Sunday Million 8/10/08 - ziggy47 claims the top spot!

SM Final Table 8.10.08.jpg
Another Sunday, another massive field in the Sunday Million, and another $1.5 Million guarantee shattered. This week 8,236 players built a prize pool of $1,647,200.00, with the top 1260 players taking home a piece of the pie. After nine hours of play, the final nine competitors gathered ‘round the final table, all vying for the title and the $199,475.92 first prize.

Ohhaaahhh took out BUCK 7 DEUCE to set the final table when ohhaaahhh’s As-Qh outflopped BUCK 7 Deuce’s pocket nines on a board of Jd-2c-Ac-6h-10d to set up the final table. That pot put ohhaaahhh in the chip lead going into the final table, but j.thaddeus took the top spot a few hands later after flopping a set on a board of Jh-4h-9s. All the money went in the middle, and ohhaaahhh’s Ac-Kc couldn’t catch up. J.thaddeus then had more than double the chip stack of the nearest competitor.

Lissem became the first casualty of the final table, about 20 hands in. The short-stacked lissem had played the waiting game, sitting back and posting and folding while awaiting a premium hand. Finally, one came along – Ah-Ks. After a preflop raise from puntnko, lissem called all-in to find a classic race waiting – AK v. pocket Queens. This time, the coin landed tails for lissem as the board ran out 4d-8s-4h-7s-2c, pushing the pot to puntnko. Lissem picked up $11,530.40 for finishing in 9th place.

Ohhaaahhh moved back up the leader board after a monster hand with WSODice that left WSODice headed to the rail in 8th place. WSODice raised preflop with pocket Queens, and quickly called when ohhaaahhh re-raised enough to force an all in. Ohhaaahhh tabled a massive cooler hand for WSODice – pocket Kings. The board ran out 9d-10h-9h-9s-10s, and ohhaaahhh’s boat was bigger as WSODice busted in 8th place for $18,942.80.

Okidokiclub claimed the next scalp when he defended his button against a steal attempt from Foggsy. Foggsy pushed all in from the cutoff with 8d-6c, and had the bad luck to run his steal into okidokiclub’s Ah-7h. The Ace-high flop gave okidokiclub a solid lead, but the 8s on the turn gave Foggsy some outs. The final board read 3h-Qd-Ac-8s-Ks, though, and Foggsy picked up $28,826.00 for 7th place.

Another cooler sent YrrsiNN to the rail in sixth place when As-Qh ran into Ac-Ks and fireworks ensued. Ziggy47 raised preflop with Ac-Ks, and YrrsiNN went all in over the top with As-Qh. Ziggy47 quickly called, and the board ran out 10c-8d-7c-10s-4d. The tough defeat left YrrsiNN with $41,180.00 in salve for 6th place.
Just a few hands later, Ziggy47 continued the streak, sending okidokiclub to the rail in 5th place ($57,652). Ziggy47 raised preflop with Qh-10h, and okidokiclub moved all in over the top with As-5h. Ziggy47 called, and the flop came down Jc-6d-Kc. Okidokiclub was still in the lead with Ace high, but Ziggy47 had an open-ended straight draw for extra outs. The turn was a meaningless 2h, but the 9d on the river made Ziggy47’s straight and ended okidokiclub’s tournament.

The them of dominated hands in monster pots continued when former chip leader ohhaaahhh ran his Kh-Jc into puntnko’s Kc-Qd to bust in 4th place. After a preflop raise from puntnko and a call by ohhaaahhh, the flop came down 9d-8s-Ks. Ohhaaahhh moved all in with K-J for top pair, only to find himself drawing thin against puntnko’s K-Q. The 2s on the turn helped neither player, and ohhaaahhh was left looking for only a Jack on the river. The 7d was no help, as ohhaaahhh picked up $74,124 for 4th place.

J.thaddeus picked his spot the best he could with the short stack three-handed, but when he moved all in with pocket nines over the top of Ziggy47’s preflop raise, he found himself staring right down the barrel of the gun into Ziggy47’s bullets. Ziggy47’s pocket Aces held up on a board of 10c-8s-Kh-7c-8d, and j.thaddeus was heading to the rail with $91,419.60 for 3rd place.

The chip stacks were pretty close when heads-up play commenced, with ziggy47 holding a slight edge over puntnko.
Ziggy47 – 43,409,883
Puntnko – 38,950,117

With blinds at 400,000/800,000 with an ante of 80,000, the two remaining players agreed to a chip count chop that was almost exactly even. Ziggy47 locked up $152,438 to puntnko’s $151,283, with $30,000 left for the winner. With a deal in place, the remaining competitors squared off for the title and the $30,000 left in the middle!

After some initial feinting and jabbing in the early going of the heads-up match, the end came like a looping roundhouse, out of nowhere and fast. Ziggy47 raised from the button like on many hands before, and this time puntnko re-raised with Ad-9h. Ziggy47 moved all in over the top, and puntnko called, only to watch ziggy47 table the dominant Ac-Js. Nothing unexpected happened, and like so many of the final table hands, a strong hand ran into a stronger one, and after the board ran out 8c-Ah-2d-7c-5h, the tournament was over and ziggy47 was the winner, pocketing a total of $182,438 for a long night’s work.

Congrats to ziggy47, puntnko and all the 1,260 players that cashed in this week’s Sunday Million!