PokerStars Sunday Million 7-13-08 - TimDawg888 grabs top prize in richest Sunday Million Ever!

Sunday Million 7.12.08.jpgThe PokerStars 2x promotion carried over into the Sunday Million this week, doubling the guaranteed prize pool to $2 Million and drawing the largest field in Sunday Million history. 14,181 players signed up for the biggest weekly guarantee in poker, building a prize pool of $2,836,200! By the time the final table bubble burst after 2:30 AM Eastern Time, the final nine players were still competing for a prize pool worth almost a million dollars! Nearly two hours later, TimDawg888 overcame the big stack of xanja to take down first place and over $235,000 in prize money!

After sending grapedrink07 to the rail in 10th place, Bumper111 took a big chip lead into the final table. Roundhauskik took over the chip lead in a coin flip with AK against Bumper111’s pocket Queens. A King on the flop, and an Ace on the river, and Roundhauskik was the new chip leader. Roundhauskik put that big stack to good use not long afterwards, taking out funplay800 in 9th place ($21,271.50). All the money went in preflop, with funplay800 As-Qd dominating Roundhauskik’s Qh-Jc. The flop was heartbreaking for funplay800 as it came down Js-Jd-9s. The turn and river came down 2h-2d to give Roundhauskik a full house and send funplay800 to the rail.

Bumper111 was the next to fall, as the one-time chip leader finished the tournament in 8th place for $29,496.48. KAG1 moved all in preflop with 4s-5s, and Bumper111 called with Js-3h. The flop of 4h-Td-8c was bad for Bumper111, and the 5h on the turn sealed the deal. The river was a superfluous 3d, and Bumper111 was eliminated.

Xanja took over the table chip lead by knocking out sjoko with Ah-Kh. Sjoko put in a stiff re-raise preflop with Ac-2c, and made the call when xanja moved all in over the top. The flop of Qc-4d-3d gave sjoko additional outs, but no help appeared on the turn or river. Sjoko earned $45,379.20 for 7th place.

On a flop of 3c-4c-7s, PokerMurphy1 led out with an all-in shove. Roundhauskik went into the tank for a moment before making the call with 6c-6d for second pair and an inside straight draw. PokerMurphy1 tabled 8c-8d for the overpair and faded the outs to bust Roundhauskik in 6th place. The final board read 3c-4c-7s-Qd-Ac, and Roundhauskik picked up $63,814.50 for 6th place.

Xanja’s chip lead grew even more after a big hand with KAG1 narrowed the field to four. KAG1 moved all in preflop over the top of xanja’s raise with Kc-Jd. Xanja quickly called with Ac-9s, and when the board ran out Ad-7d-Qd-As-3s, KAG1 was done in 5th place ($85,086.00) and xanja held a commanding chip lead over the rest of the field.

After a brief discussion of a deal, the remaining four players decided to play it out for the biggest prize pool ever in a Sunday Million. Play continued back and forth, with xanja building an ever-bigger chip lead, until the remaining players paused once more to discuss a deal. Deal discussions broke down once again, and play resumed. Just a few hands later, kpax22 went to the rail in 4th place in an exciting hand with xanja. PokerMurphy1 raised preflop, and kpax22 went all in over the top. Xanja three-bet, and PokerMurphy1 got out of the way.

Xanja revealed Ah-Kh to kpax22’s Js-10c, but the flop brought outs in the form of 5c-9h-Ks, giving kpax22 an inside straight draw. The Qh on the turn filled the straight, but the 2h on the river swung the pendulum back to xanja, as the nut flush busted kpax22 in 4th place, good for $113,448.00. After kpax22’s elimination, a deal was reached between the final three players, paying out $167,788.00 to PokerMurphy1, $205,356 for TimDawg888 and $235,000 to xanja, with $30,000 left in the middle for the winner.

Three-handed play lasted only a few hands before TimDawg888 picked off a re-steal attempt by PokerMurphy1 that set up the heads-up match. TimDawg888 raised preflop, and PokerMurphy1 moved all in over the top with Ks-4d. TimDawg888 made the call with Ad-7c, and picked up a paid of sevens on the board of Jd-8c-Qs-7s-6c to send PokerMurphy1 home in 3rd pace with $167,788.00. That hand brought TimDawg888 within striking distance of xanja’s big stack and the extra $30,000 left for the winner.

Xanja took the first few hands of heads-up, increasing the chip lead to more than 2:1 before TimDawg888 doubled through on a key hand with top pair, top kicker on a board of Jd-3h-9s-Kh-4h. Xanja made a move with 9d-6d for second pair, but ran into TimDawg888’s Ah-Jc, and the chip positions were suddenly reversed.

It all ended a few hands later as TimDawg888 took down the biggest Sunday Million ever, and $235,356.00 for first place. In the final hand, TimDawg888 raised preflop with As-8s. Xanja re-raised all in with Js-Jd, and TimDawg888 made the call. The flop was cruel for the former chip leader, as the Ac in the middle put TimDawg888 firmly in the lead. The final board ran out 5d-Ac-2c-9d-Qs, and TimDawg888 had overcome the once-dominating chip lead of xanja to take down the richest weekly guarantee in poker.

The final table payouts (as a result of a three-way deal) looked like this –
1st – TimDawg888 - $235,356.00
2nd – xanja - $235,000.00
3rd – PokerMurphy1 - $167,788.00
4th – kpax22 - $113,448.00
5th – KAG1 - $85,086.00
6th – Roundhauskik - $63,814.50
7th – sjoko - $45,379.20
8th – Bumper111 - $29,496.48
9th – funplay800 - $21,271.50

Congrats to all TimDawg888, all our final table players, and all 2,142 players who cashed in this week’s Sunday Million!