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Welcome to the PokerStars Blog Golden Scythe Award Dispatch Centre.

This is your go-to HUB for the FINAL Golden Scythe KO standings for SCOOP 2018.

For the duration of SCOOP we've been measuring Knock Outs. It doesn't matter what type of event they take place in, or the level of event. We're interested only in numbers. Plain and simple.

And there are lots of them.

Here's what you'll find on this page.

Overall KO leaderboard
Consistency: Highest KO/Event
Hit and Run: Highest KO/Event overall
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We're still working on a suitably cheap prize for the eventual winner(s), on a budget made of coins rather than paper. But one thing is for sure -- the winner will be the first recipient of the PokerStars Blog Golden Scythe Award.

The Overall "Genghis Khan" Standings: cal42688

THE WINNER: It was a Golden SCOOP for Calvin "cal42688" Anderson in more ways that one. Not only did he win two events, he finished second on two PoY leaderboards. But topping all of those achievements, ahem, was this won. First place in the Golden Scythe Awards with 108 KOs.

cal42688MX 108422.57
PomGinJTH 107264.12
nathana2NL 93253.72
fr0zZyRU 93342.74
shaundeebMX 85422.02
RaJohnnyLT 84127.00
tigran66613RU 84302.80
Ferran789999RU 83352.37
lehoutNL 81342.38
WonderfullyPCH 80263.08
88Xin88CA 77233.35
Doktor-4ik20RU 77194.05
_WaPetry_BR 77184.28
gonti89PL 76401.90
TulkazDK 73302.43

The "LeBron James" Consistency Standings: Highest KO/Event

These are the leaders in KOs per SCOOP played (KO/E), with a minimum of five SCOOP events played. These players are consistently the handiest with a scythe on a day to day basis.

THE WINNER: Ntravnik (8.80 KOs per Event).

NtravnikCA 4458.80
BossAloneCN 5068.33
88_Oktay_29DE 3757.40
ÄssnackeSE 4467.33
bernd1965330DE 3657.20
RaJohnnyLT 84127.00
MedVedev554UA 4166.83
leiguBR 3456.80
lucjan22DE 3456.80
ChecherskiBY 3456.80
maciejwrobelPL 3256.40
matroos25NL 3256.40
Artemkos777RU 3256.40
rawachaAT 4476.29

Here's how the same category looks with a minimum of 20 SCOOP 2018 events played.

PomGinJTH 107264.12
nathana2NL 93253.72
zimonttSE 72213.43
88Xin88CA 77233.35
SmilleThHeroDE 72223.27
bezfrkeRS 66213.14
pAtcAsh83GB 72233.13
cocojamb0BG 72233.13
WonderfullyPCH 80263.08
coserhanMD 70233.04
ramondemon77RO 68232.96

The "John Wick" Hit and Run Standings: Highest KO/Event overall

These players scored the highest KO/Event number in a single event. A kind of John Wick "go big and then go home" strategy.

THE WINNER: ciuttac (28 KOs in one Event)

ciuttacMD 28128.00
steinsen111IS 24124.00
karsten320DK 24124.00
1698514RU 21121.00
cigonas301IS 20120.00
Lynch & DuckDK 18118.00
Marshall5522AM 18118.00
PowerMongoGB 18118.00
kotik5555CY 18118.00
dubfitzIE 17117.00
General_X2RU 17117.00
panco994RO 17117.00
DIMAXXXX1990UA 17117.00
Paveltrener1RU 17117.00

The "Spraggy as Rudy Ruettiger" Team Pro standings

THE WINNER: Fintan "easywithaces" Hand (53 KOs).

An honourable mention goes to Lex Veldhuis and Jaime Staples who came within 3 KOs of top spot.

Fintan HandIE53222.41
Lex VeldhuisNL50271.85
Jaime StaplesCA50341.47
Jeff GrossCA27320.84
Kevin MartinCA1728.50
Randy LewCA1171.57
Ben SpraggGB7130.54
Celina LinMO790.78
Felix SchneidersDE651.20
Fatima De MeloNL515.00
Mikhail ShalamovRU422.00

The "Kneel before Zod" World Domination Standings

Put simply, one nation coasted their way through this.


Row LabelsSum of KOsSum of EventsPlayedKO/E
RU 46,10830,0891.53
BR 43,57830,8111.41
DE 35,21124,0711.46
GB 27,98119,2691.45
CA 19,44013,4271.45
NL 16,70710,8981.53
RO 15,81710,1671.56
UA 12,5308,5701.46
PL 9,9566,6461.50
GR 8,8685,8791.51
SE 8,3995,7221.47
BE 7,5835,3711.41
AT 7,4575,1381.45
NO 6,3724,4471.43
CH 6,1434,5361.35

Click here to see all the country rankings.

Links to more information

Find out where you stand in terms of Knock-Outs by searching the full list at the links below. There are a lot of names, which means Ctrl-F is your friend. But you'll find every name listed at the links below.

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Those are the results for today. Check back tomorrow for the latest results.

Stephen Bartley
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