Sunday Million 6/29/08 - GoMukYaSelf Takes it down

6,521 players made their way into the Sunday Million via direct buy-in or satellite, making another huge field for the biggest weekly guarantee tournament in online poker. After nearly ten hours of play, GoMukYaSelf stood alone atop the leader board, with a first-place finish in the PokerStars Sunday Million to add to his resume, and $135,334.75 to add to his bankroll.

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KtheKing took a big chip lead into the final table, but Jalla79 took over the top spot in a brutal boat-over-boat hand. On a flop of 5d-Js-2h, jalla79 led out, and KtheKing raised. Jalla79 shoved all in over the top with pocket fives for middle set, and KtheKing called with pocket deuces for bottom set. The turn and river were both eights, giving jalla79 to higher full house and the chip lead.

“Dumping”KGB came into the final table as one of the shortest stacks, and his after an initial period of feeling out, with several players jockeying back and forth for position, “Dumping”KGB got all his chips in the middle for the last time against online star aaaaaaa. “Dumping”KGB moved all in on a flop of 3h-8d-Ad, and found one caller in aaaaaaa. Aaaaaaa led the whole way with Kh-Qh to “Dumping”KGB’s Jc-9s, and as the board ran out 3h-8d-Ad-5d-Qd, aaaaaaa made a pair of queens to send “Dumping”KGB to the rail in 9th place, good for $10,172.76.

With “Dumping”KGB’s elimination, Patrolman35 was the short stack, and he ran his As-9s into PokerED’s pocket tens for his elimination. Patrolman35 pushed all in preflop, and PokerED made the call. The board ran out 8c-9h-2h-Qs-Qh, and Patrolman35 was finished in 8th place, but took home $15,650.40 for his troubles.

Shortly after Patrolman35’s elimination, GoMukYaSelf moved into the chip lead after taking down a huge pot from aaaaaaa in a hand that went to the river, but didn’t show down. GoMukYaSelf then took out KtheKing in 7th place ($23,475.60) when his pocket deuces held up against KtheKing’s As-Kd. After GoMukYaSelf called a preflop raise from aaaaaaa, KtheKing moved all in over the top. Aaaaaaa got out of the way, and GoMuckYaSelf went into the tank for a while before making the call with deuces. The board ran out 6d-7s-10s-5s-2d to give GoMukYaSelf a set and send KtheKing to bed in 7th place.

Short-stacked online star aaaaaaa was next to fall. Aaaaaaa moved all in preflop with 10d-10c, and found one caller in jalla79 with As-7d. The flop was kind to aaaaaaa, coming down Ks-9c-9h, and the Js on the turn helped neither player. The Ac on the river, however, gave jalla79 the pot and sent aaaaaaa home in sixth place with $34,561.30 to soothe his pains.

Supadphat was pretty quiet on the final table until his picked up pocket sixes to send PokerED home in 5th place. PokerED moved all in preflop with Qc-Kh, and supadphat called with 6d-6c, and promptly hit a set on the 6h-9d-Ks flop. The turn and river came down 4s-5s and couldn’t save PokerED, who picked up $47,603.30 for his 5th-place finish.

Supadphat continued the final table rush when he took out central106 in 4th place. Central106 moved all in preflop with 9c-6d from the small blind, but had the misfortune to run into supadphat’s Ah-Kh in the big blind. The board ran out Td-As-2h-2s-8c, and central106 was eliminated in 4th place for $60,645.30.
With three players remaining, the chip stacks were amazingly close, with less than one small blind separating first place from third. The players paused for a moment to discuss a deal, and agreed on an even chop of $105,334.75, with $30,000 left over for the winner.

Play continued three-handed for a while before GoMukYaSelf took out both opponents in back-to-back hands to claim the extra $30,000. In the first hand, GoMukYaSelf and jalla79 saw a flop of 5d-Kc-5h. Both players checked, then jalla79 led out on the 7h turn. GoMukYaSelf raised, then jalla79 moved all in over the top. GoMukYaSelf called and tabled Kd-8s for two pair. Jalla79 showed Ks-4h for two pair with a worse kicker, and needed a river card higher than and eight for the chop. The 2s wasn’t it, and jalla79 was busted in third place.

With a commanding chip lead going into heads-up, it only took one hand for all the chips to end up in the middle. After GoMukYaSelf raised preflop, supadphat moved all in over the top with 5c-5s. GoMukYaSelf called with 7h-7c and typed “lets end it now plz” in the chat box. The fates complied, and the board ran out Kh-4h-10d-8c-6c. GoMukYaSelf’s pocket sevens were good for the win and $135,334.75.

The final table finishes and payouts looked like this at the end of the tourney and as a result of a deal for the final three finishers.

1st Place – GoMukYaSelf - $135,334.75
2nd Place – supadphat - $105,334.75
3rd Place – jalla79 - $105,334.75
4th Place – central106 - $60,645.30
5th Place – PokerED - $47,603.30
6th Place – aaaaaaa - $34,561.00
7th Place – KtheKing – $23,475.60
8th Place – Patrolman35 – $15,650.40
9th Place – “Dumping”KGB - $10,172.76

Congrats to all the final table competitors and to GoMukYaSelf for the win!