣A♠ and doubled up to avoid elimination. adamwiebe eventually pulled even. Alas, the tides quickly turned when adamwiebe's 8♦8♥ lost to bistra's Q♣7♣ when bistra rivered a pair of Queens. That hand crippled adamwiebe, and a couple of hands later it was all over. adamwiebe made a final stand with A♥6♦, but once again bistra came from behind with J♣3♣ by rivering a pair of treys to win the pot. bistra advanced to the final four and Canada's adamwiebe was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $1,161.57.


DarkAngel989 (Russia) defeated firas71 (Brazil)
bistra (Romania) defeated PS number 1 (Belarus)

firas71 eliminated in 4th place

firas71 got caught trying to bluff the river after missing an open-ended straight draw with K♠Q♥. On a board of T♠T♥5♣J♠6♠, DarkAngel989 called with 8♠8♦ to win the pot with two pair. firas71 busted out after losing a race with A♥K♦ against DarkAngel989's 4♣4♥. DarkAngel989 flopped a set and turned a full house. The board finished up T♦4♠3♠T♣5♠ and firas71 failed to improve Big Slick. DarkAngel989 advanced to the finals as firas71 headed to the virtual rail in fourth place, which paid out $2,109.36.

PS number 1 eliminated in 3rd place

PS number 1 took a major hit early in the battle when bistra turned a straight with K♦J♣. PS number 1 mucked and bistra dragged a 7.2K pot. bistra took a while before finally finishing off PS number 1.

PS number 1 made a final stand with 4♠4♣ versus bistra's A♦6♦. The board ran out A♥J♥2♦2♠ Q♦. bistra flopped a pair of Aces and won the pot with Aces up. bistra advanced to the finals, while PS number 1 busted in third place, which paid out $2,109.36.


HEADS-UP FINALS: DarkAngel989 (Russia) vs. bistra (Romania)
Seat 1: bistra (5,000)
Seat 2: DarkAngel989 (5,000)


The final two decided to chop up the remaining prize money. They had to leave $1,000 on the table to the eventual winner, but they agreed on a split: bistra ($4,871.02) and DarkAngel989 ($4,871.02). With a deal in place, the finals commenced.

bistra eliminated in 2nd place; DarkAngel989 wins SCOOP Event #6-L!

The two gently sparred for the first four levels, until they rumbled during the fifth level. DarkAngel989 opened up a 3-1 lead when bistra decided it was time to make a move. bistra limped from the small blind, DarkAngel989 bombed it all-in for 7,268 with A♠5♦, and bistra called all-in for 2,612 with 2♦2♠. An Ace on the flop sunk bistra's deuces. The board finished up A♣9♦7♠K♥5♥. DarkAngel989 actually rivered two pair and won the pot with Aces up.

Romania's bistra busted in second place, which paid out $4,871.02.

Congrats to Russia's DarkAngel989 for winning SCOOP Event #6-L. First place paid out $5,871.02.

SCOOP-06-L: $7.50 NL Hold'em (Heads-Up)
Entrants: 10,960
Prize Pool: $74,747.20
Places Paid: 1,024

1. DarkAngel989 (Russia) $5,871.02 **
2. bistra (Romania) $4,871.02 **
3. PS number 1 (Belarus) $2,109.36
4. firas71 (Brazil) $2,109.36
5. adamwiebe (Canada) $1,161.57
6. lucasamy (Argentina) $1,161.57
7. papo457 (Colombia) $1,161.57
8. mariusmss112 (Romania) $1,161.57

** Denotes a deal between the final two players

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