Bottle of Whiskey Almost Ruins Four-Way Chop in SCOOP-01-M: $109 NL Hold'em [Sunday Kickoff SE]; Belarus' Hitvil Victor w/ $81,928.45 Win

"I want some more money for a bottle of whiskey."

That was the request that nearly prevented a four-way deal being struck in SCOOP-01-M: $109 NL Hold'em [Sunday Kickoff SE], a tournament that more than doubled its $300K advertised guarantee by creating a $607,100 prize pool. You'll read about the deal negotiations below, but suffice it to say it was Belarus' Hitvil that walked away the winner with an $81,928.45 prize and no bottle of whiskey.

The prize pool was distributed to the top 765 players, but one player failing to earn a payday was defending champ SV(nmgn)EN, who saw his title defense come to an end in 2,406th place. Among those to finish in the money were notables such as Eugene Katchalov (575th - $206.41), Lex Veldhuis (318th - $267.12), Jason Mercier (163rd - $394.61), and Nicolas "niccc" Chouity, who was fresh off a fifth-place finish in the SCOOP-05-H: $700 NL Hold'em [6-Max] for $36,487.95.

Here's a look at how things stacked up at the start of the final table:

Hitvil - 15,441,514
mendezoo - 11,957,998
nagayama0 - 10,520,337
DamoWain - 5,976,775
Zhagy27SLO - 5,224,155
amsi2712 - 3,761,605
Prof.ChaoZ - 3,224,206
J4d3dr4g0n - 3,105,315
"0PIGGYBANK" - 1,498,095


Prof.ChaoZ Flushed in Ninth Place; amsi2712 Meets Same Fate

The first final table elimination came when Prof.ChaoZ moved all in for 1,220,206 holding the 3♣3♦ in the hijack. mendezoo called from the big blind with the A♠2♥, and while he didn't find an ace, he caught four hearts when the board ran out 9♥K♥K♠T♥Q♥. Prof.ChaoZ took home $4,856.80 for his ninth-place finish.

Not long after, in the 150,000/300,000/30,000 level, the same fate befell amsi2712. That is when he jammed the button for 3,602,605 holding the A♦9♦ and Hitvil called from the small blind with the K♣Q♥. Once again the board - 5♥J♣2♣5♣4♣ - four-flushed, and amsi2712 was sent to the rail in eighth place for $7,588.75.

This Little "0PIGGYBANK" Went to the Bank in Seventh Place

In the 180,000/360,000/30,000 level, "0PIGGYBANK" moved all in for 3,616,380 with the 5♣5♦ in the hijack only to have Zhagy27SLO three-bet all in over the top for 7,167,155 from the button. Both blinds folded and Zhagy27SLO showed the A♠A♣

The A♦K♣Q♥ flop left "0PIGGYBANK" drawing to running fives to win, but he picked up some chop outs when the J♣ appeared on the turn. Unfortunately for him, the Q♠ river was not the ten he needed, and he was dispatched in seventh place for $13,659.75.

Andriamahefa Busts in Sixth After Running Into Pocket Kings

Not long after, with the blinds still the same, Kevin "J4d3dr4g0n" Andriamahefa moved all in for 3,258,630 from the button and DamoWain called from the big blind,

DamoWain: K♥K♦
Andriamahefa: Q♦T♠

Andriamahefa needed some help, but he got anything but as the board ran out 3♣2♠K♦9♠A♥ to eliminated him in sixth place for $19,730.75.

Walking Sticks Don't Do the Trick for DamoWain

After mendezoo opened for 720,000, DamoWain moved all in for 6,958,090 from the button with the 7♥7♣. Hitvil then three-bet all in over the top from the small blind, and mendezoo quickly folded. Hitvil showed the 9♦9♣, and it held after the board ran out J♥3♦5♦4♦T♥. DamoWain took him $25,801.75 for finishing fifth.

Let the Deal Talk Begin

With four remaining, the players decided to take a look at the numbers. The negotiations were contentious with both Daniel "Nagayama0" Nagayama and Zhagy27SLO calling for an ICM chop. However, mendezoo, who was the short stack at the time, though not by much, wanted more.

"I have played 200000000 tournaments," he explained. "Think it's fair I ask for more."

He managed to get a little too as both nagayama0 and Zhagy27SLO agreed to give him some from their share. Meanwhile, Hitvil, the big chip leader, kept his equity, but he too wanted more.

"I want some more money for a bottle of whiskey," he demanded when a deal seemed imminent.

He must have had an expensive bottle in mind, as first he wanted an extra $2,000, which soon dropped to $1,000 and finally $500. However, the other three players refused, and just as the administrator was about to restart the tournament, Hitvil agreed to the following deal:

Hitvil - $75,928.45
mendezoo - $58,089.54
Zhagy27SLO - $55,925.25
Nagayama0 - $54,142.19
Left to play for - $6,000

mendezoo Bows Out in Fourth Place

With the blinds at 180,000/360,000/36,000, mendezoo moved all in from the small blind for 2,034,909 and Hitvil called from the big.

mendezoo: J♠8♥
Hitvil: A♣Q♣

The A♠4♠J♦ flop paired both players, but of course Hitvil's aces had him out in front. Neither the K♥ turn nor 6♣ river helped mendezoo, and he was ousted in fourth place.

Nagayama Sent Packing in Third Place

In the 220,000/420,000/42,000 level, Nagayama shoved all in for 4,018,232 from the small blind holding the A♠5♦ and Hitvil called from the big with the K♠8♦. Nagayama got it in good, but he fell behind on the J♣8♠Q♣ flop. The 6♣ turn didn't do him any favors, and he hit the rail in third place after the 7♣ was run out on the river.

That set up the following heads-up match: 

Hitvil - 50,251.678
Zhagy27SLO - 10,458.322

Hitvil Clinches Victory After Out Flopping Zhagy27SLO

In what would be the final hand of the tournament, Hitvil limped the button with the Q♥J♦ and then called when Zhagy27SLO raised to 1,020,005 with the A♥J♥ in the big blind. The 7♥Q♠2♠ flop gave Hitvil the lead, but it was Zhagy27SLO who led out for 7,200,245.

Hitvil raised, Zhagy27SLO called off his remaining 4,881,272, and it was all over after the 4♠ was run out on the turn followed by the 9♣ on the river.

SCOOP-01-M: $109 NL Hold'em [Sunday Kickoff SE], $300K Guaranteed
Entrants: 6,071 (4,598 unique + 1,473 re-entries)
Prize Pool: $607,100
Place Paid: 765

1. Hitvil (Belarus) $81,928.45*
2. Zhagy27SLO (Slovenia) $55,925.25*
3. Daniel "Nagayama0" Nagayama (Brazil) $54,142.19*
4. mendezoo (Norway) $58,089.54*
5. DamoWain (Colombia) $25,801.75
6. Kevin "J4d3dr4g0n" Andriamahefa (Canada) $19,730.75
7. "0PIGGYBANK" (Austria) $13,659.75
8. amsi2712 (Israel) $7,588.75
9. Prof.ChaoZ (Germany) $4,856.80

This year's SCOOP is just getting started, and you can keep tabs on it all at the 2016 SCOOP homepage. You can also find recaps for each event right here on the PokerStars Blog.

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