SCOOP 2015: Norway's locomi with second final table in 24 hours; locomi wins Sunday Million Special Edition (Event #24-M $215 NL)

When you're hot, you're en fuego. Last night, Norway's locomi advanced to the final table at SCOOP Event #25-H. Although locomi only finished in third place, locomi woke up today with another shot at a SCOOP title. This time, locomi didn't miss out.

Two hands and little bit of magic. With three players remaining in the Sunday Million Special Edition and SCOOP Event #24-M, Norway's locomi took out both opponents on consecutive hands. In both instance, locomi trailed in the hand when all the money went in preflop. locomi must of saved up a little bit of run good magic from the Norse gods. In consecutive decisive pots, locomi picked off opponents by cracking Kings and coming from behind to beat a dominated Ace-rag. As a result, heads-up only lasted a single hand and locomi was the last player left standing.

The Sunday Million Special Edition doubled as SCOOP Event #24-M. The $215 buy-in NL event attracted 7,929 runners, a noticeable boost in participants from your typical Sunday Million field. They created a prize pool worth $1,585,900. The top 1,080 places got a cut of the pool, with $237,874.92 initially set aside to the eventual champion.

Only 267 players survived the cut on Day 1. When action was paused, NeverScaredB (Canada) led with 922K. With 18 to go on the final two tables, UlDuffer (Ireland) seized the lead and closed in on 10M. With 15 to go, pocket Aces held up for UlDuffer, who chipped up to 20M.

Double bubble. Action went hand-for-hand with 10 remaining. Two players busted in simultaneous hands on the final table bubble. Sephirot88 hit the road in tenth place when K♥Q♣ lost to Piero Hace's A♣5♦. Fisherman903 busted in ninth place after K♠K♥ were cracked by mikal12345's A♣J♥. mikal12345 flopped a flush draw, but turned an Ace to win the pot. With Fisherman903's and Piero Hace's eliminations, the final table was set, but with eight players instead of the usual nine.


SCOOP Event #24-M Sunday Million SE - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: geduzask (4,902,509)
Seat 2: UlDuffer (21,032,231)
Seat 3: ehdonthinkso (3,879,968)
Seat 4: mikal12345 (17,530,968)
Seat 5: locomi (5,400,154)
Seat 6: Gedis92 (6,597,824)
Seat 7: Piero Hace (11,615,038)
Seat 8: UranusIsHuge (8,331,308)

The final table commenced during Level 45 with blinds at 150K/300K and a 37.5K ante. UlDuffer (Ireland) retained the lead with 21M, while ehdonthinkso (Ireland) was the shorty with 3.8M. Three-time WCOOP champion mikal12345 (Norway) was seeking SCOOP title #1 and a 4th overall COOP.

geduzask eliminated in 8th place

Short-stacked geduzask open-shoved for 994,565 with K♦9♥ and locomi called with T♦6♠ from the big blind. The board ran out A♠T♠7♣8♣5♣. locomi flopped a pair of ten to win the pot. geduzask turned a straight draw, but whiffed on the river. Lithuania's geduzask went busto in eighth place, which paid out $19,029.60.

Gedis92 eliminated in 7th place

Late in Level 46, mikal12345 took over the lead with 18.6M. Big-stacked mikal12345 opened to 1,155,555, Gedis92 bombed it all-in for 4,079,648 with K♦9♦, and mikal12345 called with A♦9♥. The board finished up J♠T♣4♦3♠3♦. Neither player improved, but mikal12345 won the pot with an Ace-kicker. Gedis92 busted in seventh place, and took home $34,094.70. New leader mikal12345 chipped up to 27M.

UranusIsHuge eliminated in 6th place

UranusIsHuge's planet imploded. locomi opened to 1.2M, UranusIsHuge shoved for 5,869,562, and locomi called. UranusIsHuge needed help with A♥8♥ against locomi's J♥J♦. The board finished up J♣T♠5♠4♥5♦. locomi flopped a set and rivered a full house. UranusIsHuge was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $49,159.80. With five to go, we had another new chip leader. locomi seized the lead with 29.2M.

mikal12345 eliminated in 5th place

Norway vs. Norway. mikal12345 bombed it all-in for 12,922,623 with A♦J♠ and locomi insta-called with K♣K♥. mikal12345 flopped a pair of Jacks, but never improved on a board of J♦8♠2♣Q♣2♦. locomi's pocket Kings held up to win the pot. Three-time WCOOP champion mikal12345 was knocked out in fifth place. The Norwegian took home $65,017.80.

ehdonthinkso eliminated in 4th place

Ireland vs. Ireland. UlDuffer kicked things off with a raise to 1.76M, ehdonthinkso moved all-in for 11,801,872, and UlDuffer called. Race. ehdonthinkso made a final stand with 5♥5♠ against UlDuffer's A♥K♦. The board finished up 9♦8♠4♥K♣A♦. UlDuffer took the lead on the turn and rivered two pair. For a fourth-place performance, Ireland's ehdonthinkso collected $84,047.40.

With three to go, locomi was out in front with 34.7M, followed by UlDuffer's 31.1M, and Piero Hace brought up the rear with 13.1M.

Piero Hace eliminated in 3rd place

Monster-stacked locomi did not waste any time and moved all-in 44,689,334, and Piero Hace called all-in for 17,367,528. Piero Hace was way ahead with K♦K♥ versus locomi's 3♠3♣. However, the board finished up 8♠5♣5♠3♦2♥. locomi turned a full house to win the pot. Piero Hace had Kings snapped off and busted in third place, which paid out $126,864.00.

HEADS-UP: UlDuffer (Ireland) vs. locomi (Norway)
Seat 2: UlDuffer (15,358,138)
Seat 5: locomi (63,931,862)

locomi held a 4-1 edge. Didn't matter. Heads-up lasted a single hand.

UlDuffer eliminated in 2nd place; locomi wins Event #24-M and Sunday Million SE!

On the first and only hand of heads-up.... UlDuffer open-shoved for 15,233,138 and locomi called. Battle of Ace-X. UlDuffer led with A♠7♠ against locomi's A♥4♠. But once again, the poker gods were shining their light upon locomi. The flop was T♣T♥4♦ and locomi jumped ahead with two pair. The turn was the Q♦ and the river was the 9♦. locomi won the pot with two pair and shipped the tournament. UlDuffer was knocked out in second place.

For a gritty runner-up performance, Ireland's UlDuffer earned $175,024.74.

Congrats to Norway's locomi for winning SCOOP Event #24-M and the Sunday Million Special Edition. First place payday was a whopping $237,874.92, plus a sleek Movado champion's watch.

SCOOP-24-M: $215 NL Hold'em (Sunday Million SE)
Entrants: 7,929
Prize Pool: $1,585,900
Places Paid: 1,080

1. locomi (Norway) $237,874.92
2. UlDuffer (Ireland) $175,024.74
3. Piero Hace (Poland) $126,864.00
4. ehdonthinkso (Ireland) $84,047.40
5. mikal12345 (Norway) $65,017.80
6. UranusIsHuge (Serbia) $49,159.80
7. Gedis92 (Lithuania) $34,094.70
8. geduzask (Lithuania) $19,029.60
9. Fisherman903 (Netherlands) $12,289.95

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