SCOOP 2015: THEMOS17 steamrolls Event #22-M ($82 NLHE 6-Max Ultra-Deep)

The PokerStars team are always looking to come up with new and exciting innovations for poker tournaments. Over this two-week period, the 2015 SCOOP will feature offerings such as progressive knockouts, n-stack, big antes and of course the revolutionary Zoom tournaments.

Today's SCOOP event was also something rather unique. It was Event #22-M of the 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker, an $82 No Limit Holdem Six-Max Event, with the added twist of "ultra-deep" stacks and variable level times. The starting stack was 50,000 and opening blinds of 10/20 - so a ridiculous 2,500 big blinds deep! We're not sure if anyone managed to bust in the opening level, but they didn't have to wait long for the blinds to creep up.

The first five levels were just four minutes long, but the level length would slowly increase in duration as the tournament progressed. So by the time the final table was reached in Level 50, the levels were a more comfortable fifteen minutes in length.

It was something different for players to contend with but clearly they liked the concept as 3,219 players turned out for the event to create a prize pool of $241,425 which more than doubled the guarantee.

Stavros Kalfas, Liv Boeree, Eugene Katchalov, Christophe de Meulder, Naoya Kihara, Fatima De Melo, George Danzer, Matthias de Meulder, Roy Bhasin, Grzegorz Mikielewicz, Chris Moneymaker, Kosei Ichinose and Jaime Staples were representing the red spade of Team PokerStars but they were unable to make the money as 420 players would be paid.

Also missing the money was greerzy_2 from Canada who was our bubble in 421st place as everyone else had locked up a minimum $130.36 in prize money.

Jason Mercier continued his great SCOOP series with another cash, his 204th place worth $205.21 as the only Team PokerStars Pro to finish in the money.

When ESTRATEGA 18 ran pocket nines into the pocket kings of paaat4, ESTRATEGA 18 was out in seventh place, leaving the final table line up as follows:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: Picasso25 (10,730,818 in chips)
Seat 2: ImluckNuts (15,980,308 in chips)
Seat 3: jklasdfgh (18,685,004 in chips)
Seat 4: Liam "MON3Y$HOT" O'Rourke (6,938,454 in chips)
Seat 5: THEMOS17 (73,948,138 in chips)
Seat 6: paaat4 (34,667,278 in chips)

THEMOS17 was a dominant force through the final few tables, accumulating plenty of chips to have almost half the chips in play as the final table kicked off with blinds of 250k/500k/62.5k.

The early pots were all quite small as they players enjoyed the deep stacks to pick their spots. THEMOS17 tried to kick up the aggression but a mistimed bluff with ten-high was easily picked off by paaat4 with pocket kings.

THEMOS17 was able to quickly recover those chips with a little good fortune on the very next hand.

Picasso25 raised from under the gun before THEMOS17 put in a three-bet from the small blind. Picasso25 moved all in with J♦J♠ and THEMOS17 made the call with an inferior 7♠7♦. Picasso25 was in good shape to double up the short stack but the board of 6♣7♥3♣2♥K♥ brought a set for the chip leader to leave Picasso25 on the rail in sixth place for $4,285.29.

The run good continued for THEMOS17 with the elimination of Australian young gun Liam "MON3Y$HOT" O'Rourke. When action folded to MON3Y$HOT in the small blind, he decided to complete with a stack of around eleven big blinds. THEMOS17 decided to put the pressure on by moving all in from the big blind, but MON3Y$HOT snapped it off with a monster K♥K♣. It was a nice trap but he still had to fade some cards as THEMOS17 showed 9♦A♦. The flop of 9♠2♠2♥ gave THEMOS17 some hope, before the 9♥ quickly appeared on the turn to give THEMOS17 a full house to take over the lead. MON3Y$HOT was left needing a king but the 6♠ river left him to depart in fifth place for $8,406.41 in prize money.

With four players left, jklasdfgh came within a breath of elimination when moving all in with jack-eight on a jack-high flop. paaat4 quickly called with a dominant ace-jack but a life-saving eight on the river gave jklasdfgh the dramatic double up.

ImluckNuts found a double up with quad kings, but it was THEMOS17 who was still in control with over half the chips in play. At one point THEMOS17 won seven pots in a row, with the last of that sequence resulting in the elimination of jklasdfgh.

With a stack around fourteen big blinds, jklasdfgh opened with a preflop raise from the small blind of four times the big blind. THEMOS17 decided to move all in over the top with Q♣J♦ but trailed when jklasdfgh made the call with K♥9♥. When the flop landed K♠9♦6♥, jklasdfgh made two pair and was looking good to double through. Nothing changed on the 3♥ turn, but the river was the miracle T♦ to spike the gutshot straight of THEMOS17 for yet another devastating knockout. Jklasdfgh had to be content with fourth place for $13,157.66 in prize money.

THEMOS17 continued to pile on the pressure and forced paaat4 to make a tough decision on a flop of Q♣7♥6♦. With tournament life on the line, paaat4 called with 7♠5♥ for middle pair which was a brave, but correct call against the 4♥5♦ straight draw for THEMOS17. The turn and river bricked out and paaat4 secured a big double up.

That didn't slow THEMOS17 who at one point won 16 of 17 consecutive pots including the elimination of ImluckNuts.

ImluckNuts three-bet jammed all in with A♦6♣ and THEMOS17 made the call with K♥T♦. The cards continued to fall the way of THEMOS17 as the board was spread K♠9♥K♦T♠4♣ for a full house leaving ImluckNuts to leave in third place for $20,279.70.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 5: THEMOS17 (133,836,818 in chips)
Seat 6: paaat4 (27,113,182 in chips)

With the blinds at 500k/1M/125k, there was still plenty of play in this contest despite the overwhelming chip lead for THEMOS17 as heads-up play commenced.

paaat4 set about closing the gap by winning a couple of early pots before landing a key double up with pocket threes holding against THEMOS17's king-ten.

That hand gave paaat4 a spark with nine consecutive pots pulling THEMOS17's stack back under 100 million. When paaat4 check-raised the turn and moved all in on the river on a Q♣T♣6♠6♥5♠ board it forced a fold from THEMOS17 to virtually even up the stacks.

paaat4 said, "even chop?"

As simply as that, the clock was paused with the two players both happy to look at the numbers. With the stacks virtually level, they agreed to evenly chop the prize pool, leaving $2,000 in the middle to play for. With the deal struck, it was back to fight it out for the title.

The chips would pass back and forth with neither player able to skip ahead until THEMOS17 secured a big pot with an all-in shove on the turn on a 4♦6♣K♣Q♠ board. paaat4 couldn't make the call as the momentum was back with the Greek player.

THEMOS17 flopped trip tens holding jack-ten and got paid off before the final nail was struck in yet another exciting come-from-behind hand.

paaat4 min-raised the button before THEMOS17 moved all in with K♦8♠. paaat4 made the call and was in great shape with K♥J♠. The flop of Q♥K♠9♠ paired both while the 5♥ turn changed nothing. However it was the brutal 8♦ on the river which paired the kicker of THEMOS17 to claim a thrilling victory!


paaat4 collected $31,895.13 thanks to the heads-up deal for second place as THEMOS17 won the SCOOP title and a total of $33,895.13 in prize money. Congratulations!

SCOOP-22-M: $82 NLHE 6-Max Ultra-Deep, Variable Levels - $100K Guaranteed
Entrants: 3,219
Prize Pool: $241,425
Places Paid: 420

1. THEMOS17 (Greece) $33,895.13*
2. paaat4 (Austria) $31,895.13*
3. ImluckNuts (Russia) $20,279.70
4. Jklasdfgh (United Kingdom) $13,157.66
5. Liam "MON3Y$HOT" O'Rourke (Australia) $8,406.41
6. Picasso25 (Germany) $4,285.29

* denotes heads-up deal

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is the biggest and richest tournament festival of the year, with millions in prize money to be won, a packed schedule, and separate buy-in levels designed to suit all bankrolls.

A total prize pool of $40 million is guaranteed with the series running right through until May 24th. Head to the SCOOP home page for more details.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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