SCOOP 2015: Sweden's murvl notches second COOP title with marvelous victory in Event #3-L [$27 NL]

When the final five players agreed on a money chop in SCOOP Event #3-L, Sweden's murvl was last place in chips. murvl's fortunes quickly changed when the Swede embarked on an old-fashioned heater. murvl jumped from the proverbial outhouse to the posh penthouse by knocking out three of four last-standing players. Pocket fives was a linchpin in two decisive hands for murvl. Holding pocket fives, murvl won a race against Ahurazor's overcards and knocked out Ahurazor in third place. Once it got heads up, murvl secured a SCOOP victory by winning another race. But that time, murvl beat gashton017's pocket fives with A♠T♣. Today's victory in SCOOP Event #3-L marked a second career COOP crown for murvl, who previously shipped a 2013 WCOOP event for over $273,715. murvl only needs a victory in a TCOOP event to accomplish a rare feat... the Triple COOP.

2015 SCOOP Event #3-L $27 NL attracted a prize pool worth $427,096.35. The event was so popular that it was held over two days. The top 2,250 places paid out with $49,964.56 initially set aside for the eventual champ.

At the end of brutal day 1, only 37 players survived the cut. olya_happy (Ukraine) held the lead going into Day 2 with a 12.1M stack. EpicUK (United Kingdom) and XelmoZone (Netherlands) were the only other players with at least 10M. Out of the top 3, only XelmoZone would advance to the final table.

The second day of action in Event #3-L started off at a brisk pace. With 18 remaining, gastonh017 held the top slot with 22M. The pack eventually caught up to gashtonh017. New chipleader SE-R DET padded the lead after taking out vodyanoj777 in tenth place. SE-R DET's A♣9♥ bested vodyanoj777's A♦4♣ and vodyanoj777 bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


SCOOP-03-L - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: SE-R DET (58,782,151)
Seat 2: gastonh017 (14,588,381)
Seat 3: Ahurazor (12,197,699)
Seat 4: rickwaa (14,533,758)
Seat 5: tamiam122 (9,990,896)
Seat 6: Leit2010 (10,379,980)
Seat 7: XelmoZone (11,488,735)
Seat 8: apoo11 (34,012,340)
Seat 9: murvl (7,996,060)

The final table commenced during Level 49 with blinds at 400K/800K and a 100K ante. SE-R DET was on top with 58.7M, whereas murvl clung onto the shortest stack with a little under 8M. murvl had won a WCOOP event two years ago and was seeking a second COOP title.

tamiam122 eliminated in 9th place

On the seventh hand at the final table, we saw fireworks. tamiam122 open-shoved for 8,090,896 with 3♣3♦, and murvl called all-in for 8,596,060 with A♣Q♥. Classic race. The board ran out J♥J♣6♦A♠K♥. The Ace on the turn sunk tamiam122's hopes at staving off an elimination and murvl dragged the pot with Aces up. For a ninth-place finish, Mexico's tamiam122 took home $2,562.57.

rickwaa eliminated in 8th place

Eight-handed lasted a full level before someone met their fate... rickwaa shoved for 4,103,778 with Q♦7♦ and apoo11 called from the big blind with K♣9♦ Neither player improved by the river... A♥J♣3♣T♣4♦. Alas, apoo11 won the pot with a better kicker. Australia's rickwaa busted in eighth place, which paid out $3,843.86.

XelmoZone eliminated in 7th place

We almost saw a Royal Flush. Leit2010 min raised to 2M, XelmoZone bombed it all-in for 4,788,735 with A♦J♦, and Leit2010 called with K♠7♠. The flop was K♦Q♦8♣ and Leit2010 took the lead, even though XelmoZone flopped a monstrous draw: Broadway gutshot and a Royal Flush diamond draw. The A♣ spiked on the turn and XelmoZone leap-frogged into the lead with a pair of Aces. The 7♣ fell on the turn. XelmoZone whiffed on both straight and Royal flush draws. Leit2010 rivered two pair to secure the pot. Tough break for XelmoZone, who was knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $,7260.63.

With six to go, SE-R DET retained the lead 62M, whereas Ahurazor brought up the rear with 15M.

apoo11 eliminated in 6th place

Israel's apoo11 got crippled in a 45M pot after gastonh017's K♥Q♥ snapped off apoo11's A♦A♣. apoo11 attempted a comeback by making a stand with A♥9♥ against Leit2010's A♣Q♣. However, the board ran out 8♦7♦6♣K♣9♣. Although apoo11 flopped an open-ended straight draw, Leit2010 picked up a flush draw on the turn and promptly got there on the river. Leit2010 dragged the pot worth 12M, while apoo11 busted out. Sixth place paid out $10,677.40.

With five to go, gastonh017 held a slim lead over SE-R DET (47M to 45M). Meanwhile, both Ahurazor and murvl were near the back of the remaining pack with 20M apiece.


After a couple of levels of inaction, the final five decided to discuss a deal. At that juncture, Leit2010 led the way with 45.5M, followed by gastonh017 (41.7M), Ahurazor (33M), SE-R DET (29.1M) and murvl (24.4M). They had to leave $6,000 on the table to the inevitable winner, but the ICM numbers were floated... Leit2010 ($31,116.77), gastonh017 ($30,299.73), Ahurazor ($28,173.25), SE-R DET ($27,063.25), and murvl ($25,543.79). Everyone came to a quick agreement. With a money chop in place, play resumed.

SE-R DET eliminated in 5th place

With a deal in place, we saw a rapid-fire bustout... murvl opened to 4M, SE-R DET moved all-in for 25,176,788 with A♣6♣, and murvl called with A♦J♠. The board finished up K♣5♥2♠8♠T♠. Neither player improved, but murvl won the pot with Ace-high and a Jack-kicker. SE-R DET was unable to double up and avoid elimination. For a fifth-place performance, SE-R DET collected $27,063.25.
With 4 remaining in the hunt, murvl became the new chip leader with 55M.

Leit2010 eliminated in 4th place

Four-handed went quick... murvl min-raised to 4M, Ahurazor wanted to rumble and bombed it all-in for 39,684,800, Leit2010 called all-in for 34,391,239, and murvl bailed. Heads-up. Leit2010 led with A♥K♥ versus Ahurazor's Q♥T♠. Although Leit2010 flopped trip Kings, Ahurazor picked up a straight draw. The board finished up K♦K♣J♣T♦9♣ and Ahurazor rivered a King-high straight to win the pot. For a fourth-place finish, Leit2010 earned $31,116.77.

With three to go, Ahurazor seized the lead with 81M, followed by murvl with 60M, and gastonh017 with 32M.

Ahurazor eliminated in 3rd place

Ahurazor got crippled after losing a 77M pot against gastonh017's A♣K♦ vs. A♠J♠. Two hands later, it was all over for Ahurazor.

murvl min-raised to 4M, Ahurazor shoved for 11,459,225 with K♦J♠, and murvl called with 5♥5♦. The board finished up 9♥7♦3♣A♦Q♣. Ahurazor failed to improve and murvl's pocket fives held up. for a third-place performance, Ahurazor took home $28,173.25.

HEADS-UP: gastonh017 (Argentina) vs. murvl (Sweden)
Seat 2: gastonh017 (73,793,628)
Seat 9: murvl (100,176,372)

With two to go, murvl led while the blinds kicked into the 1M range.

gastonh017 eliminated in 2nd place; murvl wins SCOOP Event #3-L!

Heads-up battle lasted 28 hands. On the 23rd hand, gastonh017 pulled almost even before snagging the lead on the ensuing hand. gastonh017's lead was fleeting because murvl regained the lead in only two hands before delivering a fatal blow.

On the final hand... murvl min-raised to 5M, gastonh017 shoved for 85,233,071, and murvl called. gastonh017 made a valiant final stand with 5♠5♣ against murvl's A♠T♣. An Ace on the flop gave murvl the lead. Another Ace on the turn improved murvl to trips. The board finished up A♦J♦9♥A♥3♦. gastonh017 was unable to come from behind to avoid an elimination and murvl won the pot with trip Aces. Argentina's gastonh017 busted out in second place. For a runner-up finish, gastonh017 collected $30,299.73.

Congrats to Sweden's murvl for winning SCOOP Event #3-L. First place paid out $31,543.70, in addition to a Movado champion's watch. This victory marked a second career COOP title for murvl, who binked a WCOOP in 2013.

SCOOP-03-L: $27 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 17,397
Prize Pool: $427,096.35
Places Paid: 2,250

1. murvl (Sweden) $31,543.79 **
2. gastonh017 (Argentina) $30,299.73 **
3. Ahurazor (Australia) $28,173.25 **
4. Leit2010 (Belarus) $31,116.77 **
5. SE-R DET (Mexico) $27,063.25 **
6. apoo11 (Israel) $10,677.40
7. XelmoZone (Netherlands) $7,260.63
8. rickwaa (Australia) $3,843.86
9. tamiam122 (Mexico) $2,562.57

** Denotes a deal among the final five players

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