Sunday Million Results 6/8/2008

The Sunday Million, a place for those on PokerStars to show their poker chops against thousands every Sunday from the comfort of their own home, basement, or latest trendy internet café in search of a six figure pay day at the end of several grueling hours of play. Even with the 2008 World Series of Poker and Team PokerStars Pros kicking off their third week in Las Vegas, 6,747 players started at 3:30 Central Standard Time today with the $158,554.50 first prize firmly in their sights.

1,143 players made at least $269.88 thanks to the $1,349,400.00 prize pool. Let’s go to the final table:


Seat 1: gyndok (3067077 in chips)
Seat 2: zman2224 (15609196 in chips) out of hand (moved from another table into small blind)
Seat 3: Wizard0f0dd5 (1835004 in chips)
Seat 4: Djorgo (6034444 in chips)
Seat 5: Terken89 (13785812 in chips)
Seat 6: Kongsgaard (5552858 in chips)
Seat 7: swishes2000 (7420397 in chips)
Seat 8: farquad72 (8921972 in chips)
Seat 9: flylice (5243240 in chips)

In a shade under nine hours after 6,738 bust-outs we reach the final nine to vie for the bulk of the prize pool. Zman2224 and Terken89 came in to the final table one and two, with Terken89 making a rise from the ashes in the final three tables to start the final table in second. After checking the online rankings on a few of the competitors showing some past wins and several high cashes like Djorgo who has his seat for the WSOP Main Event from a weekly PokerStars qualifier. It’s sure to be a grand final couple hours of poker with the blinds starting at $125,000/$250,000 and an ante worth two and half of the original chips at $25,000.

Zman2224 is using his chip lead to bully the table whenever it is folded to him, showing he is not content with taking fourth or fifth tonight. But, several players such as Kongsgaard are not putting up with the schoolyard bully tactics and playing back the chip leader as he had to fold to the reraises while he tries to extend his lead.

After a third straight opening raise by zman2224, Djorgo had enough and pushed the rest of his 4,989,444 chips in the middle perhaps to incite a fold. But, zman2224 was not going away in the face of heat as he made the call with AKo versus djorgo’s pretty pair of ladies. The 7c 6h Td flop looked tame enough, but a king of clubs dropped on the turn to leave Djorgo wishing for a third sister whom did not drop on the river and Djorgo collected $10,525.32 for ninth.

Terken89 did not want to left out of the raising war as farquad72 opened the pot for 750,000 to see Terken89 re-raise to nearly two million chips. “Time to gamble with Ace-Queen” perhaps was muttered into the screen as the slide bar was moved to an all-in bet by farquad72, but many old timers will write and speak tales of woe concerning this difficult hand to play. Made more difficult by Terken89’s call with Ace-King and neither player paired their kicker nor matched anything to overturn the dominated pre flop hand and farquad72 picked up $15,518.10 for his PokerStars account.

The biggest hand of note in the early part of the final table didn’t even go to showdown as the two chip leaders swatted chips back and forth raising each other twice. Terken89 got the best of it on the scary 3d 4h 5c flop by pushing his remaining 14 million in chips into the middle which prompted zman2224 to step out of the ring and crowned a new chip leader as Terken89 now holds nearly half the chips in play but zman2224 still holds four million chip more then 3rd place.

Zman2224 holding two queens of his own just sent a message to Terken89: “I’m coming for my chips, thanks for holding them” as a set of queens on the turn and some excellent value betting extracted nearly four million chips from Terken89 who mucked his cards after paying another 2.1 million on the river.

Wizard0f0dd5 did not have many chips to start with at the final table and must have had the same amount of luck with starting cards. With blinds at the $150,000/$300,000 level he decided to wager his luck on Queen-Ten being live cards by pushing all in, but the odds were not in his favor as Kongsgaard held Ace-Ten. The Ace high held up and Wizard0f0dd5 departed in 7th place good for $23,614.50

The other short stack to begin the final table, gyndok, caught a few all-ins to stay alive but could not seem to crawl out of the deep hole from beginning the table as the second shortest stack. But, perseverance netted him an additional twenty-three thousand from ninth place money, as he took KQo into battle against zman2224’s pair of threes. A promising open ended straight draw on the flop gave gyndok fourteen outs twice, but the turn and river produced nothing that could defeat the mighty treys and gyndok added $33,735.00 for sixth place.

After the gyndok bust out, Terken89 made the right call on a shove by Kongsgaard after Terken89 opened on the button. QJ for Kongsgaard vs 88 for Terken89 with nothing on the flop but a black queen on the turn gave the chip lead over to Kongsgaard who is nearly tied with zman2224 for the chip lead as we get down to spots where the money could change someone’s life or at perhaps add a zero behind the cash game blinds they play.

Flylice and swishes20000 have managed to tread water thus far while holding both superior cards and a few lucky turns to rise out of the push and pray territory holding on to smallish stacks. But, with the blinds rising to a point where players must find a couple cards they like, position and timing could mean the difference between flying to Vegas for the World Series of Poker and handing over your buy in at the cashiers window and hitting up one of the many WSOP qualifiers here at PokerStars. As a reminder, everyone is welcome to join the largest Main Event seat qualifier on the internet as the 200 seat guarantee coming up on June 15th here at PokerStars. For a $370 buy-in, there will be at the minimum 200 more players enjoying the 120+ degree heat in Vegas but comforted by the PokerStars treatment while playing the Main Event at the Rio.

After Kongsgaard’s KQo went down to the AQo of swishes2000 a silent chat box finally starting shoot texts like the cell phone of a popular high school girl, but Kongsgaard and Terken89 shot down the talk and five handed will roll on. Great timing on Kongsgaard’s part while denying any deals, as he catches zman2224’s steal with Kings and notches a ten million chip lead on the remaining five.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen, as zman2224’s big chip lead took a hit against Kongsgaard then unfortunately ran his King-Ten suited into a resurgent swishes2000’s Ace-Ten offsuit. With the all diamond flop, zman2224’s outs went from three to two and after the river, his chip stack went from six million to none. The $47,229 for the fifth place finish after nearly ten hours of work should help soothe any pains of defeat.

In quick-like fashion the other half of the beginning chip lead, Terken89, was forced into making position decisions to throw around his remaining chip stack that did not improve over time. Kongsgaard was the benefactor of Terken89’s push of A2 suited into his AT offsuit. No miracles from the five cards spread out, and Kong was king once again at the table with three remaining. Terken89 earned $60,723 for an excellent display of aggressive poker in fourth place.

With three remaining Kongsgaard is turning the oven from lukewarm to broiling for the other two as he holds almost 60% of the chips in play, and has been open raising when possible while extracting value out of each hand played. Having only ten big blinds will force flylice and swishes2000 to pick spots pre-flop and go with the two cards in front of them. The last three orbits have resulted in a small blind push and a big blind fold which made one big expensive merry-go-round with the difference between 1st and 3rd at $80,000.

Flylice had to stand with the first ace he found having only five big blinds left and found himself ahead with A4 versus Kongsgaard’s 86 suited. But a flopped flush by Kongsgaard meant he was receiving $74,217 and Kongsgaard would add to his chip lead while going heads up with swishes2000 at 47 million to 20 million chips.

Since there was no deal tonight the winner is walking away with the entire $158,554.50 first prize at the end of heads-up play. Swishes2000 is battling Kongsgaard’s frequent button raises with three-bets of his own and showing that he’s not going to be swatted away like a biplane from the Empire State Building. Just as the sentence hit the page, swishes2000 gets maximum value out of a flopped set of threes as Kongsgaard pushes all-in with a K9 bluff not hitting any of board while swishes2000 filled up and now the chip difference is cut to 27 million to 40 million.

Heads-up play after the boat by swishes2000 went the way of the winner Kongsgaard. Constant re-raising and opening on the button, severed the chips swishes2000 held piece by piece. 59 million for Kongsgaard to nearly 8 million chips for swishes2000 after pushing on the button for the third consecutive time, Kongsgaard called with KT offsuit and found him well ahead of swishes2000’s JT offsuit. Both the players paired their paint cards but changed nothing from the dominated pre-flop hand as swishes2000 will have to settle for one Jaguar XF less for taking second and $105,927.90 while Kongsgaard finished with all the chips and $158,554.50!

Congrats to the champion Kongsgaard and the entire final table!!

1st Place – Kongsgaard - $158,554.50
2nd Place – swishes2000 - $105,927.90
3rd Place – flylice - $74,217
4th Place – Terken89 - $60,723
5th Place – zman2224 - $47,229
6th Place - gyndok - $33,735
7th Place – Wizard0f0dd5 - $23,614.50
8th Place – farquad72 - $15,518.10
9th Place – Djorgo - $10,525.32

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Million