Sunday Million 7/27/08 - avkid86 tops field of 8,370 players!

CM Capture 1.jpg8,370 players ponied up $215 to take part in the biggest weekly tournament in poker – the PokerStars Sunday Million. 1,260 players took home a piece of the $1,674,000 prize pool, with avkid86 taking down a first prize of $138,101.00 after the final four players made a chip count chop. After nine and a half grueling hours of poker, Jimboski30 took the chip lead into the final table, with a slight lead over his opponents. The first 30 minutes of final table play was almost tentative, as the players took their time feeling out their opponents.

After a break, the field started to thin rapidly, as two players went out in the first four hands back from break. In the first, Gambooooool raised preflop with Ad-Qd, and DonC33 re-raised all in with Ac-Kh. Gambooooool made the call, and hit the flop hard when the board ran out Qc-9c-As-4s-Ah. Gambooooool flopped top two and rivered a full house to send DonC33 home in 9th place – a respectable $11,718.00 payday.

Just two hands later, gio_piso open-shoved with Jd-10d and found one caller in Jimboski30, who tabled Ks-6s. The board missed both players as it ran out 3s-5c-3h-Qc-8s, and Jimboski30’s King played to send gio_piso home in 8th place with $19,251.00 for consolation.

Jimboski30 found himself on the short stack after losing a big hand to pokerbrat13, and he jammed the last of his chips in the middle preflop with 9h-10c. Strahhh25 called with As-2c, and picked up a deuce on the 8s-6s-2d flop. The 8c on the turn gave strahhh25 two pair, and the 3d on the river sealed jimboski30’s fate. He headed home in 7th place, earning $29,295.00 for his day’s work.

As the blinds and antes skyrocketed, the field continued to thin. With the big blind at 1 million, dapoopta moved all in preflop with pocket deuces. Avkid86 made the call with As-10h, and we were off to the races. Maybe sprint would be a better term, because the Ah on the flop made for a short-lived race. Avkid86 made aces up to send dapoopta home in 6th place, good for $41,850.00.

Tonijeromi’s second Sunday Million final table ended a bit shorter than the last time, as he busted in 5th place for $58,590.00. Tonijeromi shoved all in preflop with Ks-10s and found himself racing against Gambooooool’s pocket threes. The flop of Jh-3h-Qd put a quick end to the race, as Gambooooool picked up a set and left tonijeromi looking for an Ace or a 9 for the straight. The Jc on the river gave Gambooooool a full house instead, and tonijeromi was done.

When the field reached the final four, a deal was struck among the remaining players based on chip counts, and each of the remaining players locked up a $100,000+ win for themselves. Based on chip counts at the time of the deal, the payouts were –

Avkid86 - $108,101.00
Gambooooool - $113,016.00
Strahhh25 - $118,193.00
Pokerbrat13 - $138,077.00

The deal left $30,000 to play for, and the final four settled in for a final showdown.

Gambooooool was the first to fall when he and strahhh25 tangled one last time. Strahhh25 raised in early position and Gambooooool re-raised. Strahhh25 three-bet all in, and Gambooooool called with Kd-Qc. Strahhh25 showed Ad-Ks, and nothing unexpected happened on the board of 5d-Js-3c-9h-4h. Gambooooool fell short of the extra $30,000, but still picked up $113,016.00 for 4th place.

Pokerbrat13 locked up first place money in the chip count chop, but back-to-back big hands with avkid86 left him out in third place. In the first hand, avkid86’s As-7c outran pokerbrat13’s Kh-Qs on a board of 8c-6d-6h-7s-Js. Then the last of his chips went in on the next hand with 5s-7c, only to run into avkid86 again, this time holding As-8d. The flop hit both players, coming down 8s-4s-10c. Avkid86 made top pair, top kicker while pokerbrat13 picked up an inside straight draw. No help for pokerbrat13 on later streets, though. The turn and river came down Kings, and pokerbrat13 headed to the rail with $138,077 as a result of a chop.

Heads-up play was quick but tumultuous, with several chip lead changes in the dozen or so final hands between avkid86 and strahhh25. Finally, after a huge pot worth over 77 million chips, strahhh25 moved all in preflop with Qc-7h. Avkid86 made the call with Kc-5s, and then saw a dream flop of Ks-3s-5d. Strahhh25 was way behind, and was drawing dead on the 9h turn. A meaningless 3d came on the river, and strahhh25 was done in 2nd place, picking up $113,016.00 along the way.

Avkid86 came from last in chip when the chop was determined to nab the extra $30,000 for the champion. That made his final total $138,101.00 for almost 11 hours of tournament poker. Congrats to all the 1,260 players who cashed, and especially our champion avkid86!