SCOOP 2016: RaúlGonzalez wins, Galfond 4th in Event #17-H ($2,100 PLO Heads-Up)

Germany have a knack of producing a champions of high roller poker events. We've seen it in live events all over the world and now we're also seeing it online as German RaúlGonzalez added his name to the SCOOP honour roll with a comprehensive victory in today's SCOOP "High" Event. 

It was Event #17-H of the 2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker, a $2,100 Pot Limit Omaha Heads-Up Event, that attracted a field of 175 players to more than double the advertised prize pool guarantee.

The field was stacked with talent, including a couple of red spades representing Team PokerStars. Naoya Kihara and George Danzer were early casualties, while Jason Mercier won a couple of matches before meeting his demise short of the money for the top 16 players.

Day 1 would conclude with just four players remaining. RaúlGonzalez, Mafews, Lena900 and Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond had all secured at least $35,000 for their efforts as they enjoyed a good sleep before returning to play it out for the top prize of $105,000.


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Semi Final: RaúlGonzalez vs Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond

The first semi final would wrap up in a little over an hour with RaúlGonzalez getting the better of seasoned professional Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond.

MrSweets28 won the first significant pot of the match with a king-high flush, but RaúlGonzalez chipped away with plenty of small pots to keep the contest relatively close in the early stages.

RaúlGonzalez picked up momentum and in his run towards victory he would win 14 of the last 18 pots of the match. Most were without showdown as RaúlGonzalez's aggression would force MrSweets28 to give it up.

When RaúlGonzalez rivered a set of nines, MrSweets28 was down to under 12 big blinds when the two saw a flop of 4♣4♦8♥.  From the big blind, MrSweets28 checked and then moved all in but RaúlGonzalez made the call. MrSweets28 tabled 8♣6♣K♠5♣ for top pair with a straight draw, as RaúlGonzalez revealed Q♥K♣A♠8♠ a better kicker. The Q♦ turn improved RaúlGonzalez to two pair and that held as the 5♦ landed on the river.

Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond was out in fourth place for $35,000 as RaúlGonzalez had a chance to watch the other semi-final play out before his final match of the tournament!


Semi Final: Mafews vs Lena900

The second semi final would take a little longer to determine a winner with Mafews and Lena900 battling it out for around 90 minutes before Mafews was able to claim the win.

The early stages were relatively sedate with the chips remaining pretty even until the first major blow was struck by Lena900. In a three-bet pot, the chips went flying on a board of 7♠5♦5♥2♥. Mafews check-raised all in with J♥A♣A♥8♠ for aces with the nut flush draw, but Lena900 made the call with 5♠J♦Q♠Q♣ for trip fives. The river bricked the 4♦ and Lena900 had doubled through to a three-to-one chip advantage.

Mafews would survive an all in with his trip kings holding against Lena900's pair and straight draw but a vital double would come on a flop of T♠7♦K♣. Lena900 moved in with A♦2♥Q♥J♣ for a Broadway wrap with Mafews making the call with 4♦7♣9♦8♣ for a pair and smaller straight draw. That pair would be the difference as the 3♣ turn and K♠ river completed the board to shoot Mafews back into the lead.

Lena900 was back under pressure and despite one double up with a straight against Mafews' aces, the end would come soon after.

After calling a preflop raise, Lena900 would lead out with a bet on a flop of 2♦9♠4♦. Mafews moved all in and Lena900 called it off with 2♥5♦A♥6♣ for a pair and straight draw. Mafews was in the lead with 6♠9♦8♥J♠ for top pair and that was enough as the T♦ turn and 4♠ river landed. Lena900 had to be content with $35,000 for third place as our final was set!

Final: Mafews vs RaúlGonzalez

It would be Mafews against RaúlGonzalez in the final. Both players had secured $63,000 with the top prize of $105,000, and title of SCOOP champion, up for grabs.


The final was a fairly measured affair with mostly small pots contested throughout. In fact there was only one significant pot of note and that would prove to be the difference in the match.

RaúlGonzalez had a narrow lead over Mafews and with the blinds at 80/160, RaúlGonzalez opened with a raise to 480 on the button. Mafews made the call with the flop of 4♣Q♥6♣ arriving. Mafews check-called a bet of 639 and the turn brought the T♦. Mafews checked again and RaúlGonzalez upped the price to 1,678. Mafews again called and the river produced the J♦. It proved to be an action card as Mafews bet out a pot-sized bet of 5,594, leaving himself just 65 in chips behind. RaúlGonzalez made the call and Mafews showed 9♠7♥9♥8♥ for the queen-high straight. However RaúlGonzalez opened Q♦9♦4♦K♥ for a king-high straight to scoop the pot.

Now, with just 65 in chips, or less than one small blind, Mafews didn't harbour much hope of a comeback, but three doubles in a row got him back to 520 in chips. Another double and Mafews might have had some breathing room, but RaúlGonzalez didn't give that opportunity.

The final hand of the tournament would see Mafews all in with 4♠6♠J♣5♥. RaúlGonzalez held 3♠T♥A♣Q♥ and the board of 6♦K♠J♥9♥9♦ delivered RaúlGonzalez a straight for the pot and the title!


A great run by Mafews ends in second place for $63,000 as RaúlGonzalez is our latest SCOOP champion, winning the title for Germany and a whopping $105,000 in prize money! Congratulations!

2016 SCOOP-17-H: $2,100 PL Omaha [Heads-Up] - $150K Guaranteed
Entrants: 175
Prize Pool: $350,000
Places Paid: 16

1. RaúlGonzalez (Germany) $105,000
2. Mafews (United Kingdom) $63,000
3. Lena900 (Sweden) $35,000
4. Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond (Canada) $35,000
5. GlassOfBeer (Finland) $14,000
6. Nacho "PokerLoans1" Barbero (Argentina) $14,000
7. Fresh_oO_d (Germany) $14,000
8. Admiral19793 (Russia) $14,000

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is the biggest and richest tournament festival of the year, with millions in prize money to be won, a packed schedule, and separate buy-in levels designed to suit all bankrolls.

A total prize pool of $40 million is guaranteed with the series running right through until May 22nd. Head to the SCOOP home page for more details.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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