Sunday Million Results 6/22/2008

6,382 runners started the day at 4:30pm Eastern Time to seek a six-figure payday in the Sunday Million. Two players tonight will be adding those six figures to their respective bankrolls with a top prize of $158,656.52 and $107,855.80 for second to ease the pain for this grueling eleven to twelve hour poker test. A big cash tonight could mean joining a series of newly minted bracelet winning Team PokerStars Pros (Barry Greenstein, Daniel Negreanu, and Dario Minieri) at the Rio for the remainder of the *World Series of Poker.


1017 players got a little more then their $215 buy-ins back for busting the money bubble; here is how the final table shaped up tonight:

Seat 1: Bolikk (4961389 in chips)
Seat 2: jeffbeesdat (5039635 in chips)
Seat 3: iso_o (13249502 in chips)
Seat 4: imeasy2read (9219523 in chips)
Seat 5: jlost88 (10467816 in chips)
Seat 6: bartasPL (3606331 in chips)
Seat 7: tEh_R3aLde4L (8740638 in chips)
Seat 8: XCappucinoX1 (7671406 in chips)
Seat 9: luke8 (863760 in chips)

Iso_o and jlost88 made some extra chips just before the final table to claim the chip leads as the final nine are playing for that $158,656.52 first prize. Luke8 has been riding his short stack carefully and watching his payday grow with bustouts from more aggressive players, a possible worst to first in the cards for him tonight? We shall see.

Score the first significant pot to imeasy2read whose book seemed closed to iso_o after making a re-re-raise and shove on a ragged flop with iso_o’s fold and imeasy2read jumped into the chip lead. Luke8 found two live cards and further dug into the former chip leader iso_o’s stack while doubling up with TdKh that found a pair to out flop iso_o’s AcQc.

Luke8 did not have the chips to protect his first premium hand TsTd from tEh_R3aLde4L who seems to enjoy mashing the keyboard as much as mashing other player’s chip stacks with aggressive play. tEh_R3aLde4L’s Kh7h after an opening raise, found a gutshot straight filled on the turn leaving Luke8 dead to a chopped pot that did not materialize on the river. For the effort PokerStars is shipping him a well earned $9,955.92 in ninth place money.

Unlike a couple of weeks ago, tonight the chat box is getting plenty of attention thanks to tEh_R3aLde4L as he is backing his constant chat with good aggressive play and earning many pots preflop this evening. After Luke8’s bustout, a preflop war of blind steals and re-steals have the chips being tossed around like a circle of soccer players playing hacky-sack for the past thirty minutes. No passive players here tonight as imeasy2read has been re-raising many opening raises and built up a chip lead eight million chip lead over second place tEh_R3aLde4L.

Iso_o’s chip stack slowly relented to the constant raises from imeasy2read and tEh_R3aLde4L, down to four million chips he open-shoved with Kc9c trying to take the sizable 680,000 chips in the middle, but jlost88 sat in the small blind with AJo which flopped a jack but iso_o found life on the turn with a king. Sadly, the ace on the river completed the stomach churning board in favor of jlost88, sending iso_o home in eighth place with $15,316.80.

XCappucinoX1 stood up to an opening raise from Bolikk with KQo and probably did not appreciate the Ace showing up on the flop which further improved Bolikk’s A9o. That hand crippled the caffeinated player and his 44 on the next hand versus jlost88’s A2s sent XCappucinoX1 back to the internet café with $22,975.20 for his seventh place effort.

Wow, nothing for 40 minutes and the itch got to be too much as a third bustout came via cooler as jeffbeesdat found himself with a decent hand of AcJc under the gun and shoved with the intentions of Bolikk folding his big blind. Bolikk decided to test the waters with his AA and with nothing exciting coming about on the board, jeffbeesdat left the game in sixth place with $33,824.60 to show for it.

Live aces sent people home in the last few rounds, but imeasy2read’s sixes proved that a set can be difficult to overcome as bartasPL shoved his eight big blinds into the pot with A5o. Staring down a flopped set, bartasPL watched an insignificant ace hit the river as the chips went imeasy2read’s way. The fifth place finish for bartasPL earned him $46,588.60.

To win you need to get lucky, and Bolikk jumped out to a huge chip lead after re-popping imeasy2read’s opening raise for all his chips which had his opponent covered. A great call by imeasy2read with 77, had his pocket pair well ahead of Bolikk’s K5o. A five on the flop created more outs, and a king on the turn proved to be the dagger for imeasy2read when the river did not produce a third seven and our fourth place finisher received $59,352.60.

With the chip lead Bolikk has been standing up to the raises of tEh_R3aLde4L, putting him to the test on the flop while taking much of his stack post flop with stack sized bets. Down to three handed, tEh_R3aLde4L and jlost88 both found pocket pairs and decided to get it all in the middle preflop. The old saying about tEh_R3aLde4L’s pocket jacks having no correct way to play them seemed like a myth when jlost88 flipped up sixes. But, the flop flipped up set for jlost88 sending tEh_R3aLde4L down to only two million chips and $250,000/$500,000 blinds and a $50,000 ante.

But undeterred from the beat, tEh_R3aLde4L managed to win a few all-ins against jlost88 and snagged back a few of the ill-gotten gains to hold enough chips to dent either of his opponent’s stacks. As the break came about, so did the talks of a chip chop deal. After some rook takes knight while putting the king in check type verbal sparring, the three came to a deal that left $30,000 to the champion:

StaffBryanS [Host]: Bolikk: $112,000 / jlost88: $104,940.78 / tEh_R3aLde4L: $91,688.14

tEh_R3aLde4L struck the first blow after the deal finding pocket nines versus jlost88’s deuces and with the board helping no one, tEh_R3aLde4L moved into second place and striking distance of Bolikk’s chip lead. With that being said, it was Bolikk’s turn to redistribute some chips as he found a flopped top pair with J5o and called jlost88’s push but found himself outkicked by jlost88’s jack-eight suited and the three-handed game became much more evened out.

From there tEh_R3aLde4L’s aggressive re-steals and excellent flop play while putting his opponents to the test for their stacks with every call got jlost88 to test tEh_R3aLde4L’s re-raise all in with A9o. But, tEh_R3aLde4L hand did not contain air this time, as his AJo held up to take a commanding chip lead into heads up play against Bolikk.

Just five hands later Bolikk had enough of the barrage on his once sizable stack and got his money in good with A6o versus tEh_R3aLde4L’s K3o. The flop gave Bolikk a gutshot straight draw to go with his leading ace, but the turn produced some royalty to the court as tEh_R3aLde4L paired his king. Needing an ace or seven on the river, Bolikk managed to only pair his six making tEh_R3aLde4L this week’s Sunday Million Champion!

Here’s the money distribution considering the three-way chop:

PokerStars Sunday Million Final Table Result:
Based on finishing order and three-way deal

1. tEh_R3aLde4L $121,688.14
2. Bolikk $112,000.00
3. jlost88 $104,940.78
4. imeasy2read $59,352.60
5. bartasPL $46,588.60
6. jeffbeesdat $33,824.60
7. XCappucinoX1 $22,975,20
8. iso_o $15,316.80
9. luke8 $9,955.92

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Million