SCOOP 2015: stan_09319 defies the odds to win Event #33-L ($27 No Limit Holdem w/ Re-entry)

How do you defeat a field of over 15,000 entrants through 16 hours of play to turn a $27 investment into over $40,000 in prize money?

I have no idea.

The thought of even tackling a field so large or enduring a poker grind of two-thirds of my day is nearly impossible for me to even comprehend. That's why I'm writing and Romania's stan_09319 is busy winning. stan_09319 might not even yet realise the enormity of the achievement, but winning today's SCOOP title against all the odds is something to be cherished forever.

Event #33-L was a $27 No Limit Holdem event that offered up to three optional re-entries should things go awry during the first three hours of play. Of the 10,712 entrants there were an additional 4,378 re-entries which meant a total number of 15,090 entrants for this event and a $370,459.50 prize pool.

George Danzer and Jason Mercier were two who fired a maximum four bullets into this tournament with no luck while fellow Team PokerStars Pros Martin Hrubý, Randy Lew, Tyler Frost, Fatima de Melo, Mickey Petersen and Jaime Staples were also unable to reach the cash.

Finishing 2,025th in this one would still net you a profit with a min-cash worth $40.75. It took Jake Cody two bullets but he landed a cash result in 1,397th place for $59.27, while Grzegorz Mikielewicz also used two entries to reach 1,118th place for $70.38.

Not for the first time this series, Japan's Naoya Kihara would be the last Team PokerStars Pro standing with 981st place worth $77.79.

It would take almost 14 hours of intense play to reach the final table with the FT bubble bursting on Brazilian mennck. After firing four bullets into the event, mennck had put the final chance to good use with a deep run but came unstuck after losing a preflop race with pocket eights against the ace-king of stan_09319. mennck took home $1,481.83 for tenth place as out final table line up was set:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: Nicolas "chilenocl" Yunis (12,946,513 in chips)
Seat 2: vinifenomeno (6,636,806 in chips)
Seat 3: stan_09319 (13,921,473 in chips)
Seat 4: yhsimplicio (7,431,444 in chips)
Seat 5: Dimanuma (4,502,906 in chips)
Seat 6: It.happ3ns. (7,694,160 in chips)
Seat 7: cplex242 (5,416,488 in chips)
Seat 8: HR_Dub (8,171,240 in chips)
Seat 9: forest_Xan (8,728,970 in chips)

stan_09319 was into the chip lead ahead of Nicolas "chilenocl" Yunis, while there were a few short stacks under pressure from the blinds which had reached 200k/400k/5k.

It wouldn't be long before the short-stacked Dimanuma looked for a double up. Dimanuma shoved from the cutoff position with A♦T♦ but It.happ3ns took it on with J♥J♣ on the button. The board fell 6♣3♣J♦2♦5♥ to give It.happ3ns a set of jacks and eliminate Dimanuma in ninth place for $2,222.75 in prize money.

Romania's cplex242 would be next to go after moving all in for a little over eight big blinds with A♦9♦. Action passed around the table to chilenocl who made the call and tabled a powerful Q♥Q♠. There were no surprises on the 6♦6♠T♥5♥5♣ board as the queens held and cplex242 picked up $3,334.13 for eighth place.

vinifenomeno would start to nudge towards the top of the counts and then claimed the outright lead with the elimination of yhsimplicio. With seven and a half big blinds, yhsimplicio decided to shove all in from early position with K♠5♠. It was a bold steal attempt and it nearly worked as action passed to vinifenomeno in the big blind who made a good call with A♠2♣. The board bricked out 9♥6♥7♥9♠3♦ leaving ace-high in front for vinifenomeno to take it down. yhsimplicio had fired a full four bullets into this event but it was worthwhile in the end, with seventh place worth $6,483.04.

It would take almost another hour for six to become five as the players dug their heels in. It.happ3ns caught a double up with ace-ten landing an ace from space against chilenocl's pocket tens, while HR_Dub stayed alive with pocket aces at the right time against chilenocl's ace-five.

It.happ3ns again doubled with pocket kings against the ace-three of forest_Xan, and it only got worse for forest_Xan when a lost coinflip with ace-ten against the pocket eights of vinifenomeno left forest_Xan crippled.

With just over two big blinds, and one of those in the middle, forest_Xan committed the rest with T♣2♥ against vinifenomeno who showed 4♣4♠. The board fell Q♦8♣7♠8♠4♥ to give vinifenomeno a decisive win with a full house to leave forest_Xan to exit in sixth place for a five-figure return of $10,002.40.

That elimination would spark a flurry of activity with three more bustouts in a matter of minutes.

HR_Dub landed a double up with ace-queen finding an ace to crack vinifenomeno's pocket kings, and HR_Dub continued the momentum with the elimination of It.happ3ns. On a flop of K♠7♦T♦, It.happ3ns moved all with J♠T♥ for middle pair and was in good shape to double up when HR_Dub made the call with A♠7♠ for bottom pair. However the A♣ appears on the turn like a dagger through the heart of It.happ3ns. The German would need a miracle river but the 6♠ wasn't it. It.happ3ns departed in fifth place for $13,707.

Two hands later and HR_Dub was into a huge chip lead with a double up through chilenocl. It was a tournament-defining battle of the blinds as HR_Dub jammed pocket sevens from the small blind and chilenocl called with ace-queen in the big. The board blanked out and suddenly HR_Dub had the majority of chips in play.

HR_Dub got to work with the big stack the very next hand, jamming the button with K♣9♣. vinifenomeno called in the big blind with A♦J♦ but it was a case of "when you're hot, you're hot" as HR_Dub smacked the board of 3♠5♠K♥9♦Q♠, making two pair to take the pot. vinifenomeno had to be content with $17,411.59 for fourth place.

One more hand and another elimination as chilenocl jammed the button for about six-and-a-half big blinds holding Q♥5♥. chilenocl couldn't get past stan_09319 who made the call in the small blind with A♦3♠ and when the board ran out 3♣6♦A♥8♦Q♠, the one-time chip leader was sent crashing to the rail. Nicolas "chilenocl" Yunis, a former TCOOP title winner earlier this year, collected $24,820.78 for third place.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 3: stan_09319 (24,369,332 in chips)
Seat 8: HR_Dub (51,080,668 in chips)

HR_Dub held a comfortable chip lead but the two were quick to pause the clock, catch their breath and look at a potential deal. They quickly agreed to an ICM chop, leaving $5,000, and the SCOOP title, in the middle to play for.

When play resumed stan_09319 was able to chip up before landing a crucial pot with a deceptive straight holding 6♦8♠ on a board of 9♠4♥5♣2♣3♠. HR_Dub mucked and was back on the short stack before landing a double up with ace-three against stan_09319 who went for the kill with eight-ten suited. Both players paired the flop but an ace on the river kept HR_Dub alive.

However stan_09319 continued to apply the pressure and it paid off in the end. The final hand of the tournament would see stan_09319 jam preflop with K♦7♥ and HR_Dub make the call with A♦5♠. The board ran out 5♣Q♥K♣8♣6♦ with a king on board to give stan_09319 the pot and the title!


HR_Dub had previously won a WCOOP back in 2011, but missed out on the SCOOP title to add to the collection, with second place worth a post-deal total of $38,418. On this occasion the SCOOP watch, title and $40,240.24 would go to Romanian stan_09319. Congratulations!

SCOOP-33-L: $27 NLHE [Optional Re-Entry] - $250K Guaranteed
Entrants: 15,090 (10,712 entrants, 4,378 re-entries)
Prize Pool: $370,459.50
Places Paid: 2,025

1. stan_09319 (Romania) $40,240.24*
2. HR_Dub (Canada) $38,418.00*
3. Nicolas "chilenocl" Yunis (Chile) $24,820.78
4. vinifenomeno (Brazil) $17,411.59
5. It.happ3ns. (Germany) $13,707.00
6. forest_Xan (Greece) $10,002.40
7. yhsimplicio (Brazil) $6,483.04
8. cplex242 (Romania) $3,334.13
9. Dimanuma (Israel) $2,222.75

* denotes heads-up deal

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is the biggest and richest tournament festival of the year, with millions in prize money to be won, a packed schedule, and separate buy-in levels designed to suit all bankrolls.

A total prize pool of $40 million is guaranteed with the series running right through until May 24th. Head to the SCOOP home page for more details.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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