PokerStars Sunday Million Results (8/20/2006)

It was a record-breaking day for the PokerStars Sunday Million. Nearly 6,000 people showed up to play in poker's biggest weekly tournament. With nearly $1.2 million in the prize pool, the competition was fierce. By the time players reached the final table, they were all guaranteed a five-figure payday. A four-way deal gave the top four players a huge amount of cash, including more than $150,000 to the eventual winner, CardXFactor. Here are the final table results.

PokerStars Sunday Million Results
(based on finishing order and four-way deal that left $20,000 for first place)

1. CardXFactor (Stockton, CA) $158,889.00
2. N00Z (Helsingor, Denmark) $72,997.00
3. BigDaddy007 (Escondido, CA) $68,032.00
4. SBRounder (Los Altos, CA) $75,000.00
5. pkrooster (Thunder Bay, ON, Canada) $36,710.20
6. cherson.27 (London, ON, Canada) $29,605.0
7. CoronaC-Note (California) $23,091.90
8. vaike (Tallinn, Estonia) $17,170.90
9. guayana14 (Caracas, Venezuela) $10,657.80

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Sunday Million