METZMAGNY hits a home run in the November 2nd Sunday Million

November is set to be a busy month. Poker brings us the November Nine at the World Series of Poker final table and the kick-off of the new season of the Latin American Poker Tour, and the world of politics brings the United States a presidential election that is being followed the world over. As November gears up for big tournaments and a new U.S. president, online poker thrives amidst the madness around it.

The November 2nd installment of the Sunday Million brought 7,836 players to the table, and the $200 + $15 buy-in from each of them took the prize pool over the $1.5 million guarantee. Players were competing for their shares of the $1,567,200 prize pool, and 1,170 would eventually fight their way to get in that money.

Play began at 16:30pm ET, and as per usual, the field thinned quickly. The money bubble was prepared to hit at the three hour and forty minute mark, and hand-for-hand play during Level 14 only lasted about two minutes before Andrrr became the 1,171st finisher. Thanks to the bubble player, 3240VH was able to cash in 1,170th place for $313.44, and a flurry of players followed that one’s lead. Within one minute of the money bubble pop, nearly 30 players had been eliminated.

As the sixth hour of play approached, there were less than 200 players remaining, and the tournament had been reduced to only ten tables before the seven hour mark. It was soon after that the last Team PokerStars Pro standing, Lee “LeeNelsonP*” Nelson, was eliminated in 161st place. And finally, the last two tables were playing toward the big money. It was crusader-bg who finished in 18th place, williamskris in 17th, and redrumxxx in 16th, each cashing for $3,918.00. Then Master_99 left in 15th, bullilou in 14th, and BigRed0000 in 13th all took their spots on the virtual rail with $5,485.20 for the effort. Eventually, hartwith was eliminated in 12th and Micka38 in 11th, each receiving $7,836.00.

Hand-for-hand play began at the nine-hour mark of the tournament, and after ten minutes, it was mvpsteveyg who was eliminated at the hands of METZMAGNY when the short stack’s Ah-5c was beat by the Ac-8c of his opponent. The tenth place finish for mvpsteveyg was good for $7,836.00.

The final table began with the nine survivors from the 7,836-player list of entries, and the difference between ninth and first place was significant - $10,970.40 and $191,982.00, respectively - and likely on the minds of each of the players. The stacks of the final table players as Level 34 began, with blinds at 150,000/300,000 and a 30,000 ante, were as follows:

Seat 1: Papatri (3,254,605 in chips)
Seat 2: tickkid (7,569,013 in chips)
Seat 3: Stammdogg (17,152,397 in chips)
Seat 4: jiacstrap (5,391,587 in chips)
Seat 5: METZMAGNY (10,963,716 in chips)
Seat 6: dray313 (6,772,748 in chips)
Seat 7: h2oace (10,436,996 in chips)
Seat 8: ldgii (2,931,516 in chips)
Seat 9: aaaaaaaa (13,887,422 in chips)

Sunday Million final table 11.02.08.JPG

Stammdogg was the clear chip leader with a hefty lead over the rest of the pack, and shorter stacks like Idgii and Papatri would clearly have to make moves soon. On the contrary, however, play slowed tremendously as compared to the game’s progression to that point. It was awhile before anyone made a move, which was when jiacstrap doubled through tickkid with pocket nines, and Idgii doubled through Stammdogg with a pair of tens that held up. Idgii then doubled again, this time through aaaaaaaa with pocket eights that turned into a straight to climb into third chip position.

Meanwhile, tickkid was becoming the shortest stack at the table and pushed all-in preflop with Ad-6h. dray313 called with pocket kings, and the two players watched the flop come 6d-3s-Td-4s-4h. tickkid was the first to go from the final table, accepting ninth place and the $10,970.40 that went with it.

Almost immediately thereafter, it was the other short-stacked player, aaaaaaaa, who moved all-in from the small blind after an initial raise by h2oace. aaaaaaaa showed As-7d, and h2oace turned over the dominating Ad-Td. The board came Tc-8c-9h-7c-8d, and it was all over for aaaaaaaa in eighth place, which was worth $18,022.80.

As play continued at an accelerated pace, it was then Papatri with just over 2.1 million in chips who found the spot to move all-in preflop with Ad-Qs after Idgii made the initial raise. Idgii called with Kh-Jh, and the virtual dealer gave them 8d-4h-5d-3h-Jc. Idgii rivered the pair for the win, and Papatri was gone suddenly in seventh place with a $27,426.00 prize.

In the last few minutes of Level 36, with blinds at 250,000/500,000 and a 50,000 ante, two of the six remaining players tangled for one’s tournament life. jiacstrap came in raising to 1.25 million, and dray313 came over the top from the big blind with an all-in move for his remaining 5,870,174. jiacstrap called with Ks-Qs, and it would be a race against the pocket sixes of dray313. The race ended with the turn card, as the entire board ran out 5c-4h-Tc-Kh-Jc, and dray313 was ousted from the tournament in sixth place with a $39,963.60 consolation prize.

Just back from the ten-hour break, Stammdogg didn’t waste any time getting more than eight million chips into the pot with a preflop all-in move. h2oace called from the big blind and showed Ah-Ks which dominated the As-2d of Stammdogg. The five cards from the dealer were 9d-Jc-5d-8h-Qs, and Stammdogg was gone just that quickly, taking fifth place and the $55,635.60 that came with it.

Idgii then initiated deal talks, and METZMAGNY agreed to see some numbers. jiacstrap agreed as well, though the discussion briefly looked as follows:

jiacstrap: i want 200k
METZMAGNY: i want 150 K
METZMAGNY: and a twix

A few minutes later, h2oace also agreed to see some numbers from the administrator, and the amounts came back as $122,067 for jiacstrap, $117,822 for METZMAGNY, $105,771 for h2oace, and $104,841 for Idgii. With $30,000 extra set aside for the eventual champion but no mention of a Twix, the players all immediately agreed, and action resumed.

From that point, play seemed to slow a bit as the chip lead changed hands several times. The original short stack at the final table, Idgii, had risen to take the top spot during four-handed play, while jiacstrap lost ground quickly. After h2oace doubled through him, he was reduced to just under five million in chips, which he then took into battle with METZMAGNY. jiacstrap doubled but was forced to move again soon. The next attempt was with As-5c versus the Kc-Ts of h2oace. The board came Td-Qh-3d-Js-Qc, and jiacstrap was eliminated in fourth place with the previously-agreed upon $122,067.00.

h2oace then took a tremendous hit when METZMAGNY doubled through him, leaving him with little to work with in comparison to the rising blinds and antes. A few hands later, METZMAGNY began the hand with a raise, but h2oace pushed all-in, which received a call from both players. After the flop of 4h-4c-7c, METZMAGNY bet 3.2 million, and Idgii check-called. Both players checked the Jc on the turn. The 5d on the river prompted an all-in move from Idgii, and METZMAGNY got out of the way. Idgii showed pocket sevens for a full house, and h2oace showed 5h-2s for two pair. h2oace was gone in third place for the $105,771.00 amount named in the deal.

Heads-up play began in Level 38, with blinds at 500,000/1,000,000 and a 100,000 ante, and the following chip counts:

Seat 5: METZMAGNY (54009460 in chips)
Seat 8: ldgii (24350540 in chips)

METZMAGNY was strong in an effort to take down the Sunday Million title, though Idgii was as tenacious as ever. Idgii pushed consistently, and the double-ups kept the short stack alive for quite some time. Finally, METZMAGNY put his opponent to the test with a raise to four million, and Idgii pushed all-in for his last 17,702,160 chips. METZMAGNY called with Ts-4s, and Idgii showed a solid pair of fives. But as can happen, the flop changed everything with a ten. The entire board showed 7d-Th-Qd-Kh-8c, and the tournament was over. Idgii was forced to settle for second place, which was worth $104,841.00 - not a bad payout for a day’s work.

METZMAGNY came out on top of the first Sunday Million in November. The total prize money awarded to METZMAGNY was $147,822.00, along with the title of Sunday Million champion!

Sunday Million Results for 11/02/08:

1st place: METZMAGY ($147,822.00)
2nd place: Idgii ($104,841.00)
3rd place: h2oace ($105,771.00)
4th place: jiacstrap ($122,067.00)
5th place: Stammdogg ($55,635.60)
6th place: dray313 ($39,963.60)
7th place: Papatri ($27,426.00)
8th place: aaaaaaaa ($18,022.80)
9th place: tickkid ($10,970.40)

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million