Darkillermax claims big win for China in Sunday Million!

With 7,415 competitors in the October 26th edition of the PokerStars Sunday Million, taking down the top prize is an accomplishment for any player. But for a player with the hopes of a nation on his shoulders, it’s an even greater victory. When Darkillermax took down the top prize he claimed one of the biggest wins for a Chinese player in the history of internet poker! Darkillermax took a huge chip lead into the final table and rode it all the way to victory and a $174,656 payday.

Darkillermax is currently studying in Reims, France, and got his start on PokerStars in February 2007. He started off on PokerStars for the tournaments, and switched to cash games after a few months. After seeing the structure of the WCOOP and other major tournaments, he switched back to tournaments, and succeeded past his wildest dreams when he took down the Sunday Million less than two years after picking up the game!

He describes himself as a recreations player, but adds “since this win I might consider playing more big buy-in tournaments online and live, and might go pro.” Even with no live tournament experience, we have no doubt that he’ll be able to translate his online success into big wins on the green felt as well. Even after his success with No Limit Hold’em tournaments, he calls Omaha his favorite game because it “needs more skill and guts.”

We asked him to describe one key hand that propelled him to the final table, and he told us this story – “I had K-J suited and raised from the hijack. The button re-raised me and I supposed that was a squeeze play and with my stack I could make the call and see the flop. The flop came A-9-7 rainbow. At this point I thought I might move my opponent off his hand if he had a pocket pair. I decided to check and see what he does. He thought for a few seconds and bet 1/3 of the pot. I really felt weakness at that point and I insta-shoved all in. He used his time bank and finally made the call with A-5. I was almost drawing dead, but a Q on the turn and a 10 on the river gave me the runner-runner straight.” Even with the inevitable abuse in the chat box, Darkillermax used that big pot to give himself breathing room and then wielded his big stack like a hammer all the way to a deal when play reached heads-up and then the win and the extra $30K for the victor!

With a big boost to his bankroll, this self-described “Chinese boy” is poised to do great things in the world of poker both online and live!

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