SCOOP 2015: dragonwarior battles for the Event 30-H title ($1,050 NL Hold'em Super Tuesday SE)

The final Tuesday of the 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker also meant the last Special Edition of the regular Super Tuesday event. Nothing major, just a $1,000,000 guaranteed tournament to get the blood pumping. An impressive field pulled together in the middle of the week for some crazy prize amounts.

Event 30-H drew 1,643 players for a good ol' fashioned No Limit Hold'em tournament without the bells and whistles. All those players created a $1,634,000 prize pool with the last four players guaranteed a six-digit payday. The size and depth of the tournament meant our creators stretched into a two-day event with them returning on Wednesday to find a champion.

Ryan "gutshtallin" Welch was leading the way at the break, looking to add a SCOOP title to his WCOOP championship last year. His big stack did not provide any guarantees and Welch crashed out in 63rd.

2015 SCOOP 30-H Day 2 Counts.jpg

Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet drew the most attention as the leader through the latter parts of the tournament. Van Fleet has nearly $7 million in online career earnings with two big score coming with victories in the regular version of the Super Tuesday tournaments, the most recent in 2012 when he beat Mike "munchenHB" Telker heads up for the win.

It was a long, slow grind getting down just to the final table bubble with extended play once they hit the last two tables. It took nearly two hours to bust a table's worth of players but they finally got there on the 10th round of hand-for-hand action.

kurakasa open-shoved for 140,724 with 3♣3♦ and Bang1k called on the button with 8♦8♠. It was a drama-free board, for Bang1k at least, when it ran out A♣T♦7♠A♦5♦ to set the final table. kurakasa has some nice results including making the final match of the high version of the 2013 SCOOP where he finished 2nd to KumariOy.

2015 SCOOP 30-H Final Table.jpg

Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Episode_23 (350,282 in chips)
Seat 2: apestyles (1,009,084 in chips)
Seat 3: Science&Cash (1,733,830 in chips)
Seat 4: dragonwarior (1,825,706 in chips)
Seat 5: pAYtAXiSnICE (1,072,771 in chips)
Seat 6: mmm4x (331,843 in chips)
Seat 7: Bang1k (757,882 in chips)
Seat 8: salaliitto (487,926 in chips)
Seat 9: 5typesofmeat (645,676 in chips)

Blinds: 8k/16k with 2k ante

Episode_23 cancelled, eliminated in 9th

No player was really short stacked yet at the final table but they might have been feeling the long hours. It was a slow start but action jumped higher with a button/blind battle.

Action folded around to 5typesofmeat on the button and he raised to 33,600 before Episode_23 shoved from the small blind for 320,282. Van Fleet let his big blind go and 5typesofmeat called with A♥T♠. Episode_23 needed help with K♠J♥ but it was an all low 9♥6♣2♦3♦ until the Q♥ river. The hand sent Episode_23 out in 9th place for $16,922 while 5typesofmeat moved near 1 million in chips.

mmm4x gets Jacked, eliminated in 8th

There seemed to be little reason for players to mix it up with speculative hands so it took two nice ones to get big chips in the middle. mmm4x and salaliitto kept pushing each other pre-flop until mmm4x was all-in.

It started with a raise to 37,024 from dragonwarior and a shove from mmm4x for 322,867. Not to be left behind, salaliitto four-bet for his entire stack of 479,926 with A♠J♣ to get a fold from dragonwarior and heads up with mmm4x showing 7♣7♥.

It was a race mmm4x needed to win but salaliitto hit immediately on the J♦9♣3♣ flop to move ahead. The 7♠ turn and J♠ river finished the tournament for mmm4x to send the German out in 8th place for $31,217.

Van Fleet sets sail, eliminated in 7th

Van Fleet was looking like he might add a SCOOP title to his previous Super Tuesday wins but he ran into a tough beat to end his night earlier than expected. He got involved in a big hand after salaliitto opened to 40,500 under the gun and Van Fleet three-bet to 108,000.

dragonwarior four-bet shoved for 859,759 on the button and salaliitto let his hand go, Van Fleet quickly called with the dominating K♥K♦ against J♠J♥. dragonwarior added a gutshot draw on the 9♦8♠7♦ flop and it completed on the T♣ turn.

The hand knocked Van Fleet down to just 10,000 and they were all-in on the next hand. It was salaliitto who finished him off with A♠K♠ staying ahead of J♥6♠ to send Van Fleet out in 6th place for $47,647.

Van Fleet_Million.jpg

Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet fell shot of his 1st SCOOP title

Bang1k cracks Aces to double up

The last six players decided to pump the brakes on this table and it took more than an hour of action after Van Fleet's elimination before the next major hand.

They were trading chips around the table but there was no pressure with the average stack hovering around 70 big blinds. It took something major to get a lot of chips at risk.

Bang1k hit a big hand when he called a pre-flop min-raise from Science&Cash to see the Q♣7♥5♣ flop. Science&Cash bet out another 110,000 and Bang1k called again to get to the K♠ turn. It was 250,000 from Science&Cash this time and Bang1k moved all-in for 681,651 total.

Science&Cash called the shove with A♠A♥ but his Aces were looking up at Bang1k's top two K♣Q♥. No miracle Ace on the river and it put those two players in a virtual dead heat.

Seat 3: Science&Cash (1,794,516 in chips)
Seat 4: dragonwarior (1,294,833 in chips)
Seat 5: pAYtAXiSnICE (1,529,868 in chips)
Seat 7: Bang1k (1,739,552 in chips)
Seat 8: salaliitto (921,723 in chips)
Seat 9: 5typesofmeat (934,508 in chips)
Blinds: 12.5k/25k with 3,125 ante

5typesofmeat's turn to double

Almost another hour ticked off the clock before the virtual dealer tossed more big hands to two of the six players. This time is was 5typesofmeat who opened to 66,000 and salaliitto moved all-in from the small blind to get an instant call.

salaliitto: J♣J♦
5typesofmeat: A♣A♦

Unlike the previous hand that saw Aces go down in flames, they were never in danger as the board came T♥9♠3♥5♦T♣ to send 5typesofmeat over 1 million while salaliitto dropped under 500,000 with blinds at 15,000/30,000.

5typesofmeat spoils, eliminated in 6th

5typesofmeat had a lot more chips to put to use after the double and did just that when he opened shoved a few minutes later with 9♦9♥. He picked up a fold from Science&Cash before dragonwarior called with A♦K♥ on the button.

The blinds deciced to skip this hand and it was off to the races. 5typesofmeat dodged the Q♥5♥3♠ flop and 7♣ but wasn't so lucky on the river. The K♣ ended his run in 6h place for $64,077 and a nice addition to his TCOOP score in 2014.

salaliitto gets his double

5typesofmeat's seat wasn't even cool when salaliitto and Science&Cash mixed it up. salaliitto min-raised from the button before Science&Cash three-bet to 170,000. salaliitto responded with an all-in shove with Q♠Q♣ and Science&Cash called with T♠T♣.

The board was all low 8♣5♦4♠9♠8♦ to send a big stack salaliitto's way.

Seat 3: Science&Cash (703,894 in chips)
Seat 4: dragonwarior (2,513,112 in chips)
Seat 5: pAYtAXiSnICE (2,112,154 in chips)
Seat 7: Bang1k (1,138,605 in chips)
Seat 8: salaliitto (1,747,235 in chips)
Blinds: 17.5k/35k with 4,375 ante

Bang1k knocks back Science&Cash

Bang1k was in little danger but found himself much shorter after the top-of-the-hour break. He lost a 1.4 million pot to draginwarior's Ten-high flush but he found a way back in the game shortly afterward.

Bang1k moved all-in for 436,019 before Science&Cash isolated from the small blind. Bang1k needed to hit his K♦Q♥ to stay alive against 8♣8♠ and did just that on the Q♠4♦3♠ flop. No help on the turn or river to put Science&Cash down to just 246,000 while Bang1k closed back in on 1 million.

Science&Cash can't come back, eliminated in 5th

Science&Cash tried to make a big come back and managed one double up against dragonwarior but couldn't earn a second. He called a pre-flop raise from dragonwarior to see the Q♠8♣5♠ flop and then moved all-in for 259,440 with bottom pair 6♣5♣.

dragonwarior called the bet with T♠T♣ and finished with a straight as the turn and river completed J♦9♦ to send Science&Cash out in 5th place for $80,507. All four remaining players would earn at least $111,000.

salaliitto finally falls short, eliminated in 4th

salaliitto was living a blessed tournament life with big swings in his chip stack. dragonwarior was taking a lot of chips from the rest of the table and asked for extra cash just to begin a chop discussion.

salaliitto had dropped under 1,000,000 and put all of them in the middle with 7♦7♣ only to see dragonwarior reshove for a lot more chips. The other two players let their hands go and dragonwarior showed A♥K♠ for another race.

dragonwarior moved ahead on the A♠J♦9♠ flop and salaliitto couldn't catch up on the 3♥ turn or 3♠ river to go out in 4th place for a very nice $111,724 payout.

Bang1k gets tricky, eliminated in 3rd

The three remaining players made a show of negotiating a possible chop deal but it was never going to get off the ground with none happy with their ICM or chip chop numbers. They picked each other apart and were soon back underway.

Bang1k's stack was dropping before he managed one double up against dragonwarior before he tried something tricky a few hands later. Bang1k limped in the small blind with J♠J♣ and called when dragonwarior shoved with K♦3♥. It seemed like it was going to be a successful move right up until the K♥Q♠9♦ flop. Bang1k did have additional gutshot outs but they missed on the 7♣ turn and A♣ river to send Bang1k out in 3rd place for $151,977.

Seat 4: dragonwarior (4,128,173 in chips)
Seat 5: pAYtAXiSnICE (4,086,827 in chips)
Blinds: 30k/60k with 7.5k ante

dragonwarior wins marathon Event 30-H

The heads up match began with relatively equal stacks but dragonwarior quickly built a lead when he grabbed a 3.7 million pot on the first hand with A♦7♦ on the T♣4♣2♦Q♦A♣ board. It could have continued for a long time and took 40 hands to crown a champion.

pAYtAXiSnICE was never able to get back even with dragonwarior and was getting pushed around by the much bigger stack at the end. pAYtAXiSnICE finally called all-in after a dragonwarior shove and he was ahead at the start.

pAYtAXiSnICE: A♣8♣
dragonwarior: K♦5♥

pAYtAXiSnICE was in line for a much needed double when they both hit the A♦K♠4♣ flop. The J♦ cemented his lead but it all went away on the trip K♣ river for a brutal way out of the tournament. pAYtAXiSnICE will live to tell the tale and have $201,267 reasons to not feel too bad.

dragonwarior had the goods when he needed them and caught when he didn't. He was the last player standing after more than 24 hours of action and nearly six hours at the final table. It was a well earned victory and he picked up $275,202 for the win.

SCOOP 30-H: $1,050 NL Hold'em (Super Tuesday SE)
Entrants: 1,643
Prize pool: $1,643,000
Places paid: 198

1. dragonwarior (Canada) $275,202.50
2. pAYtAXiSnICE (Sweden) $201,267.50
3. Bang1k (Ukraine) $151,977.50
4. salaliitto (Finland) $111,724.00
5. Science&Cash (Chile) $80,507.00
6. 5typesofmeat (United Kingdom) $64,077.00
7. Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet (Canada) $47,647.00
8. mmm4x (Germany) $31,217.00
9. Episode_23 (China) $16,922.90

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