SCOOP 2015: myzikant scores huge with $237K win in Event #2-H, $2,100 [6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout], $1M Gtd

Online tournament poker is rarely personal. Sure, the high-stakes regulars get to know each other's playing styles, take notes on one another, and often become friends off the virtual felt. But the table draws are random, and most of the screen names you play against will be unfamiliar, so it's more a case of picking spots.

Progressive Super-Knockout tournaments are different. If you're sitting there with a shortish stack but a large bounty as a result of having knocked out a bunch of players along the way, you better believe the sharks are gunning for you. They all want that prize for themselves.

Event #2-H in the Spring Championship of Online Poker was the $2,100 Progressive Super-Knockout - a tournament which saw $1,000 added to the regular prize pool, and $1,000 added to the bounty prize pool. Each player starts with a 10,000 starting stack and a $1,000 bounty on their heads, and when knocked out half of that goes straight to the bankroll of the player who won the hand, and the other half is added to their own bounty. The more players that an individual knocks out, the more money they win, and the larger their own bounty becomes.

How it went down

There were 930 total entries when all was said and done, creating a total prize pool of $1,860,000. With 30-minute blind levels, it would take almost an entire day's play before getting down to the 108 paid places and the $1,953 min-cash. Of course, by making it that far, many had players had already won juicy bounty prizes, and created a hefty bounty of their own, having eliminated several members of the field.

The field was stacked and the players representing the red PokerStars spade included Liv Boeree, Jason Mercier, Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, George Danzer, Eugene Katchalov, Naoya "nKeyno" Kihara, and Jason "jcarverpoker" Somerville - all of whom busted before the money. It was only Marc-Andre "FrenchDawg" Ladouceur who would creep into the cash, busting in 106th for $1,953 plus $2,500 in bounties.

Day 2

With 15 players left and the blinds and antes at 4,000/8,000 - 1,000, it was the 1,400,000 stack of Israel's The Shrakher which led the pack. Having chopped the Sunday Million for a $150,000 pay-day in February, that score must have provided great confidence going into SCOOP.

Out in 15th was DR_Pumpe who ran pocket sixes into myzikant's pocket rockets, followed by KeyseyMM's unlucky 14th place elimination when his pre-flop shove with K♥8♥ couldn't hold against elmerixx's J♦8♠. The next to fall were SeeYouAnte18 (12th for $12,090 plus $8,867.50 in bounties), LaurisL91 (11th for $12,090 plus $7,500), Legenden (10th for $12,090 plus $16,187.50), and gnetaren (9th for $17,763 plus $11,250).

Two away from the final table and play started heating up. Having seen his stack dwindle to one of the tournament's shortest remaining, the shrakher opened min raised under the gun to 14,000 before MrSmits three-bet on the button to 81,000. It went shove then call and it was A♠Q♥ for the shrakher against the K♥K♠ of MrSmits. There were no signs of an ace and the shrakher was eliminated in 8th place for $17,763 plus $13,187.50.

It would take 22 hands on the final table bubble before we had our 7th place finisher. With only three players on the table, it was inevitable that Brryann's A♣K♣ would find its way all-in against myzikant's T♣T♦. The board ran out 7♣8♣2♠2♥9♠ and that was all she wrote for multi-table play. Brryann collected $17,763 plus $17,406 for his efforts, and with that we had our final table of six. Here's how the stacks sized up:

Final table chip counts

Seat 1: pokerturo (Austria) -- 1,473,685 ($9,468.75 bounty)
Seat 2: MrSmits (Denmark) -- 1,299,856 ($7, 593.75 bounty)
Seat 3: QuadVQuadMe (New Zealand) -- 1,090,600 ($12,179.88 bounty)
Seat 4: elmerixx (Finland) -- 1,286,886 ($35,679.68 bounty)
Seat 5: myzikant (Russia) -- 3,101,153 ($32,796.87 bounty)
Seat 6: NestaRasta (Mexico) -- 1,011,820 ($31,890.62 bounty)


It was certainly a talented group. Pokerturo made a SCOOP final table in 2013, whilst QuadVQuadMe enjoyed a WCOOP final table the same year. Finland's Tomi "elmerixx" Brouk has more than $4,000,000 in online tournament winnings after this score, and already had multiple WCOOP and SCOOP final tables under his belt. MrSmits, myzikant and NestaRasta are all accomplished players too, the latter of which having won both the Sunday Million and Sunday Supersonic in 2014.

The final six battled it out for some time before we had an elimination. With the blinds at 12,500/25,000, elmerixx's stack was getting chipped away at by the larger stacks, but he waited patiently and eventually picked up K♥K♠ in the small blind. He shoved his remaining 401,811 and got called by chipleader myzikant in the big blind with A♣2♣, who had more than enough chips to call for a shot and winning emerixx's massive bounty. There was an ace in the window as the flop came A♥8♥3♠, and no help on the 8♦ turn and 9♣ river saw elmerixx eliminated in unfortunate fashion, placing 6th for $27,900 plus $35,679.68 in bounties - half of which was also added to myzikant's bankroll.

Next to fall, and not long afterwards, was QuadVQuadMe. After the previous knockout, the player in Seat 3 was left with just 366,015 and had to make a move soon - although he had other ideas. "You are next" said myzikant in the chat light-heartedly, aimed in QuadVQuadMe's direction, to which he replied, "keep me in and just icm bully them".

Well, it was myzikant who was right, eliminating the short stack of 266,015 with A♥9♣ against A♦4♣. The board ran out K♣3♥K♥2♣K♦ the nine kicker played. QuadVQuadMe picked up a not-too-shabby $46,500 plus an additional $12,179.68 in bounties.

And then there were four

Having knocked out two players already, myzikant began to dominate the final table, at one point gaining more than double the next biggest stack. Pokerturo kept on his toes, however, taking down a few nice pots without showdown to swell his stack to more than 3 million. The two would tangle in a big pot that would further cement myzikant as chipleader.

After min-opening the button to 60,000, myzikant (3.3 million) found a caller in pokerturo (2.4 million) in the big blind. The 7♠T♥9♠ flop was checked by both players and the 4♣ fell on the turn. This time pokerturo led out for 72,750, which was called. When the A♠ arrived on the river, completing a potential spade flush, pokerturo checked and myzikant led out for 222,222. After a few moments deliberation, pokerturo decided to raise it up to 712,222. Now myzikant went into the tank, but when he emerged he shoved all-in, enough to put his opponent at risk. Pokerturo mucked his hand and the 1,719,944 pot slid myzikant's way.

After a lot of chip movement and many hands of play, it was NestaRasta who had become the short stack. With 1.12 million and the blinds at 20,000/40,000, he opened to 80,000 on the button and was three-bet by pokertruro in the small blind to 205,000. With the action back on him, NestaRasta shoved and was quickly called, and it was A♣6♣ for the short stack against the 8♦8♣. The 8♥ on the flop all but sealed his fate, and with no running cards to help him, NestaRasta hit the rail in fourth place for a $65,100 payday, not to mention the $31,890.62 in bounties. With that knockout, pokerturo picked up $15,945.31 in winnings, and had the same amount added to his bounty.


Despite having virtually even stacks, there was absolutely no talk of making a deal. The three would battle it out for more than an hour before we would get to heads up play.

The blinds were now 30,000/60,000 with a 7,500 ante, and MrSmits made it 165,000 to go from the small blind with a stack of 1.9 million, which was called by myzikant in the big with 4.9 million. The flop came down 5♥3♠9♣ and saw MrSmits fire out a continuation bet of 179,775, which again was called. The board paired and created flush possibilities when the 5♣ landed on the turn, but on this street MrSmits slowed down, checking to his opponent who bet 333,333, which was called. When the 6♥ fell on fifth street, the original raiser checked again and myzikant bet enough to put his opponent all in. MrSmits went into the tank but eventually emerged and made the call with 9♥7♥ for two pair - nines and fives. However, his hand had been crushed by the river six which gave myzikant's 9♠6♠ a better two pair. MrSmits made $93,000 plus $7,593.75 for a fantastic third place finish.

Heads up chip counts

Seat 5: myzikant - 6,826,775
Seat 1: pokerturo - 2,278,325

Compared with how long three-handed play took, heads up play was a speedy affair. The hand that ended it all went like this:

Myzikant min-opened from the button to 120,000 and was three-bet by pokerturo to 300,000, which was called. The final two saw a 8♣6♥J♣ flop and pokerturo led out for 275,400, which was raised to 666,666. Pokerturo shoved, myzikant called, and the cards were on their backs - K♥K♠ for pokerturo and J♦8♦ - two pair - for myzikant. Pokerturo would need a king or a six to stay in the tournament, but the 9♦ and T♦ offered no help. And just like that, it was over.


SCOOP 2015: Event #2-H, $2,100 [6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout], $1M Gtd
Entrants: 930
Prize pool: $1,860,000
Places paid: 108

1. myzikant (Russia) -- $163,959 + $73,230.45 in bounties = $237,189.45
2. pokerturo (Austria) -- $120,900 + $25,414.06 in bounties = $146,314.06
3. MrSmits (Denmark) -- $93,000 + $7,593.75 in bounties = $100,593.75
4. NestaRasta (Mexico) -- $65,100 + $31,890.62 in bounties = $96,990.62
5. QuadVQuadMe (New Zealand) -- $46,500 + $12,179.68 in bounties = $58,679.68
6. elmerixx (Finland) -- $27,900 + $35,679.68 in bounties = $63,579.68

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Jack Stanton
@J_W_Stanton in SCOOP