SCOOP 2015: Thomas "WushuTM" Muhlocker dominates Event #9-H ($1,050 NLHE Super Tuesday SE)

The Super Tuesday is the largest buy-in event of the PokerStars weekly schedule, so when it's combined with the SCOOP series as a Special Edition event, you know it's going to be big. A huge prize pool and a field of the highest quality produced an exciting finale with Austrian phenom Thomas "WushuTM" Muhlocker claiming the massive first-place prize of $288,602.50.


It was Event #9-H of the 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker and we saw a field of 1,723 turned out for the $1,050 No Limit Holdem Event Special Edition Super Tuesday. A million dollar prize pool was guaranteed but that was smashed as the pool of $1,723,000 would he shared among the top 198 finishers.

The red spades were out in force in this one with plenty of Team PokerStars Pros taking a shot at the enormous prize pool. Christian de León, Chris Moneymaker, Eugene Katchalov, Christophe de Meulder, Johnny Lodden, Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Matthias de Meulder, Jason Somerville, Liv Boeree, Marcin Horecki, Naoya Kihara, Stavros Kalfas, Ike Haxton, Jason Mercier, Caio Pessagno, Jake Cody and George Danzer were all spotted in action, but unfortunately they were unable to reach the money.

It would be former Sunday Millions final tablist AussieXXX who ultimately became the bubble in 199th place late on Day 1 of play.

PokerStars Team Online's Mickey Petersen (181st - $1,981.45), Michael "Stella948" Kanaan (169th - $2,153.75) and Jimmy "jays94" Molloy (163rd - $2,153.75) were some of those to bust and cash on Day 1 of the two-day event which wrapped up after 18 levels of play.

By that time, the field had been reduced to 158 and it would be Austria's grekos1981 enjoying a comfortable chip advantage at the top, while some of those still in contention included Sam Grafton, Kevin MacPhee, Griffin Benger, Joel Micka and Team PokerStars Online's Jaime Staples.

They were safely in the money with at least $2,239.90 locked up at that point, but after a good night's rest there was still a long road ahead to the allotted top prize of $288,602.50.


Day 2

The above-mentioned players would be unable to get among the big cash with Jaime Staples out early on Day 2 in 157th place for $2,239.90, while our overnight chip leader grekos1981 would only make it to 45th place for $4,996.70.

It would take almost two full days and close to 38 half-hour levels to reach the final table of nine. It was a very slow crawl through the final two tables due to the incredible structure of this event, but the final table bubble burst in spectacular fashion. Pachila25's pocket jacks collided with dadowiec's pocket kings in a preflop clash, but a third jack spiked on the flop to the devastation of dadowiec who was bundled out in tenth place, leaving the final table line up as follows:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: Thomas "WushuTM" Muhlocker (1,511,664 in chips)
Seat 2: Nicolas "niccc" Chouity (904,970 in chips)
Seat 3: Jackerzzzzzz (464,276 in chips)
Seat 4: OffpoZition (495,000 in chips)
Seat 5: Bunkervogel8 (384,929 in chips)
Seat 6: Pachila25 (1,403,891 in chips)
Seat 7: bianka15 (1,454,900 in chips)
Seat 8: No Limit NL (1,252,045 in chips)
Seat 9: Perrymejsen (743,325 in chips)

The deep-stacked structure of this event was highlighted by the starting stacks on this final table. The blinds would commence at 8,000/16,000/2,000 which meant that even the short stacks had plenty of breathing room.

Perrymejsen would win the first pot of the final table, but was surprisingly the first to be eliminated.

Perrymejsen lost a hefty pot against WushuTM's trips before a brutal bad beat delivered the knockout blow. The hand started with a min-raise from bianka15. Perrymejsen, WushuTM and niccc all flat called and it looked like we were going to see a multi-way flop, however OffpoZition ended that thought by jamming all in from the small blind. The action folded back to Perrymejsen who made the call as the others got out of the way. OffpoZition opened A♥K♦ but Perrymejsen had laid the trap with A♠A♣. It looked like a double up was coming but incredibly, the board was spread 5♥7♥9♥4♥2♣ to give OffpoZition the nut flush! A devastating elimination for Perrymejsen who had to be content with $17,746.90 for ninth place.

The short-stacked Jackerzzzzzz got a pay jump but that's was about it as the brutal fall of the community cards would claim another life. This time Jackerzzzzzz three-bet jammed with Q♥Q♣ and No Limit NL made the call with A♥J♠. The ace from space arrived on the board of A♦T♠5♥8♠J♥ as Jackerzzzzzz was sent packing in eighth place for $32,737.00.

WushuTM landed a key double up with pocket queens against bianka15 ace-jack on a jack-high flop, but it would be Bunkervogel8 who surged from one of the short stacks to claim the chip lead.

It would be an hour and twenty minutes between eliminations, but eventually Nicolas "niccc" Chouity would be the next to go. Facing a button raise from WushuTM, niccc moved all in for around sixteen big blinds but it was OffpoZition in the big blind who put up resistance by moving all in over the top. WushuTM got out of the way as niccc's A♠4♠ had to get past OffpoZition's 8♣8♥. The board blanked out 6♣K♠T♦J♦6♥ to leave the pair in front and see niccc take $49,967 back to Lebanon for seventh place.

The next elimination would come a lot faster as just three more hands went by before Dutchman No Limit NL departed. Following an under-the-gun raise from WushuTM, No Limit NL moved all in for just under 22 big blinds. WushuTM made the call with J♦J♣ and No Limit NL was in trouble with 6♥6♦. It was all but over when a third jack hit the flop as the J♠2♦7♣9♦8♣ board left No Limit NL to exit in sixth place for $67,197 in prize money.

The bustouts were coming thick and fast as the very next hand five would become four.

bianka15 was the short stack in a three-bet pot, and when WushuTM bet enough to put bianka15 all in on a flop of 4♥6♣7♣, bianka15 made the call with J♣Q♣ for two overcards and a flush draw. WushuTM was thrilled to be in front with A♠Q♥ and ace-high was enough through the 9♠ turn and 2♦ river. bianka15, a former WCOOP champ, finished the tournament in fifth place and received $84,427 in prize money.

Four-handed play was pretty intense as the prize money was starting to get rather significant. Most of the pots were pretty small, with the biggest clash coming when Pachila25 and WushuTM got it all in preflop. Both showed ace-king and they chopped up the pot.

It would take just under an hour for the deadlock to be broken as the short-stacked Pachila25 was unable to land a double. With just under seventeen big blinds, Pachila25 moved all in from the small blind holding A♥4♥ but walked into a monster as WushuTM called in the big blind with a dominant A♦K♣. The board bricked out Q♠3♦T♣8♠7♠ sending Pachila25 to the rail in fourth place. That was still worth a massive six-figure score of $117,164.

WushuTM was out to a commanding chip lead with around three-quarters of the chips in play three-handed. Again most pots were pretty small, with WushuTM keeping the pressure on the short stacks.

Bunkervogel8 tried to make a stand with a shove from the small blind with Q♦K♣ but WushuTM again had a monster in the big blind, making the call with J♣J♠. It was an emphatic victory for WushuTM with a set on the flop on a board of J♥2♠4♦K♠T♦ to see Bunkervogel8 bounced in third place for $159,377.50 in prize money.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: WushuTM (7,015,559 in chips)
Seat 4: OffpoZition (1,599,441 in chips)

OffpoZition said, "numbers?"
WushuTM said, "nah"
WushuTM said, "gl :)"
OffpoZition said, "ok gl :)"

With so much money on the line, it was worth a shot by OffpoZition to strike up a deal but WushuTM was happy to go for glory with such a commanding chip lead.

WushuTM collected the first major pot, before the two players chopped a big one when both made the same full house on a double-paired board.

OffpoZition landed a double up winning the race with pocket jacks against king-queen and looked a chance to get back into contention, but the next major pot would be the last.

After a min-raise preflop, OffpoZition followed up with a continuation bet on a flop of 8♥3♣K♠. WushuTM made the call and the 4♠ hit the turn. OffpoZition bet again and this is where WushuTM sprung to life with a check-raise. OffpoZition called and the river landed the K♣. WushuTM bet enough to put OffpoZition all in, and the call was made with J♣8♣ for two pair. However WushuTM tabled K♥8♦ for an imposing full house to add the exclamation point on a dominant victory!


OffpoZition came oh so close to the SCOOP watch but still took home $211,067.50 for second place which is not a bad consolation prize at all. On this occasion it's Thomas "WushuTM" Muhlocker who continued a great series for Austria, winning $288,602.50 and the coveted SCOOP title. Congratulations!

SCOOP-09-H: $1,050 NL Holdem Super Tuesday SE - $1M Guaranteed
Entrants: 1,723
Prize Pool: $1,723,000
Places Paid: 198

1. Thomas "WushuTM" Muhlocker (Austria) $288,602.50
2. OffpoZition (Israel) $211,067.50
3. Bunkervogel8 (Germany) $159,377.50
4. Pachila25 (Argentina) $117,164.00
5. bianka15 (Ecuador) $84,427.00
6. No Limit NL (Netherlands) $67,197.00
7. Nicolas "niccc" Chouity (Lebanon) $49,967.00
8. Jackerzzzzzz (United Kingdom) $32,737.00
9. Perrymejsen (Sweden) $17,746.90

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is the biggest and richest tournament festival of the year, with millions in prize money to be won, a packed schedule, and separate buy-in levels designed to suit all bankrolls.

A total prize pool of $40 million is guaranteed with the series running right through until May 24th. Head to the SCOOP home page for more details.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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