SCOOP 2015: Sam "Str8$$$Homey" Greenwood wins third COOP in Event 25-H ($2,100 PL Omaha 6-Max, Turbo, Zoom)

Need a fast tournament to finish off your weekend? SCOOP Event 25 was just what the doctor ordered as it combined the gamble of Pot Limit Omaha, short-handed tables, turbo structure, and the fast-fold action of Zoom poker.

Rocket-propelled fun for the unwinding player.

The high buy-in version cost $2,100 to get in the game and 338 put up their hard won money to create a $676,000 prize pool. The final 42 in the tournament earned a piece of that money with the last two in the game set to add six-digits to their bankroll.

Late registration closed after the first break, the field was in the money before the second break, and the Zoom portion of the tournament was over just four minutes into the second hour with 30 left. At that point the site opened up five tables and the rest of the tournament played out like a standard, yet still turbo, tournament.

The speed was almost too much to keep up with but things somewhat slowed down as they reached four tables but that is all relative. There seemed to be an all-in called on one table or another at any particular time. They were soon on the final table bubble and into the hand-for-hand portion of the day.

It took 13 hands to set the table, nearly a lifetime at this pace, and it was TheHood missing out on the final table fun. He was all-in with A♣T♣6♥4♠ against zzwwzzwwzz's K♣J♥7♠4♥ and went out in 7th when the board completed K♥8♠3♦J♣2♣.

Two notables names were among the final six players. Andy "RunThisTable" Lichtenberger was looking for his second SCOOP to go with his first in Event 21 from back in ancient times of 2009. Sam "Str8$$$Homey" Greenwood took his seat at the final table with the chip lead looking for a third COOP title to go with his previous SCOOP and WCOOP wins.

2015 SCOOP 25-H Final Table.jpg

Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: pantri (125,029 in chips)
Seat 2: locomi (341,440 in chips)
Seat 3: Sam "Str8$$$Homey" Greenwood (394,084 in chips)
Seat 4: zzwwzzwwzz (446,307 in chips)
Seat 5: Andy "RunThisTAble" Lichtenberger (138,880 in chips)
Seat 6: TheMuppet (244,260 in chips)
Blinds: 10k/20k

RunThisTable can't run this table, eliminated in 6th

It took 13 more hands to get the first elimination off the final table but not for lack of trying. Lichtenberger tried for his double up when he moved all-in for his last 63,800 and locomi called in the big blind.

Lichtenberger: J♣J♥7♥5♠
locomi: K♥J♦7♦4♣

Lichtenberger was technically ahead but it was a virtual coinflip that locomi lead after the K♠T♦9♥ flop. The 2♠ turn left Lichtenberger looking for the sole remaining Jack in the deck and it didn't appear on the 4♠ river. Lichtenberger was the first off the final table, eliminated in the 6th for $27,040.

zzwwzzwwzz scored double KO, TheMuppet and pantri eliminated

TheMuppet and pantri were the two shortest stacks at the table and both found themselves in trouble at the same time. You don't see the three-way all-ins very often at final tables but PLO 6-Max Turbo Zoom will get you there.

zzwwzzwwzz started the action with a pot-sized raise which was enough to put TheMuppet all in. He called the bet and pantri shoved behind for another 65,798. zzwwzzwwzz called that bet and it was three-ways with two players at risk.

zzwwzzwwzz: K♠9♣6♦3♣
pantri: A♣K♥T♦6♥
TheMuppet: Q♣Q♥T♥5♦

Each player had a near equal chance at winning this hand but TheMuppet doubled his odds on the J♣7♦2♠ flop. zzwwzzwwzz added straight draws to his odds on the T♠ turn and he filled his straight with the 8♠ river. It was a nice come back for zzwwzzwwzz to take out TheMuppet in 5th for $40,560 and pantri in 4th for $54,080.

Seat 2: locomi (410,320 in chips)
Seat 3: Sam "Str8$$$Homey" Greenwood (271,584 in chips)
Seat 4: zzwwzzwwzz (1,008,096 in chips)
Blinds 20k/40k

locomi runs out of chips, eliminated in 3rd

locomi and Greenwood were neck-and-neck as they tried to chase down the leader and they swapped places a few times. locomi was left with less than three blinds and put them to use against zzwwzzwwzz.

zzwwzzwwzz: Q♥Q♠T♠5♦
locomi: A♦Q♦T♦5♣

zzwwzzwwzz was ahead with the Queen and locomi looking for big cards on the board to save his spot in the game. The virtual dealer did not give him any help when it ran out too low for his liking 8♥4♥2♦3♠A♦ to send the Norwegian out in 3rd place for $77,740.

Seat 3: Str8$$$Homey (131584 in chips)
Seat 4: zzwwzzwwzz (1558416 in chips)
Blinds: 30k/60k

Greenwood comes from behind to win second COOP in Event 25-H

The way this entire tournament ran, there was little doubt the heads up portion would finish up in a timely fashion. It was just a question of who would end on top.

Seven hands into the battle and it was Greenwood taking the advantage when he doubled up holding 6♣5♦4♥3♣ against K♠J♥5♣3♥ with a turned flush. Just one hand later and the chips were in the middle once more.

zzwwzzwwzz moved all-in with A♠J♥6♠3♥ and Greenwood called with K♥K♠6♣4♦. It seemed like the Kings would be the killers but zzwwzzwwzz hit an Ace on the A♦8♣5♦ flop while Greenwood added a gutshot straight draw.

The 7♥ turn sealed the deal and Greenwood's straight had zzwwzzwwzz drawing dead to a runner-up result for a nice $103,000 payout. This is Greenwood's third COOP title with this SCOOP title added to his 2009 WCOOP title in Event 23. This is Greenwood's second SCOOP title and he picked up $141,960 for his efforts.

A fine win/rate for three hours work.

EPT11_malta_€25K high roller_day2_sam_greenwood.jpg

Sam "Str8$$$Homey" Greenwood wins third COOP title

SCOOP 25-H: $2,100 PL Omaha (6-Max, Turbo, Zoom)
Entrants: 338
Prize pool: $676,000
Places paid: 42

1. Sam "Str8$$$Homey" Greenwood (Canada) $141,960.00
2. zzwwzzwwzz (China) $103,428.00
3. locomi (Norway) $77,740.00
4. pantri (Paraguay) $54,080.00
5. TheMuppet (United Kingdom) $40,560.00
6. Andy "RunThisTable" Lichtenberger (Canada) $27,040.00

Al Rash
@PokerStars in SCOOP