Allanon85 Takes it All With October 5th Sunday Million Win

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, with a football game on in the background and the windows open to catch the fall breeze, poker players all over the world gathered at their computers on PokerStars to play the Sunday Million. Well, the setting may not have been so dramatic for all of the 7,245 players, but the sitting in front of the computer rings true. The Sunday Million is becoming a weekly tradition for online poker players, and the $1.5 million guarantee doesn’t hurt the turnout either.

With the 7,245 players, the competitors were able to enjoy a bit of an overlay. The last 1,080 players to survive the tough field would receive a portion of the sizable prize pool, with the last person standing set to receive $184,500 of it. Not a bad take for one day’s work and a $215 buy-in.

The field thinned quickly, as nearly two-thirds of it was gone by the two-and-a-half hour mark. And less than four hours after play began, the bubble burst, courtesy of jjtes in 1081st place. That made way for goodfellas65 to be the first to cash in the October 5th Sunday Million tournament and take home the $300 prize.

The final 18 players were seated at two tables after eight and a half hours, and play then slowed tremendously. It took approximately an hour to discover the name of the final table bubble player. After having been playing a short stack for a bit, jamie2000 moved all-in preflop with Q-8, but aty79 called with A-8. The board showed a pair of fives, and the ace kicker was good to eliminate jamie2000 in 10th place for $7,500.

With that, at the nine hour and thirty minute mark, blinds at 200,000/400,000 and a 40,000 ante in level 35, the final table was set as follows:

Seat 1: Allanon85 (4,027,610 in chips)
Seat 2: forza-guti (20,452,649 in chips)
Seat 3: aty79 (5,746,206 in chips)
Seat 4: tnapoleao (5,747,738 in chips)
Seat 5: cdbr3799 (7,555,840 in chips)
Seat 6: Tyler9897 (2,881,305 in chips)
Seat 7: insanocut (11,732,370 in chips)
Seat 8: sjco22 (3,823,426 in chips)
Seat 9: Kongsgaard (10,482,856 in chips)

Sunday Million final table 10.05.08.JPG

Allanon85 began final table play with only two shorter stacks behind him on the leaderboard and decided to make a move only a few hands into play. After an initial raise from Kongsgaard to 1,150,000, Allanon85 reraised all-in preflop from the small blind with As-9h. Kongsgaard called with Ts-9s, and the board came 7h-7c-Qh-Ad-5c. The two pair allowed Allanon85 to double up. And on the very next hand, Allanon85 got involved again, this time with sjco22, who made the initial raise to 2,000,000. Allanon85 came over the top all-in, and sjco22 called all-in for his last 693,426. The at-risk player showed Kh-Tc, and Allanon85 flipped over Ad-Jc. The board came Qh-3s-2c-4c-3d, and the ace kicker played to eliminate sjco22 in 9th place for a $10,500 payday.

Tyler9897 was the new short stack at the table and moved his last 2.7 million all-in preflop. Kongsgaard called from the big blind with pocket queens, and Tyler9897 showed Ah-Jc. The board was a tease when it came Ac-Qh-9c-3h-4d, and the ace was quickly trumped by the queen that gave Kongsgaard trips. Tyler9897 was out in 8th place with an extra $17,250.

The next in danger was tnapoleao, who got involved in a monstrous hand with two other players. It was tnapoleao who made the first raise, then insanocut pushed all-in. aty79 also moved all-in, with insanocut having both competitors covered. aty79 showed pocket aces, insanocut showed A-K, and tnapoleao had pocket kings. In the end, no player received any help on the board, and aty79 collected the 14,903,214 pot. insanocut was short-stacked after the hand, but tnapoleao got the worst of it, as he was out in 7th place with $26,250 to show for it.

As the players took their first final table break, aty79, despite being the chip leader, was hitting the chat box about a chop.

“i am willing to give a little”
“we can just see the number then talk”

But too many players were opposed, and play resumed after the 5-minute break.

One who may have considered that chop option a little more was insanocut. As the short-stack, he pushed shortly thereafter for his last 4,178,388 with Kc-6s, but Kongsgaard was there to get in from the small blind with As-Ks. The five cards came 2c-8c-4d-Ts-Qs, and that was all they wrote for insanocut, who left the tournament in 6th place with $39,000.

The action at the table was getting fast and furious. Allanon85 doubled through forza-guti when his A-9 found two more nines on the flop to beat the pocket sixes of forza-guti. With that, forza-guti was practically forced to move on the next hand, which he did with Ac-Jh. Allanon85 called from the big blind with pocket threes, and it was off to the races. The flop made forza-guti’s hand look good when it came 8d-Qc-Jd, and the 9h on the turn was harmless, but the 3d on the river gave Allanon85 the set and the win. forza-guti, who at one time had a tremendous lead over the other players, was out in 5th place with a $54,000 consolation prize.

One player who had been absent from many of the big hands thus far was about to ride a roller coaster for most of level 38. cdbr3799 pushed all-in for just under 10 million in chips with pocket sixes, but aty79 called with pocket kings. A six came on the river to allow cdbr3799 to double up. The next pot was a monster one that found Allanon85 moving all-in for a bit more than 18 million, and cdbr3799 called with his newfound bigger stack. But cdbr3799’s A-Q couldn’t beat Allanon85’s A-J when a jack fell on the turn. The 36,821,592 pot went to Allanon85, and cdbr3799 was in trouble again. But cdbr3799 proceeded to double through Kongsgaard to stay alive when his sixes held up against the T-6 of his opponent.

Kongsgaard was then the short stack and moved all-in preflop for just over 10.5 million with pocket deuces, but Allanon85 called with pocket jacks. The board just twisted the knife when it brought a jack on the flop on a Js-6c-4d-As-Ts board. Kongsgaard finished the tournament in 4th place with $69,000 for the effort.

With three players remaining, aty79 proposed chop talks again, and this time the other two players agreed. The administrator calculated the chip chop numbers as follows:

Allanon85 (50,484,537 in chips) = $161,660.48
aty79 (13,410,365 in chips) = $104,629.20
cdbr3799 (8,555,098 in chips) = $97,160.32

With $30,000 extra left out to award the winner, players discussed, and the two shorter stacks wanted Allanon85 to give up some of his funds to the others. With some frustration, Allanon85 was willing to look at some different numbers, and when cdbr3799 came up with some new numbers, Allanon85 responded with an odd comment:

“need to talk one moment to my backers mom”

Finally, after more negotiations and that $30,000 extra for the victor, the following numbers were agreed upon:

Allanon85 = $147,450.00
aty79 = $109,000.00
cdbr3799 = $107,000.00

Play resumed. Allanon85 apparently wanted the title and may not have been happy giving up so much money in the chop, so he got aggressive by pushing the smaller stacks around. Finally, cdbr3799 pushed all-in with Qc-5h, and Allanon85 called with Ks-7s. The board ran out 4s-7d-2h-8d-3d, and Allanon85’s pair of sevens was good. cdbr3799 was out in third place for the agreed-upon amount of $107,000.

Though aty79 was able to double through Allanon85 on the second hand of heads-up play, Allanon85 still held the lead and wasn’t letting up on the pressure. The final hand began with aty79 raising to 3 million preflop and Allanon85 simply calling to see the flop come 2d-Kh-6c. aty79 bet another 3 million, which was called by Allanon85. After the 5s on the turn, aty79 bet 9 million, and Allanon85 pushed all-in. aty79 called all-in for his last 9,100,730 with Kc-8c for the pair of kings, but Allanon85 showed Kd-Jd for the kings with the higher kicker. The 2c came on the river, and it was over for aty79, who took the chop amount of $109,000 for the second place finish.

Allanon85 won the Sunday Million, with a total of $177,450 in prize money and the title of Sunday Million champion.

Sunday Million Results for 10/05/08:

1st place: Allanon85 ($177,450.00)
2nd place: aty79 ($109,000.00)
3rd place: cdbr3799 ($107,000)
4th place: Kongsgaard ($69,000)
5th place: forza-guti ($54,000)
6th place: insanocut ($39,000)
7th place: tnapoleao ($26,250)
8th place: Tyler9897 ($17,250)
9th place: sjco22 ($10,500)

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million