SCOOP 2015: ViziruA quickly claims win in Event #16-L ( $27 PLO HU)

If this was a popularity contest between lovable kids characters who would prevail? Cookie Monster or Tow Mater? Fortunately for the 12th and final heads-up match of the SCOOP 2015 Event #16-L Pot Limit Omaha tournament it would come down to playing poker instead of a chocolate chip cookie eating contest or racing Lightning McQueen down Route 66. Despite the two days it took to get there, ViziruA's Tow Mater would defeat j0hnyb0y's Cookie Monster in just seven minutes to claim the title and $7,570.29.

Read on below for the champion's path to the SCOOP champion's watch.


A quick peek at the previous day's action would show a familiar face just missing the day two action. Gareth "GarethC23" Chantler chopped the TCOOP 2014 Event #3 for $97,227.35 while covering the event! He would not add a similar run in this SCOOP tourney as the last bustout on day one in 17th place ($377.24). Another contributor to the PokerStarsBlog via Twitch, Jaime Staples, would ride his Red Spade to a 70th place ($129.54).

The Triple COOP seekers Assad91 and forhelviti would also cash on day one finishing in 252nd place ($77.96) and 40th place ($229.10) respectively. MONSTER_DONG, Erä_Koira, 810ofclubs however were not as lucky bowing out before the 256 cashing spots.

The 16 remaining players would hop right into the action, leaving just one table remaining after 35 minutes. The Cooker, a SCOOP champion from 2012, would take on Goofty.el for the last spot in the quarterfinals and a near $600 bump in pay. The Cooker showing some of the skill used to win that SCOOP 8-Game tourney would knock off Goofy.el, setting up the quarterfinals.


Easy as 1-2-3

After playing through ten rounds of heads-up PLO one figures on finding a lucky card along the way. Gieras would claim the first seat in the semi-finals after knocking off homasapiens in just three hands. After a raise preflop, all the chips would go into the middle after the 3♥8♥J♠ flop.

Was it draws, overpair, or hitting a set?

Gieras would flip up the wrap straight draw along with a queen-high flush draw 9♣ Q♥ T♥ A♠ as homasapiens showed the overpair and larger flush draw K♣ 7♥ K♥ A♦. The winning straight missed the turn 8♣ but not the 7♣ river knocking out homasapiens in seventh place ($1,341.05).

J0hnyb0y would claim the next seat knocking off straxx90 shortly after the first hourly break of the day. The newly minted semi-finalist has a Sunday Million and MicroMillions final table, looking to add a SCOOP one to the mix.

VIP PlatinumStar ViziruA would knockout dendroid as all tired eyes, after ten round and two days of play, would focus on the match between The Cooker and PbICb^3000.

While they would be closely tied going into the 80/160 blind level The Cooker would put a big hurt into PbICb^3000's stack after calling a river bluff. Three hands later The Cooker would be one step closer to a second SCOOP watch.


The Cooker vs. j0hnyb0y

This match was black to the other's match's white. Most pots staying relatively small save for a decent 2,640 chip pot in the 15/30 blind level snagged by j0hnyb0y who got some value from a rivered broadway straight.

At the hourly break The Cooker would recover from the early loss taking a slight 5,290 to 4,710 chip lead.

Eight minutes after the break j0hnyb0y would find the hand that would place the Cookie Monster avatar on the Event #16-L final table. Already leading 6,725 to 3,275 with the blinds up to 60/120 j0hnyb0y would apply pressure preflop, flop, turn, and river 2♠ K♠ J♦ 6♣ 4♦ getting The Cooker to call all bets and mucking after j0hnyb0y showed the turned set 6♠ 6♦ K♦ T♥.

Five hands later Cookie Monster would face-off against Tow Mater for the SCOOP championship watch.

ViziruA vs. gieras

No idea if gieras is in a hurry to claim the championship but with a starting stack of 5,000 and blinds at 10/20 the first three pots were 920, 560, and 2,800 chips with the last one going to ViziruA who called after gieras tried to bluff the river with a possible flush and board pairing.

The big pot would slow gieras down a bit as ViziruA racked up an 8,724 to 1,276 chip lead going into the hourly break.

And gieras' tournament would end after the second hand back.

With the blinds up to 25/50 gieras found double suited queens Q♠ 5♠ Q♥ T♥ to push preflop. However, ViziruA was happy to follow suit holding aces 4♣ A♠ J♥ A♥. After the mid-range board 8♣ 9♠ 7♠ 3♥ 9♦ missed the flopped flush draw, gieras would not add a SCOOP final table to the previous TCOOP and WCOOP ones finishing in fourth place ($2,408.62).



ViziruA vs. j0hnyb0y

The finals are supposed to be a culmination of grit and determination that it took to defeat 11 players over two days with a relatively sizable first place prize sitting in the balance. Jab, dodge, duck, and weave while feeling out the opposition and finding their weakness.

Or you could finish it in less time it takes to microwave a large frozen pan of lasagna.

During the first level j0hnyb0y would take a small lead off a run of three wins in a row. But after conceding those hands, ViziruA went on offense winning six out of seven hands, taking a 6,645 to 3,355 chip lead into the 15/30 blind level.

J0hnyb0y would manage to take the blinds but ViziruA would end the tournament two hands later. After a three-bet by j0hnyb0y, ViziruA called to see a 9♠4♣7♣ flop. J0hnyb0y would lead with a pot bet as ViziruA came back with a pot raise. Holding an overpair of kings A♦ K♥ K♠ 5♦ j0hnyb0y took the plunge as ViziruA called with three pair 7♥ 4♥ 3♦ 9♦. A turned boat for ViziruA 4♠ took away several outs and the 2♣ river sent ViziruA's 12th opponent to the rail. No deal means ViziruA claims the entire $7,570.29 first place prize and the SCOOP 2015 Event #16-L title!

SCOOP-16-L: $27 PL Omaha (Heads Up, Two-Day Event)

Entrants: 2,443
Places Paid: 256
Prizepool: $59,975.65

1. ViziruA (Romania) $7,570.29
2. j0hnyb0y (Estonia) $4,815.44
3.-4. The Cooker (Canada) $2,408.62
3.-4. gieras (Poland) $2,408.62

All day, all night. Keep continuing to check here at the PokerStarsBlog for all the SCOOP 2015 action across all buy-in levels!

David Aydt
@PokerStars in 2015